Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday Serial Conclusion: THE KUEHL KIDS, *EPILOGUE*


Everyone did live happily ever after.  

Swifte, Fier, Quake, and Invisa all fully reformed.  It was hard way to travel, considering they'd been brought up in ways of evil for thirteen years, but in the end, love prevailed.

Walter and Quake became the heads of Defenders of the Earth, otherwise known as the D.E., which was a superhero group composed of them, besides Electra, Ally, Tyler, Swifte, Fier, and Invisa.  They battled aliens, mad scientists, geniuses, and corrupt governments.  

Walter married Electra.  They had three children (Almira, Alison, and August). The Professor proved that powers COULD be passed on to children.  Almira inherited the power of flight.  Alison did not have any powers, but August had x-ray vision.

Tyler married Swifte.  They had one boy, Brecke, who had mental telepathy.  He could read other people's thoughts and could plant thoughts in their brains.

Invisa, Quake, and Fier stayed single for the rest of their lives, dedicating themselves to the sole purpose of defending Earth.  Ally married United States General Abernathy Kreene, and their girl, Michelle, was a sort of "half-superhero."  She did not inherit any extraordinary power, but rather an extraordinary ability with computers.  Michelle helped the D.E. with computer things from the age of three.

The Professor lived in peace for the rest of his days.  He helped the D.E. to the very day he died, when he was 113 years old.

Charles and Almira raised Walter as their own, with five more children (all of them adopted).  

Jasper Jalling reformed over a very long period of time.  He was in jail for twenty years, being counseled by everyone in the D.E.  It was Walter who finally brought him around and recruited him for the D.E.  

And, much like a fairy tale ending, they lived happily ever after.

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