Thursday, August 8, 2013


Okay, okay.  I am so excited to say that

I have finished the novel that I've been working on!

I started working on it during my thirteen-day vacation, back in June.  Since then, I've been fairly consistent in writing it.

This is the second full-length novel that I've written.  The first was Both Sides of the Court; this one is called...well, I'm not going to say just yet.

Both Sides of the Court I thought I could get published, but back then (let's say six months ago), I didn't fully believe in it.  I don't think I wrote it very skillfully, and I didn't have enough discipline to revise it through-and-through.  I'll definitely have to wait before I develop a concept like the one for Both Sides of the Court.

For this one, I think I really believe in the idea (the idea is kind of whacked, though).  And I think I'm going to put my best foot forward in getting this thing published.

My book is called, very simply, Snow in July.  The synopsis is as follows:

Alixandrea Wagner's not thrilled when her parents take her to Friette for summer vacation.  In fact, Alix is plain old discontent.  Why can't she go to Chicoa, the hip, upscale, celebrity-sleek resort town by the beach?  

Then Alix's boring world is turned upside down when snow starts falling on Friette during a cheesy carnival festival--in July!  Amid the reporters, money, and chaos that the town begins to rake in, Alix soon becomes interested in the whole affair.  Then, with the help of two newfound friends, she begins to question the sudden snowfall.  Is this truly just weird weather?  Or is there more to it than what meets the eye?

I need to do plenty of research before I get my book published.  Since school starts soon, it'll probably take several more months to revise and straighten everything out. Then I'll actually send a query letter to an agent, or directly to a publisher, which could take four more months.  Then if/when they accept it, it'll take a couple weeks to get the contract agreed upon and everything settled.

Then it'll take 5 months or more to actually do editing and figure out the cover for the book, and then there's the whole matter of printing and releasing it.

So, roughly, when I do get my book published, you'll have to wait at least a year and a half for it to get into the market.  At least.

And that's not counting rejections.  Probably people wouldn't trust a thirteen-fourteen-fifteen-year-old eager girl's work as much as they do a twenty-seven-year-old, well-seasoned adult.  

I'm scared.  I'm so young--freshie in high school--and there are plenty of book publishers and all the nooks and crannies of book publishing.  And all I know are what S.A.S.E.s (Self-Adressed Stamped Envelopes) are.  Besides, this one website of a publishing company really frightened me.  They were extremely specific:

-You must have written a novel that kids will like.  (Okay.  I think I can do that, seeing I'm a kid myself.)
-You must have been around kids recently, to know common expressions.  (Heh heh, no problem...I think...what if you hang around kids who use big words?!)
-You must have a Social Security number and a something-something-something (I, like, totally freaked out at this one.  I don't have a Social Security number because I'm, like, thirteen and I'm still a minor, and I didn't recognize the other words!  Probably some legal shenanigan)

I kind of like specifications, but those rules put me off.

At the end of the day, my novel is:

46,845 words, which is typical of a middle-grade fictional novel, I believe
103 pages (8x11)

I'm excited!  I'll alert you of any major updates

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