Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Not-So-Fashionable Me

A year or two ago, my parents started teasing me about my stereotypical "homeschooler" look.  

I was the type of person to wear T-shirts and jeans with holes (real holes, not the kind that are made purposely).  Not to mention the fact that I always wore my hair down, and I had glasses (round ones, to boot).  My hair isn't the long, silky, smooth type that looks good with anything.  No, it's frizzy and wavy--kind of like Hermione's in the first Harry Potter.  To bring everything back to Harry Potter (sorry, I've kind of had Harry Potter on the mind since I made the Lily Potter's Journal blog), I guess you could say I had Ron's ragged clothing, Hermione's bushy hair, and Harry's very round glasses.  Can you imagine what that would look like?

I hate to blow-dry my hair, so most times I go to bed with wet hair.  Of course, in the morning, that's not the best thing, because I roll around a lot in my sleep and--well, let's just say that on bad mornings it looks like I have a mini-afro.  Or a lion.  Call me either, because I've heard both of them used when referring to my hair.

A year or two ago, I'd say that I was perfectly happy with being myself.  Glasses, T-shirts-and-jeans, bushy hair, the supposedly "homeschooler" look.  Then, maybe a year ago (or less), I started taking more of an interest in style.  I began noticing that I was a tad bit...conservative, you might say, even with my homeschooling classmates.  

I graduated from glasses and got contacts.  I tried to dry my hair, but of course that didn't go down so well...to this day, I still don't dry my hair, but I wear it in a ponytail, which straightens it by the end of the day.  I got Converse, then put neon shoelaces in them.  

Then my clothing.  It drifted from T-shirts to when I got a couple half-shirts (to see the post where I wrote about my "shopping spree" after my first math placement test, click here).  Oh--when reading the post, don't follow the advice I give to multiple-choice testtakers.  

Then, recently, my mom took me for a one-night trip, and we went on a MAJOR shopping spree (well, from the items we bought, our spree may not seem exactly "major."  I technically average 2 items of clothing per hour spent shopping)

But the grand total of our trip was:

One of the shirts I got.  I don't mind these type of shirts as long as I wear a tank top underneath.  To me, it's cooler to layer than to not wear anything under see-through clothing.  
My "famous" neon shoelaces that I've had for a while.  I got pink shoelaces, so now I have one yellow shoelace, one pink shoelace. 
This shirt is kind of like a knit top--so I wear a tank top underneath as well.  I think it's great for wearing over bathing suits.  And it's perfect for a hot summer day.
This is a cardigan we got from Target.  I like it because when I feel uncomfortable wearing just a black or white tank top, I can just throw this over it.  It adds some color, and it's an easy but flashy outfit.
Pants aren't as exciting (sorry they're all crumpled; I tried them on yesterday).  But I have an unusual figure (big bottom and skinny waist).  Thank goodness for Old Navy!  I tried on a size-four superskinny pair of jeans.  It fit like a glove!  Unfortunately, it cost $34, and while we bought it, my mom found other, cheaper ones online--for $17 each.  We got two of them, and they fit a little differently, but I'm not too picky.  It's nothing that can't be fixed with a belt.
My personal favorite--this is a swimsuit top of my new tankini.  I've had navy blue/black one-piecers for as long as I can remember (although there are a couple pictures of me when I was little, wearing a blue flowery tankini that shows my belly button).  This year, I decided to try something different.  So I asked my mom for a tankini (I've noticed girls my age wear bikinis--my homeschooling friends, church friend, everyone--but I don't think I'd feel comfortable in those).  The problem is, I have high standards for bathing suits.  I have to 1) feel comfortably modest in them, 2) like them, 3) be able to swim in them, and 4) (the big one) THEY HAVE TO FIT ME.  In stores today, it's hard nailing all four standards on the head.  

This is kind of off-topic, but you know what?  I think Christian clothing stores should totally focus on bathing suit lines!  It's difficult to find something modest but cute and stylish, and a Christian clothing company would probably make big money selling awesome bathing suits.  

Just a thought.

Anyway, we went to Land's End, where we found a navy blue tankini.  It was basically a regular one-piece, except it was in two pieces.  I wanted something a little more stylish, so we headed to Sears and JC Penney.  At Sears, we only found two suitable ones (and when I tried them on they weren't so suitable).  Then at JC Penney, I found one (the one you're looking at up top).  It had a pop of color.  It had my size.  It was a halter, which can be uncomfortable, but when I tried it on, it worked.  It was slightly low-cut, but when my mom tied the back of the strap, I felt comfortable.  

So we got it.

I wore it to the beach today, and I was pleased.  I'm not used to riding waves in two-piecers, but in a regular pool, I think I'll be good.  

So, I'm a girl.  What are my standards on modesty?

One of the more controversial issues, I feel, is strapless shirts/dresses.  Not having a strap that attaches is an issue with a lot of people, and modesty wise it might be doubtful.

Yet I've seen girls from my Christian homeschooling school wearing strapless dresses.  It covered them fully, and one girl wore a cardigan with it.

I can't say whether I'm pro-strapless or against strapless.  It's really up to that person's conscience.  But I feel that if a strapless shirt/dress covers a person and there is no real revealing feature on the shirt/dress, it should be fine.  During dress-up occasions, like at weddings and fancy parties (or at the Oscars), I think modest strapless should be all right (I know, I'm being incredibly vague right now, aren't I?).  

Then there's off-the-shoulder.  I enjoy layering.  I would not wear an off-the-shoulder without a tank top underneath.  In a way, when you wear a tank top underneath an off-the-shoulder, it's like you're wearing the tank top except with sleeves hanging on your arm.  In that respect, the off-the-shoulder is like a tank top.  That's what I feel like.

And short-shorts.  Oooooh.  The shortest shorts I wear come, pretty much, halfway between my knee and my hip.  Maybe a tad bit higher, if they're comfortable gym shorts.  But I see girls wearing briefs shorts, which is taking it too far.  And the shorts that just barely cover your bottom--that's too far, too.

I also don't do spaghetti straps, show-the-belly button shirts, or clothes revealing undergarments.  

To be honest, some of the fashions nowadays are terrible.  Revealing clothing for girls--teenagers--is just plain wrong.  

But don't make this feel like you have to become the former homeschooler me and wear T-shirts and jeans all the time (but if that's your style--you're amazing just the way you are :)  Hope I didn't offend anyone with that statement... :D)  Trying to keep up with the modest fashion trends is fine, as long as we don't lose sight of what really matters in life: giving glory to God in everything we do.  That includes responsibly wearing modest clothing.

And just think: a century ago, people thought that women showing their ankles was embarrassing.  

How much have we changed?

Ruffled rhinestone top
(picture from Wikipedia)     (picture from jcrew.com)

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