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SUNDAY SERIAL~ THE KUEHL KIDS PART 21 *FINALE* (epilogue to follow on Monday)

"No!" Electra shrieked.

Ally's wings were gone.  Tyler couldn't teleport, although he was evidently trying.  Worst, Swifte, Fier, and Invisa (who was visible) were awake.  And seeking revenge.

The only ones who continued to battle halfheartedly were Walter and Quake.

And suddenly, Electra knew what was coming.  She knew why Walter and Quake were the only ones left.

She started, pocketing the watch.  Jasper and his men were rounding up the rest of the people--the families--and setting a guard.  Then, with a knife, Jasper cut off Invisa's and Swifte's bonds.  They jumped up, ready to fight.  

Then Electra noticed that Fier's bonds were gone.  They had disappeared after her powers had been eliminated.

All three were standing up, seeking revenge.

Jasper said, "Tyler, Ally, Electra."  His face twisted into a snarl.  "Over here."  He pointed to a corner, where Electra's cell had been.

"No."  Tyler, Ally, and Electra all spoke at the same time.  All thoughts of the plan had flown from their minds.  

"I don't really think you're in a position to bargain," said Jasper.  "Over there."

"Go."  The Professor spoke weakly.

Casting dirty looks at all of Jasper's company, Tyler, Ally, and Electra stood in the corner, defensive positions ready.  

"Swifte, Fier, and Invisa," said Jasper.  "Guard, but do not touch."

Grinning maliciously, Swifte, Fier, and Invisa obeyed.

"Now," said Jasper in a booming, fakely grand voice, "who is ready for the grand finale of this little game of cat-and-mouse?"

"What are you talking about?" shouted Electra.

"Who is ready to see what happens to those who dare defy me?" Jasper yelled back.  He turned to Quake and Walter.  "Quake, your parents disowned you!  They abandoned you!  Why did they hold back all these years when they knew where you were?!"  He turned to Walter.  "Walter, you're my son."

"No, I'm not," Walter said firmly.  His voice sounded a little thin, but strong, nevertheless.

"Yes, you are," said Jasper.

"You are my UNCLE!" Walter shouted.

He suddenly dropped from his column of water.  "You are the one who abandoned me!  You are my biological dad, but Almira and Charles adopted me!  They are my true parents."

Jasper rolled his eyes.  "And you, Quake," he said to the boy, who looked peaky.  "Where were your parents all these years?"

"Protecting me," Quake said.  

Jasper laughed raucously.  "And how?" he asked.

"They were protecting me from a longer life of evil ahead.  If they'd raided me when I was younger, they would have been killed, by you, and I wouldn't have known them.  By preserving themselves, they preserve me until the time is ripe," said Quake.  

"Boys, boys, boys," Jasper said, with a jolly chuckle.  "You really believe all that blather?  About love and such?  Why, these three grew up without parents and they turned out perfectly fine!"

He gestured to Swifte, Fier, and Invisa.  "They have no living relatives.  They cannot turn to your side.  Why not simply join them?"

"What are you talking about, they have no living relatives?" the Professor said, suddenly bursting from the lines.  All guns were directed at him, but he said, "I'm not sure if you want to kill me now.  Because Walter and Quake have their eyes on you now.  It'll be a sure death penalty if you kill me."  The guns lowered.

Jasper narrowed his eyes.  "They have no living relatives," he repeated.  "Their parents died."

"By your hand.  And what about their grandparents?" the Professor asked simply.  "Taylor Swifte, meet your grandparents."

The two gray-haired folks hobbled forward and went up to Swifte, who recoiled.

"Who are you?" she asked rudely.

"Taylor Jennelle Swifte," the taller, Swifte's grandfather, said.  "Jasper lied.  We are who you have left.  He is no flesh and blood to you.  We are."

The words seemed to have no impact on Swifte other than the girl turning to stone, figuratively.

"Fier," said the Professor.  "Your father.  Jasper killed your mother."

Fier's father, meaty and muscular with spiky white-blond hair, came forward.  He was dressed in black leather.  "My son.  I have waited so long."  He touched Fier's cheek.  "You look more like your mother.  She was an admirable woman.  Her legacy should live on in you.  Jasper killed her."  A tear rolled down his cheek.

Fier had no reaction.  His face looked like it was set in stone.

"Invisa, this is your mother's twin sister.  Your aunt," the Professor said.  

The pale woman, fleetingly beautiful, came forward.  Invisa took a tentative step forward.  "I remember you," she said, very slowly.  "Aunt Rose?  You were always laughing.  In the house.  I remember, because I was a little bit older when I was taken.  What happened to my parents?"  

Rose said, very quietly,  "Jasper killed them."

"He killed my parents too?!" Swifte exclaimed.  Rose nodded.

Swifte gave her grandparents tentative hugs.

Swifte's steady reaction proved to work out in Fier too.  He hugged his father.  

The Professor turned to Jasper.

"My son," he said brokenly.

Jasper raised his gun.  

A gush of water from Walter knocked Jasper's gun to the side.

"You are not my father," he said defiantly.  "And you think you can take away their powers, but you can't," he added.  "Electra, give me the watch."

Electra tossed the watch to Walter.  He took a watch from his pocket and showed it to everyone.  They were identical.

"I love inventing," Walter said.  "So I invented a watch just like Jasper's.  Except the PowerCloak is temporary."  The watch he had pulled from his pocket began beeping.  Just as it did, Electra felt a delightful crackle to her fingertips.

She held her right hand up and examined it.

A little spark of electricity danced from it.

Electra smiled.  Everything had worked out, with a little help from Walter.

She lifted her eyes to the sky and joined the others in taking care of Jasper's massive army and Jasper himself.

And so four became eight.  Some of the evil in the world before became good.  It wasn't an easy process.  Sometimes there were relapses into old ways, before confrontations.  But it all ended on one word, one decision.  A single decision that matters above everything in the world.


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