Sunday, September 29, 2013


Just so you know, I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER bad at keeping my word.  I'm surprised I got through Kuehl Kids without a major breakdown *whew* but now that school's around I just can't seem to make myself write another Sunday Serial.  

Instead of a Serial, I'm going to *selfishly* write about my life again...

This week was decent.  As you saw from my last post, I did fine two matches ago.  The second match, on Thursday, was a different story...

We played a team that was almost as good as the team we'd played before.  And for some reason, I just kept cracking during my matches.  Result?  Losing all three sets.  My head wasn't in the game. *Ughughguhgughgughgughg*

I was losing, 3-0, for the first set, then I started to get into the game.  Like, really get into it.  The girl I was playing against was good.  She was a sophomore, and put a ton of topspin on the ball.  Since I'm a little *ahem* on the shorter side, it was no easy task to get the ball back over the net.  But I began winning, 5-4, coming back.  And then I just cracked.  I lost three straight games, and she won, 5-7.

Same story with the second set.  I lost, 5-7.  Both girls were extraordinarily consistent--way more consistent than the other girls I'd played, excluding the ones from the prior match.  I wasn't used to playing people like that, and for some reason, my head/heart/both wasn't in the game.  

The last set I lost 6-3, and I have to admit, I should have won it.  The girl, although she was number one, didn't have as good form.  But I was just done.  Sometimes I think I should play 2 sets instead of 3.  I always get so tired of tennis by the third one.

Because tennis is really an extrinsic motivation.  I'm not a tomboy.  I wish, but I'm not.  I have the tomboy mentality (sort of), but not really the body.   I'm dedicated to writing.  I do writing because I enjoy it.  I like playing tennis, but I'm not dedicated to it, if you know what I'm saying.

There are some girls on my team who love tennis and work extra hard to be good at it.  I work hard (kinda...) but honestly, it's just a sport to me.  It's not my life.

It was my birthday this week.  Now I'm fourteen.  I feel like I'm solidly rooted into being a teenager.  I feel like 13 was just the preliminary year.  Now I'm finally part of the gang.


One of my main observations about life is that the older you get, the more clothes you get.  At least, for girls.  I received clothes and gift cards for clothes and everything a girl could ever want and sometimes I just look at everything I have and compare it to what a teenager my age in a rural part of Africa would have, and I think of how selfish I'm being.  Like, seriously.  How selfish we're all being.

I've been to Las Vegas twice.  Twice was two times too much.  I hated Vegas.  I mean, seriously.  Gambling, smoking, drinking, and hotels are all so overrated.  Come on.  Companies spend millions of dollars trying to get people to go and spend money at their casino.  I looked at the tall buildings, the huge posters advertising stuff that I have no interest in.  And I'm serious.  I looked at those casinos and buffets and things and thought, How many people would all that money feed?

Besides, Vegas is hot.  And if you go into the casinos, you smell cigarettes EVERYWHERE.  Oh, and guess what?  The casinos don't have windows, because they don't want gamblers to look outside and notice how dark it gets.  So they have to blow a lot of dough on ventilation systems and whatnot to keep people from choking on the secondhand smoke.

And the buffets.

And there are people starving in other parts of the world.  If there weren't, World Vision and other organizations like those wouldn't exist.

And in America obesity is a problem?  

And, like, all we care about is who's dating who, and why she won't get an iPhone, and oooh, did you see what he posted on Instagram?

I'm not saying that that stuff is bad.  It's just that there are things more important than Facebook and movies.

Done rambling there.  

Another week of school will start tomorrow.  I need to get the birthday fever off of me.  I have stuff to do.  People to see.  Places to go.  New heights to reach.

Ohhhhh, boy.

(How did that saying come about?  Like, why, ohhhh, boy?  Why not ohhhh, girl?)

Ohhhhh, girl.

Well, I guess it doesn't have the same ring to it.


_Write for Snow in July.  I'm still rewriting it.  UGH.
_Read, read, read.  Probably going to read the Percy Jackson series, and this book called My World and Welcome to It, by James Thurber (he's a humorous writer, which is why I checked it out).
_School, school, school, school.  I think we need a period of "creative time," where you have free time.  Honestly!  Homework can't take up my whole life!  Homeschoolers have it easy--enjoy it while it lasts!
_Work on my tennis game.  Ieeeeeeeieieiieieiieieiie...
_Spend time with God.  I haven't been doing that lately...
_Have funnn!  Maybe join a club or two.  (but do I have time???)
_learn how to straighten/curl my hair
_oh yeah, how could I forget?!  BLOG!

----lurrrrv, rcubed----

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