Friday, August 30, 2013


Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I will not be able to post until Monday or so, because I'm going on a church retreat.

Think of this as a temporary blogging "hiatus."  

And since I won't be able to post the Sunday Serial on Sunday, I'll just do it today :) 

Sunday Serial 3: Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat

abilaire_22: Hey guyzzzzzz....Abby here...
notsomaddex: It’s Maddex.
justin_time: I’ve been lying on my bed trying to think up nicknames for me when I become an All-Star MLB player.  What do you think?mostly_pristine_christine: Justin Thime...Wait, what’s your middle name?
justin_time: You don’t want to know.
abilaire_22: Uh, yeah, we want to know.  Come on, tell us!
notsomaddex: I happen to know, having read your birth certificate online.
justin_time: Maddex is a crazy stinking stalker.  DO NOT TELL THEM, MADDEX...PLEASE...I’M BEGGING YOU...I AM SHAMED FOR LIFE IF YOU TELL THEM...
notsomaddex: It’s Jehoshaphat.
mostly_pristine_christine: You’re joking!
abilaire_22: jumpin’ jehoshaphat, Justin, that’s plain old phat!
justin_time: Maddex.  You have forever betrayed me.  I no longer have your trust.
notsomaddex: Great, now the feeling is mutual!
abilaire_22: Okay, now we’re fully equipped with your full name.  Justin Jehoshaphat Thime.  Hmmm...what about Just In Time?
notsomaddex: Um, Justin isn’t actually his first name.
justin_time: Maddex!  Please!  PLEASE!  I AM FOREVER YOUR
notsomaddex: Actually, Justin isn’t his first name.  It’s Jehoshaphat Justin Thime.
abilaire_22: Oh.  My.  Gosh.  That.  Is.  A.  Major.  Breakthrough.  I.  Can’t.  Believe.  It.  Justin.  I.  Mean.  Jehoshaphat.
justin_time: Guys, I’m not joking.  Please don’t make fun of me.
mostly_pristine_christine: We’re your friends.  Of course we make fun of you.
justin_time: But I’m serious.  I am really, truly, honestly, horrifically serious.  I dislike the name Jehoshaphat, and I don’t want you saying it to others.  Or else I will get mad...and you don’t want me to get mad, do you...???
abilaire_22: I remember you called me Abilaire in second grade when I had JUST gotten everyone to say “Abby” and everyone started saying “Abilaire” and I was so mad that I went and THREW YOUR POWER RANGERS LUNCH BOX IN THE DUMPSTER.
justin_time: :D Oh yeah, and that made ME get really mad at YOU and I ripped your construction paper journal in half and I got in trouble with the teacher, then my parents, then the principal, and then everyone in class started shunning me.
notsomaddex: I remember that.
abilaire_22: Oh, and guess what?  Everyone started being nice to me, but they still called me “Abilaire.”
justin_time: R.I.P. Blue Power Ranger.  You were my favorite.  That’s why you were on my lunch box.
abilaire_22: R.I.P. Abby.  WHY do people call me Abilaire?  It’s THREE SYLLABLES, for Pete’s sake.
notsomaddex: I always wondered who Pete was, and why it’s for his sake.  What about “for Maddex’s sake”?  *sigh* Oh, well.  Unfairness is life.
justin_time: “Maddex” has two syllables.  “Pete” only has one.  Oh, and “Maddex” at the end-- “ex”--reminds people of “22” by Taylor Swift, and that’s just antagonistical to people who aren’t 22.  “It feels like a perfect night/to dress up like hipsters/and make fun of our exes/oh, oh.  oh, oh.”  If you get my drift.  
mostly_pristine_christine: You know what, Jehoshaphat Thime, you’re just confusing me right now.
justin_time: I told you not to call me that.
mostly_pristine_christine: The name’s pretty phat, pun intended.
justin_time: Seriously.
abilaire_22: Dude, why are you so ashamed of “Jehoshaphat”?  (I’m being serious)  It’s a pretty awesome name!
notsomaddex: I often theorize about common issues today, and during my theorizing sessions, I concluded that some people go by their middle names simply because their first name is out of the ordinary.  And they don’t like it when their name is out of the ordinary.  I have still to theorize why.  Probably because they want to fit in.
abilaire_22: Very deep, Maddex.  Oh, and Justin?
justin_time: What?
abilaire_22: Have you ever taken time to wonder why my username in the chatroom is “abilaire_22”?
abilaire_22: “It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters and make fun of our exes, oh oh.  Oh oh.  It feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight, to fall in love with strangers, oh oh.  Oh oh.  Yeaaaaaahh...We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.  It’s miserable and magical oh yeaaaaaaahh...Tonight’s the night where we forget the deadlines.  It’s time...oh oh.  I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I’M FEELING 22...”
justin_time: I’m in trouble, right?
mostly_pristine_christine: Maybe, if you’re lucky, Abilaire will throw out your Sesame Street lunch box instead of your Blue Power Rangers one...
notsomaddex: Maybe, if Justin’s lucky, he won’t get in trouble with the principal and everyone will shun him.
mostly_pristine_christine: AHHAHAHA!  I’VE GOT IT!
notsomaddex: You know, you could just say “eureka” and that would pretty much cover it.
mostly_pristine_christine: Eureka!  Justin’s nickname!
justin_time: Should I get this over with?
mostly_pristine_christine: yeah, you should.  JUMPIN’ JEHOSHAPHAT!
abilaire_22: Christine, you are amazing.  You should totally be the lead cheerleader at Justin’s baseball games!
justin_time: xD do you realize that baseball games DON’T HAVE CHEERLEADERS, Abilaire?
abilaire_22: Um, yeah, I am, but then, we could be as radical as samurai ninja!
notsomaddex: I vote yes for Christine’s nickname.  And the samurai ninja part.  And the cheerleading part.
abilaire_22: I vote yes for Christine’s nickname, samurai ninja, and Christine being the cheerleader at Justin’s baseball games.
mostly_pristine_christine: I vote yes for everything.
justin_time: Um...I guess I’ll say yes, too.  I mean, jumpin’ jehoshaphat isn’t as bad as, say...
abilaire_22: Junky Jehoshaphat?
justin_time: Thanks a lot, I think you just gave me a new nickname.
mostly_pristine_christine: We didn’t carry a vote on “junky jehoshaphat.”  So it’s still officially “Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat.”
abilaire_22: Yay!
mostly_pristine_christine: gtg.  See you.  A cheerleader’s job is never done.

(mostly_pristine_christine has left the chatroom)

justin_time: OH oh.  I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22...Ta-ta, I’m about to buy that song on iTunes.  Even if I’m only twelve.

(justin_time has left the chatroom)

notsomaddex: Dad and Mom just made their first prototype for the new iPhone’s earbuds.  So, I need to try it.  Bye.

(notsomaddex has left the chatroom)

abilaire_22: Well, well, well.
abilaire_22: Dear Future Me, I Wonder If Justin’s Nickname in MLB is Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat.

Regards, Abilaire

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Not So Unpredictable

I remember a year or two ago, I was e-mailing with one of my friends from school.  She asked me which song I thought best described me.

Well, guess what this then-immature twelve-year-old chose?  (Don't get me wrong.  I'm still immature.  I'm just less immature than I was a year ago)

"Unpredictable," by Francesca Battistelli.

Okay, so Battistelli is talking about God.  She's saying that nobody ever expects what God has for them around the corner, and that He's unpredictable--at least to us.  I liked (and still like) thinking of myself that way.  Unpredictable.  Nobody knows what I'll do, nobody knows when I'll do, until I've done it.  Unpredictable.

Well, guess who recently learned that she wasn't unpredictable?

I've just realized that I am NOT an unpredictable person.  Sometimes I'm wacky weird, like when I play Monopoly and I employ some extraneous business tactic on my family that none of them had ever heard of before, probably because my ideas are a lot of times so outrageous that they never work.  (Just to let you know, I won the last Monopoly game we played)  

There was also a time that I imagined I could make a lock for a diary out of a plastic, empty spool of thread.  Of course, I never got around to doing it.

So my point is, I'm predictable.  How do I explain myself?  In some ways I'm unpredictable, like when it comes to board games.  In other ways...not so much.

Like recently.  I popped out of homeschooling and will get into the public high school swing of things.  So much paperwork, so much time and effort.  So many complications.  Like how I wanted to be in Biology Honors but somehow wound up with Biology instead, and I had to go talk to my counselor, with whom five other people had already addressed the same issue.  And I won't fully know my class schedule, and my teachers, and everything, until at 7:15 on the first day of school.  And it's driving me nuts right now, because at my other school, we learned everything three days before.  We had a full-on Orientation at my other school, with teachers pitching us their classes and handing us syllabi and letting us know what materials and things to bring to their class on the first day of school.

My point is, I like strong, stable ground.  I like knowing what happens next.  I like seeing the end, all written out.  For example, my fascination with reading the ends of books before reading the middle.  My logic is, why read the middle when you can just flip to the end and know what happens?  

And then my book thing.  I'm revising Snow in July.  I'm rewriting the whole thing, actually.  And I tell you, it's tough.  Disciplining yourself is tough.  When your parents tell you something, that's one thing.  When you tell yourself something, that's a whole other issue.  Because in a way, when you don't listen to yourself, you don't respect yourself.  And rewriting all the chapters?  

I also made a PowerPoint presentation, outlining the ten steps I'll take to get my book published.  And I want to tell you--I'm on step two.

I'm only on step two, and I'm already envisioning myself on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, for heaven's sake.  I catch myself talking in bed, which is a lot of the reason why I fall asleep at eleven, an hour after I'm supposed to go to bed.  I like knowing what happens next.

And suddenly, I'm realizing: I'm predictable, but this post is REALLY about how I like things that are predictable. (I literally figured that out just now.  So if you're confused by what you just read...that's okay)


Predictability has its upsides and downsides.  I guess I'm not predictable in what I'll post on this blog.  You never know what to expect from me (a raving rant about Pacific Rim one day; a graphic story about how I sat in dog poop the next).  But I am predictable to other people.  I ask a lot of technical questions (my dad told me he's not going to answer any more questions about my Samsung Galaxy; I'm frustrating him that much), because I want to get the exact thing right.  I'm a stickler for rules (when my tennis coach says, high-five after every point, I high-five after every point--kind of).  I'm a linear person.  I like knowing what happens next in the book.  In life.  In everything, pretty much.

Then there's unpredictability of life, the part of life that I'm not used to.  I'm rererereading a series by Robin Jones Gunn, a bestselling Christian author.  It's the young adult Katie Weldon series.  Katie is probably one of my favorite book characters.  She's spunky and happy and somewhat logical and hilarious (all with a Christian mindset).  She's unlike me in that she takes life on with her gut feeling.  She is told that she makes her best decisions off of instinct--like at the end of the third book, when she (with the help of her friends Todd and Christy Spencer) decides, at 1:45 a.m., that she will go to Africa on a flight that leaves around 6.  

I think that goes to show how life might be in college.

I'm not a gut-feeling type of person.  No, no, no, no, no, no.  I even carefully analyze everything I buy.  It takes me forever to find clothes that I like and that I will wear, and the hard part is figuring out if I'll wear it or not.

So, what I'm trying to say is, I think that maybe I should learn to lean back.  Let God take the wheel.  Because honestly, when people try to discipline and organize themselves too much, they try to control their own destiny.

And, you know, it's not you who are in control of where you live, who you marry, and when you die.

It's God's will that will determine where I end up.  And even though I need a lot of structure at my young and carefree age, I can't have everything predictable.

Sometimes, I just need to trust things to God.

And when he got into the boat, his disciples followed him.  And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but he was asleep.  And they went and woke him, saying, “Save us, Lord; we are perishing.” And he said to them,“Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?” Then he rose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm.  And the menmarveled, saying, “What sort of man is this, that even winds and sea obey him?”

-Matthew 8:23-27 (ESV)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why I Will Not Get A Dog

If there's one thing about me you should know, it's that I'm not a big fan of animals.

Okay, I can hear you *gasp* out with shock and/or horror, and you might be thinking about not coming to this blog ever again (although I doubt you would take it that far), but let me tell you this:

It's true.

I'm just not one of those animal types.  I have friends (actually, I think all of them are like this) that have dogs and think animals are "cute" and everything's just sweet and dandy (I have one friend who recently got a puppy and learned that everything's not all sweet and dandy).  Hey, even society's like that.  American Girl magazine includes pictures of cute animals on posters that say cheesy stuff like "I Ruff You!" (I should know, I subscribed to that mag for two years).  And at tennis, everybody's talking about their dogs and just yesterday my coach brought his two dogs.  One was a dachshund (Google search confirmation), I believe, and the other was a mutt.  They ran around the courts while we were rallying and got dog slobber on the balls (but we didn't mind.  Even I thought they were adorable).

I like to joke that the only dog specie I know are labs, German shepherds, and mutts.  I'm very ignorant of animals.

And whenever I see the girls in American Girl who do humanitarian work, like play a game on their website and companies donate ten kibbles for cats or whatever (cats eat kibble, right?), I always think, Bor-ing and skip to the good parts.  And then there was the All-Animal issue in American Girl.  I wasn't satsified with that one.

We also recently buried our beta fish, who lived a happy year with us.  I think my little sister forgot to feed him. (For some weird reason, the fish food smelled like fish itself...cannibalism?)  

Anyway, R.I.P. Purple Berry (I'd have a picture but the Wifi's going all wonky with my iPhone.  Just gargoyles, Wifi).  

Where is this going?  I had an interesting experience today.  I never realized how interesting my experiences have been until I got this blog.  Now, I know that life's an adventure.

My siblings are going to a school that's extremely good in academics and not-so-pressing on sports.  I think three-fourths of the small student body is Asian.  Asian with glasses (gotta hate those stereotypes).  When my mom realized that one of my brothers had no supervision in P.E., she took over.  I think she's single-handedly running P.E. for seventh through eleventh grades (there aren't very many kids, so don't sweat it).  And today, she had me help with a bunch of kids for fourth grade through sixth grade.  

The plan was, jog half a mile to a park (with a bunch of rowdy and lackadaisical--depending on the person--kids in tow, while crossing a street or two), play a game of soccer, jog half a mile back (with a bunch of rowdy and lackadaisical--depending on the person--kids in two, while crossing a street or two).  

It turned out to be so much more.

Guys, if you're having "teacher trouble"--like they're irresponsible or make wacky typos on lesson plans--please know that they are probably working SUPER hard.  I was only a TA, and it was stinking HARD!  

First, it took fifteen minutes to get all the kids rounded up, WITH their water bottles, and WITH empty bladders.  Then we had to do a head count (12 kids; it's very small), figure out if the entire fourth grade was there, learn all the rowdy kids' names, and go over the rules (two-plus times in a row).  At one point I felt like yelling "SHUT UP" even though I don't usually say that to anyone.  But then I thought it might crack them up too much (It was a funny situation, as in both weird and humorous) and might make them uncontrollable, so I didn't.  Then we ran to the nearby park.

Once we got there, I found myself leading everyone in stretching while my mom and brother and another lady rushed to set everything up (Stretching was only a distraction.  I wonder if the kids noticed).  I wore out my store of stretches, and, finally, sat down on the grass, feeling like I was about to throw up (Something got stuck in my throat and made my voice go all whacked).  

After a minute or two, I started smelling this awful, garbagey sort of smell.  Then I had a terrifically terrible revelation.


It was terrible (from a lack of better adjective, I repeat myself).  My mom was trying to be in three places at once, trying to organize the soccer game.  I told my other brother, who was there as a TA too.  He told my mom, who was understandably tight with my sudden emergency.  I hitched up my pants, dragged my shirt down, and tried to pretend like I hadn't sat on one of the most disgusting things on planet Earth.  Finally, my mom told me to go to the car and try to wipe the stuff off.  I went gladly.

Thank goodness for soccer practice!  My mom (She's having a full day today, I tell you) had to teach P.E., drop me off at home, go to a basketball clinic, and then go straight to my little sister's soccer practice.  She had packed a bunch of clothes for my sister, INCLUDING gym shorts that were my hand-me-downs, AND were big for my little sister--which meant it just fit me.  

It's a miracle, because my little sister was born when I was seven years old.

Thank God.  I'm not saying that as a profanity, take-God's-name-in-vain way.  I'm saying, THANK YOU GOD!

My stomach didn't recover right away, so when I went home I watched a little bit of an episode of Austin & Ally ("doin' things the Ally way--THE ALLY WAY!--doin' things the Ally way"), an episode of Jessie, and most of an episode of A.N.T. Farm, (Good Luck Charlie is the best, but there weren't any good episodes on On Demand) all the while eating nice cold watermelon (that was SUPPOSED to be seedless, but wasn't).  It's funny how on TV shows, things are mended so quickly, while in life, things need to HEAL.

Sometimes I wish life were a TV show.  

But it isn't.

So...that's the story.  Of how I'm not going to get a dog.  I think dogs are nice, but animals in general aren't my thing.  Maybe some people feel like animals are their calling, but I don't think mine is.  Mine is writing (as proven, or not proven, by this super super super long post).

Of course, I know it's not the animal's fault that it pooped in the park, and that I sat on it (It's my fault for sitting on it). But the owner would have done good to scoop that thing up.

Which is the real reason I'm not getting a dog.  I'm probably not going to take care of it (Dogs aren't like fish.  You can't just leave them to die.  That would be inhumane.  But come leaving a fish to die isn't inhumane, but leaving a dog to die is inhumane?  Life, life, life).  So...yeah.

Oh, and I'm going to get a Samsung Galaxy!  


Monday, August 26, 2013

Lookin' Back

I'm on the last week of summer vacation, and I literally cannot believe it.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I wrote my bucket list for the summer.  I haven't gotten together with a lot of friends, but I wrote the first draft of my book (squee!) and am working on the second one.  I read.  I blogged.  Now, there's only one more week until school (from tomorrow).  I'm sad, but I'm excited for what God has in store for me...

Also pray for my grandparents.  They own a business across the country, and this morning they found out that someone had crashed their car into the front window.  I can only imagine the mess.  And the cost.  So please pray :(

I wrote this post to encourage you to look at some of the other things I've posted in the past.  I started this blog in March, and it's already August.  I CANNOT BELIEVE IT.  It's already been six months!  Oh my gargoyles...

I looked over some posts and picked out some of the most interesting ones for you.  Read, set, read!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Regards, Abilaire: The Chatroom #2

Sunday Serial 2: Spammed

justin_time: Spam
justin_time: Spam
justin_time: Spam
justin_time: Spam
justin_time: Spam
justin_time: Spam
justin_time: Spam
abilaire_22: Will You Please Stop It?  I’m Trying To Do English Right Now And Whenever You Spam The Chatroom I Break Concentration!!!!!!!!
justin_time: Sorry.  Mrs. Kennedy is really killing us with homework, isn’t she?
abilaire_22: Nah, not killing us.  Just flushing us down the toilet.
justin_time: Want to know what I do whenever Mrs. Kennedy annoys me by giving us too much homework?
abilaire_22: No!  
justin_time: Sure, I’ll be glad to tell you.  It’s a little trick called procrastination.
abilaire_22: *rolls eyes*  Yeah, I think I’ve heard of it.  Oh yeah, and I was on close terms at one point with it too (it was my first love... *sigh*).  Until I got a D in English.  Then I broke up with it.
justin_time: I’ve never gotten a D in English, and I’ve procrastinated my whole life.
notsomaddex: Your report card states otherwise, Justin.  
justin_time: What?
notsomaddex: In the last week of the third trimester in fifth grade, you received an F in spelling.  
justin_time: What?!!!!!
notsomaddex: Oh, and guess what word you missed?
abilaire_22: What?!!!!
notsomaddex: “Procrastination”
justin_time: That was bloody murder!  We were only fifth graders!  I was young then!
abilaire_22: That wasn’t bloody murder; that was Mrs. McGundry sending you a little message.  Of course, you didn’t exactly get the message, since you didn’t spell it right, obviously...
mostly_pristine_christine: Anyone else procrastinating the killer assignment that Mrs. Kennedy gave us?
notsomaddex: As a matter of fact, I finished it in class.
mostly_pristine_christine: What universe have you been in, Justin?  Of course Maddex is a stinking genius!  The problem is, if I don’t finish, I can’t go to cheerleading practice.  I Need Help!!!!  If I miss cheerleading practice then I’ll get demoted from being team captain, and I might even get kicked off the team!
justin_time: I don’t think even geniuses can write a short story using ALL twenty of our vocabulary words.  Oh, and just our luck that this assignment falls when ALL our vocabulary words are antonyms!  I don’t think “bomb” and “peace” can be in the same room, let alone on the same page!
notsomaddex: It’s a matter of simple common sense.
abilaire_22: Common sense?  What’s that?  I think I lost that in fifth grade, when Mrs. McGundry assigned us spelling words like “procrastination.”
notsomaddex: Uncultured children.  All you have to do is define one word in terms of another.
abilaire_22: What Are You Talking About?
notsomaddex: For example, the words “bomb” and “peace.”  You define peace as “no bombing.”  Simple.
abilaire_22: But how do you weave that into your story? *you’re a lifesaver*
notsomaddex: Unfortunately, that’s for me to know and you to find out.
mostly_pristine_christine: Ummm...can you give us a hint?
notsomaddex: The hint is, use your imagination.  Mrs. Kennedy said the story didn’t have to make sense.
justin_time: I bet I can make up a story quicker than you guys.
abilaire_22: Oh, no, not another betting game!  
mostly_pristine_christine: You’re on.
abilaire_22: Oh, no................GUYS?  GUYS!
mostly_pristine_christine: DONE!
justin_time: You’ve got to be kidding me.  You hacked into Maddex’s brain!  Call 911!
mostly_pristine_christine: *supremely disdainful* A cheerleading captain would never cheat.  Here it is:

There once was a kid named Ted who had some very interesting ideas.  “To make peace you cannot bomb!” he cried out in the streets of Uglaburgoh, where he lived.  Uglaburgoh was a very boring and uncultured place.  Ted dreamed of sophistication every day, and he was considered eccentric by all who knew him.  “Ted is a stark-raving lunatic!” Ted’s brother, Adam, yelled during class (yelling during class was considered very normal and sane in Uglaburgoh).  “Of course he is!” Adam’s friend, Jundy, whispered.  “He’s your brother!”  Adam shot Jundy a dirty glance that made it seem like Jundy was his enemy.  Then Adam went home, where his mother was making the entire house seem sparkling clean.  “Our employers are coming over!” she announced.  “We must make them a circular dish!”  “But my employees must dine at our square table!” Ted said.

justin_time: You must be joking.  That is the worst story I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
mostly_pristine_christine: I bet it’s better than the one you came up with.
justin_time: I bet not.
abilaire_22: That was amazing, Chris!!
notsomaddex: Christine, from my point of view, your story was very intriguing.  Awkward wording, and improper formatting, but otherwise, very interesting.
justin_time: This is my story.  At least, the part of it I finished:

“I am your employer,” Biddledee said to Biddledum.  “You are my employee.”  “Yessir,” said Biddledum, who was known to be a very boring person.  “Yessir, I am.”  “You must wash your socks every other day and run around banging a guitar on people’s heads,” Biddledee told Biddledum.  Biddledee was known to be a lunatic as well as a frenemy to many.  “Make sure the guitar is square,” Biddledee instructed.  “Circular guitars are SO overrated.”  “Yessir,” said Biddledum.  “Sophistication is also of the essence,” said Biddledee.

mostly_pristine_christine: Quite intriguing, if I do say so myself.  And is Mrs. Kennedy going to buy “frenemy”?
justin_time: If she doesn’t, I’ll give it to her for nothing.
mostly_pristine_christine: I would haughtily retort at this point in time, but I must leave for cheerleading.  Thank you, Maddex, for the help.  *flounces away*

(mostly_pristine_christine has left the chatroom)

justin_time: Wow, that chocolate cake smells so good.  I’d invite you all over for a piece, but since NONE of you apparently liked my story, I will resort to eating it by myself.

(justin_time has left the chatroom)

notsomaddex: Abilaire?  Are you still there?
abilaire_22: Oh, yeah, I just finished my story!  It’s pretty boring.
notsomaddex: Let’s see it.
abilaire_22: Nah, I’ll make it a surprise in class.  You know she always asks me to read it, because she thinks I’m such a shy person.
notsomaddex: You aren’t.
abilaire_22: No, just around her.  
notsomaddex: I think I have to go, too.  There’s something burning in Mom’s lab, and I might have to help put the sodium chloride fire out again or something.
abilaire_22: Okay!  Have fun! *I think*

(notsomaddex has left the chatroom)

abilaire_22: Dear Future Me, That Was Kind Of Fun.  Please Force Maddex To Be As Unhelpfully Helpful In The Future.  

Regards, Abilaire