Friday, September 6, 2013


When you're in summer, or homeschooling, you don't fully appreciate the value of T.G.I.F.  

All I can say is, Thank God it's Friday.

Full week.  I came home from the church retreat to bounce to my first days in high school.  Four days of going to school, doing schoolwork, and dealing with everything has caused me to appreciate the true value of the weekend.


When I was homeschooling, I could finish my work in a spin and work on my novel at the same time.  When you have tennis after school, and do homework after tennis, you don't have time for Snow in July.  No, zero, nada.  Besides, you're so tired that you can't fall asleep.  

I'm serious.

Summer, every day is the same.  No T.G.I.F., because Friday is just another day of summer vacation.

But at public school, I can see why T.G.I.F. has become a common catchphrase.  

At public school, it seems like everything's going in slow motion and you have to give every day your all.

Gotta love the weekend.

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