Saturday, August 3, 2013

Liiiiiiiily Pottttttttter: The Blog

Hallo everybody!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have made a new blog,  It's not a personal blog--it's a fake blog for Harry Potter's daughter Lily!  I'll be posting journal entries from Lily's diary, beginning at her first day at Hogwarts.  So far, the introduction is only posted, but I promise--there will be more to come!  For all you Potter fans, go check it out!  

Also, gear up for the second-to-last post of the Kuehl Kids!  By next Monday (I will be posting the Epilogue then), we will be saying good-bye to them, and welcoming a new Sunday serial...a surprise...


Posts to come:

-I will be adding pictures from my day at the tennis tournament onto the post previous to this one.

-My mom and I recently went on a shopping spree, and for all you girly fashionistas out there, I'll be writing about my standards on modest clothing, as well as taking and posting photos of the respective clothing items.  

-A book review of Shelby Bach's Of Giants and Ice and Of Witches and Wind

-And later...Insider info on how I write Lily Potter's Journal

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