Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hey, everyone!

This is my Halloween post.  

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Okay, you might be thinking, Oh, Halloween's such a BAD BAD BAD holiday.  It's involved with witches and witchcraft and stuff, and everyone knows that's against the Bible.

I know there are some of you who probably will be thinking that.  I mean, if Lecrae or 1 Girl Nation or other Christian artists post on Instagram about Halloween, and if they get a ton of backlash, then I probably will (not that very many people come on my blog).

But to me, Halloween's just...a thing.

It's gotten so commercialized that a lot of the super bad stuff has gotten filtered out.  

Now, Halloween is mostly just a bunch of junk involving costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating.  At school today, a lot of people dressed up.  The most popular costumes were cats and cowboys (or cowgirls).  I mean, for a cat, all you have to do is use a makeup pencil and draw lines on your face and just slide on one of those headband thingies with triangles on them.  Voila!  Done.  

I, admittedly, went as a cowgirl (the second most popular item).  I felt awkward with my big black Angels-logotized-cowboy-hat-that-someone-gave-to-us-because-they-didn't-like-the-Angels, and my hair in two pigtails.  But then I stepped into the quad and I didn't feel awkward anymore.

There were people dressed as SpongeBob, people in zombie makeup, people in white dresses with cute little parasols, people with those puffy tutus, and even people dressed as those marker thingies you see on GoogleMaps.  (One guy was point A, and the other was point B.)  During lunch, the ASB set up a runway and they had a costume contest.  There was even a pink elephant, and someone in my class dressed up as Luigi.

I'm not sure who won, because I was in a Bible club meeting, but it looked like fun.

Tonight, I'm not going trick-or-treating.  Probably my mom is going to take my younger sister (who will be dressing in her hot pink soccer uniform) for a round through the neighborhood, but I *personally* like handing out the candy.  I think it's kind of interesting.  I mean, random people dressed in random costumes coming to your door?  Divertida! (Spanish for "fun")

So, my opinion on Halloween?  Okay, it's dark.  But it's changed so much that it's not even really about that anymore.  In America, it's about candy, costumes, and scaring people.  There's no real harm in that.

Yet we as Christians need to be aware and guarded about the deeper meaning of Halloween.  Supposedly (look on Wikipedia), it's a "Christian" holiday, but the world has made it something a lot darker, deeper.  And we all know that some of those supposedly Christian people back in the day weren't exactly Christian (I mean, if Martin Luther had to nail his Ninety-Five Theses on the church door, it had to be pretty bad).  So have fun but be wary.

My family doesn't "celebrate" it.  We don't make it a whole big deal.  Sure, we like getting free candy and it's fun knocking on random people's doors, and we like participating in our church's Fall Festival, but it's definitely not our favorite holiday.  

The dig on Halloween?  It's okay, but be careful.


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