Saturday, September 21, 2013


If you'rewondering what happened to "Christian Pickup Lines," I decided to delete it after my dad didn't approve of it.

See you tomorrow!  
Instead of a Sunday Serial, I might just catch up with you guys since I haven't really had time to write what's been happening to me.  Oh, and maybe those Disney show reviews.  So...tomorrow, expect:

1) What's been happening to me.  Handling the pressure of singles tennis (and enjoying the ethics of playing against Christian schools), homework and tests, ditzy locker combinations, Spirit week at school, and football games.  Along with the major Korean BBQ dinner I ate was amazink ;)  Oh yeah!  And how I'm going to say the announcements over the PA system on every Tuesday for the semester in front of the ENTIRE SCHOOL...and how that came about.  Oh, and Careers homework: the creative stuff, like, design the future high school.  And how I walked to my classmate's house today *gasp*

2) Those TV show reviews I promise I would earlier in the week.

You might be sick and tired of hearing me drag on and on and on about, like, high school is a full-time job, but one thing is for sure: you never have a dull moment.  Hopefully I'll show that in the posts to come.

P.S.  CCM to check out: 1 Girl Nation, Mandisa's new album Overcomer, Family Force 5 (especially their single "Chainsaw," which has a pretty rocking beat), and Royal Tailor's latest single "Ready Set Go" (feat. Capital Kings).  Oh...and recent news on Instagram: Britt Nicole will release a Christmas song, "O Come All Ye Faithful," on September 24th (One good thing about Instagram is the fact that you find out all the release dates and such).

P.S.  Oh, and my birthday's coming up.  This week.  I'm excited ;)

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