Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Serial 6~ Regards, Abilaire The Chatroom

Sunday Serial #6: Spanishista

oh_so_abilaire: Hola, amigos!
jumpin_jehoshaphat: Oh no
oh_so_abilaire: Como estas?
jumpin_jehoshaphat: PLEASE DON'T SPEAK SPANISH!
oh_so_abilaire: Why nada?
mostly_pristine_christine: I don't think that's how it goes.
oh_so_abilaire: Yeah, I thought it sounded wrong.
notsomaddex: Why are you speaking in Spanish?
oh_so_abilaire: I dropped out of art and took up Spanish because Mr. Gregg was not making any sensoso.
notsomaddex: That is not how you say 'senses' in Spanish.
oh_so_abilaire: I know.  That's why I'm saying it.
notsomaddex: I am extremely confused right now.  
jumpin_jehoshaphat: Ignore Abilaire.  Mr. Gregg?
oh_so_abilaire: I like good, logical art, not, like, feel the art.  Love the art.  Be the art.  That's how Mr. Gregg is.
mostly_pristine_christine: I don't think art is logical.
oh_so_abilaire: Yeah, it can be.  For example, drawing still lifes is more logical than drawing what you think a snapadoodle looks like.
jumpin_jehoshaphat: What?
oh_so_abilaire: Yeah.  Mr. Gregg wanted us to draw a snapadoodle.  He handed out sheets of paper and pencils, told us to draw a snapadoodle, and went to play Candy Crush on his iPhone.
notsomaddex: What?!  That is a disgrace!  Honestly, a teacher should have more judgment.
mostly_pristine_christine: What did you draw?
oh_so_abilaire: I drew a snapadoodle.
jumpin_jehoshaphat: A what?
oh_so_abilaire: A cross between a gingersnap and a snickerdoodle.  A snapadoodle. I got a zero, because apparently it was a "senseless circle with beige dots in the middle."  Mary Welles drew a thin line across the paper and played Candy Crush on her phone under the table.  Mr. Gregg praised her ingenuity and hung it up in the Place of Honor.  So I dropped it and took up Spanish with Senorita Garcia.
notsomaddex: You should alert the principal.
oh_so_abilaire: Come on, Maddex, surely you know that Candy Crush is addictive.
notsomaddex: No, it isn't.
jumpin_jehoshaphat: You wouldn't know because you haven't played it.
mostly_pristine_christine: Do you like Spanish, Abilaire?
oh_so_abilaire: Yeah.  It's fun.  We play a game called Flyswatter.
mostly_pristine_christine: How do you play?
oh_so_abilaire: You swat flies.
notsomaddex: Very...entertaining.  The teachers nowadays...honestly...
oh_so_abilaire: I'm joking, Maddex.  You put Spanish flashcards on the table with a bunch of other people and Senorita Garcia calls out a word and you grab the notecard and say it before other people can.  It gives your hands a workout.
jumpin_jehoshaphat: Very entertaining.  
oh_so_abilaire: Como tellamas?
jumpin_jehoshaphat: Me llamo Justin.
oh_so_abilaire: You know Spanish?!?!
jumpin_jehoshaphat: From Dora.  I learned how to sing the number song from one of those old episodes of Barney where the kids wear eighties clothes and Baby Bop looks like an old lady.
oh_so_abilaire: Sing it for us.
jumpin_jehoshaphat: I'd rather be caught dead watching High School Musical.
mostly_pristine_christine: Hey!  I happen to love High School Musical!  How dare you insult Troy and Gabriella!
jumpin_jehoshaphat: Fine, I'd rather be caught dead watching Hannah Montana.
oh_so_abilaire: I happened to like that show, even though I don't like Miley Cyrus.
jumpin_jehoshaphat: Fine, I'd rather be caught dead watching MacGyver.
notsomaddex: Hey!  MacGyver was quite ingenious, although some of the things he tries probably would not work.
jumpin_jehoshaphat: OKAY, I'd rather be caught dead watching...
oh_so_abilaire: Maybe you should just stop before you insult someone else.
jumpin_jehoshaphat: Maybe I should.
notsomaddex: I have to go.  Adios, everyone.

(notsomaddex has left the chatroom)

mostly_pristine_christine: Bye-bye.  A cheerleader's life is never finished!  Gracias, amigos.  

(mostly_pristine_christine has left the chatroom)

jumpin_jehoshaphat: Hasta luego!

(jumpin_jehoshaphat has left the chatroom)

oh_so_abilaire: Dear Future Me, Will I Still Be a Spanishista?

                                  Regards, Abilaire

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