Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Serial~ The Kuehl Kids Part 20 *** Extra-Long Episode ***

The Professor was brandishing a gun.  Nobody knew it, because it was the smallest gun, but he was holding an honest-to-goodness powerful ray gun.  He was also trying to hurry Swifte's grandparents.  They were old, and their fastest was the Professor's walking speed.

Sooner or later, however, everyone was adjourned in the courtyard.  The Kuehl Kids, minus Walter and including Quake, along with the former Superhero Club, were standing on the same diamond platform Jasper Jalling had stood on before.  And Jasper's recruits were standing around the platform, brandishing huge, blue laser-ray guns.

"I am Professor Kuehl," said the Professor.  He clutched his gun tightly under his coat pocket.  

"You think you can stop us?" Jasper's face was contorted with fury as he raced up to the platform.  He was followed by Walter, who was paler than ever, Swifte, who was rosy-cheeked and taunting, Fier, who had turned a deep shade of red, and Invisa, who was invisible but barely legible.  

"Yes," the Professor said coolly.  He said, "Give them back their powers, Jasper.  Let's see whose team is better."

Jasper looked over the Kuehl Kids with his sharp, beady little brown eyes.  "Fine, then," he consented in a hard voice.  "I'll give it back to them."  He pressed a button on his watch, and Electra felt a crackling in her fingertips.  Little bolts of blue energy leaped from her hands.  She flexed her fingers, then cracked her knuckles.  I'm ready, she thought with a grin.

Tyler promptly teleported right on top of a soldier's head.  With all guns cocked at him, he teleported back onto the platform.

Ally started flying.  

"Here?" said the Professor.

"Here," said Jasper with a sort of finality.

Electra saw Walter's face turn positively white.  To fight against oneself, everything oneself has believed in, is the worst possible thing to do in a battle situation.

"Turn away, Walter," she whispered.

Before she knew it she was in a headlock by an unseen foe.  Shooting sparks backwards, Electra freed herself with a deft motion, and the battle was on.

Tyler and Swifte promptly began doing battle.  Swifte had Tyler in a headlock before the latter disappeared and promptly wrestled Swifte, who raced out and delivered a swift kick to Tyler's stomach.  Tyler disappeared, landing on top of one of the onlooking soldiers, and Swifte retaliated.  Blow by blow, nobody was making headway.

Electra was fighting Fier, deftly avoiding his lasso.  She threw bolts of energy across, which he laughingly deflected with his shield of fire.  Using her incredible gymnastics skills, Electra flipped over Fier and bound him in a thin wire of crackling electricity.  He, in turn, struggled to get his burning lasso over her head.  Skillfully, Electra twisted and turned and eventually had Fier bound in his own lasso.  With a roar of pain, he toppled over.

Ally's hawklike eyes were magnificently good at spotting glimmers, which meant Invisa was on the move.  Doing battle with an invisible enemy is not easy, and Ally did remarkably well.  She hovered in the air, spotted glimmers, and attacked accordingly.  Sometimes Invisa was on the offensive, but Ally's quick reflexes and defensive mind worked well.  Invisa saw this and rushed to help Fier, or Swifte, to turn the odds a bit.  Sometimes this worked, and Tyler would suddenly be overcome with a rush of pain from a well-placed hit, but Ally for the most part parried Invisa's invisible movements and kept her from helping her teammates.

With a pang, Electra noticed that Quake and Walter were fighting.  Walter was very palely doing so, but they were fighting.  She noticed that Jasper was closest to Walter, and evidently Walter was afraid.  Standing on a column of water, Walter threw jets of water at Quake, who used his skills to rumple the landscape and deflect the jets.  Sometimes Quake rumbled the ground, causing waves in Walter's climbing column of water.  

Neither side was making headway, and Jasper was getting restless.  He was pacing up and down the courtyard, watching all four fights.  His fingers caressed his watch, and Electra felt an unpleasant shiver of anticipation.  

Fighting with Fier was not a thing of beauty, and Electra decided she was done with going easy on him.  She focused her efforts on creating a big ball of electricity, which she knew had to be the right size in order to knock Fier out.  Using merely her feet, she held the ball of energy behind her back until she was sure it was the right size.  Jasper Jalling screeched, "Fier, double-oh-oh-three-defensive!" but it was too late.  Electra threw the ball of energy at him with perfect precision.  It collided with Fier's head.  A case of whiplash occurred, and Fier was lying on the ground, perfectly still, his lasso burning beside him.  Dusting her hands off, Electra grimly watched the other battles.  When an invisible hand reached across her throat, Electra, in a split-second, flipped, and Invisa was on the ground.  With Ally's help, Electra pinned Invisa to the ground, then bound her with cords of electricity that could not be turned invisible.  Invisa was captured, tracked.

Swifte was overpowering Tyler steadily, so Ally went to join him.  Electra sprinted over to where Quake and Walter were dangerously flooding and disrupting the ground.  

"Walter!" Electra screamed, in order to be heard above the gushing water.  "What is WRONG with you?"

Walter cast an anxious glance at where Jasper Jalling stood with a self-satisfied smirk.  He continued shooting jets of water in Quake's direction, although his attempts were haphazard and weak.  

"I'm sorry, Walter," Electra said.  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ally and Tyler typing up Swifte.  She knew what she had to do.  

She dipped her finger in the pool of water Walter was creating.  He was standing on a column in the middle of the pool.

Electra dipped her finger in the water and used all her remaining energy to funnel it into a big electric line.  Water conducts electricity was her statement.  

But nothing happened.

Electra tried again.

Nothing happened.

Then she whirled around and leaped on Jasper.  

He pushed her easily off, wiped himself, and sneered.  "What do you know about fighting?" he asked.  "Or technology?  The PowerCloak I just enabled eliminates your powers for good."

With light fingertips, he dropped the deadly watch into her lap.

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