Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hey...I'm Alive!

*Whew*  I haven't posted in a SUPER long time...

This week was pretty interestingly typical.  I didn't have that much homework, with the exception of math (snap you, math!).  I took a bunch of tests (cell definitions--did I mention my biology teacher doesn't believe in multiple choice?).  Homecoming was amped up...people asking each other, and sometimes at lunch you'd hear ripples of applause and know that it was because of Homecoming.  I'm not going--even if I was asked, my parents wouldn't let me go.

On Sunday, someone from church and I baked chocolate amaretti cookies, which are like an Italian version of macaroons minus the filling.  They're a lot less fussy, too.  

It was really interesting making them.  There's no flour in them--just sugar, egg white, and cocoa powder.  And in my opinion, the coolest part was watching the egg white fluff up into something that resembled whipped cream:
(After: nothing added, just lots and lots of whipping)

The cookies themselves were just OK for me.  I learned after I tried a couple amarettis that my type of cookies are those big, gooey, Big Fat American ones--the ones made of tons of flour and sugar and chocolate chunks and peanut butter and gobs of caramel or something.  If you want to try making them (they're very easy to make), the recipe we used is on the link below:

Overall, I'd say that our baking experience was extremely unique, and while not a home run, a definite base hit ;)

Monday, I lugged myself out of bed and to school.  Mondays are kool because it's late start.  Mondays are not kool because they're Mondays.  It didn't help that afterwards I had a big tennis practice.  We were to play our rivals on Thursday, and the match would decide if we clinched League Championship.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by pretty much the same way.  Big tennis practice, homework, and nothingness.  I started writing a Chefs of Steel book, but right now I just don't have the discipline to write, blog, novelize...ohmygargoyyyylezzzzz...

Then Thursday came *dun-dun-dun*

*ominous music plays*

Last time we played this team, we beat them 10-8.
This time we played them, they beat us 10-8.

It was not our best match.  One of the players had skipped practice two days in a row because she'd had a private lesson and then hadn't felt very well.  Subsequently, my coach put me in her spot, the number two singles spot.  

I am still a patchy player.  And I'm not proud to say that I lost 3 sets.  All 3 of them.

The first set was against the player I'd beat to win against them the first time.  She started playing well right off the bat and I gave up 4 games against her, one-two-three-four.  Then she started losing it, and I got 3 games.  Then she won the next two games and it was her set.  

Blarg, blarg, blarg.

The second set was against their number one.  I bageled, mostly because I wasn't playing well.

By the third round, it was evident that we had to win four sets in order to come out on top.  If we tied at 9-9 and went to a game count, we would have lost.

So I made myself play, hard.  

Thank goodness it was against the number three girl.  

She was consistent.  I was consistent.  I would play good, then bad, then good.  We were neck and neck, 4-4.  

It was predestined that both those times, I would be the last set to finish.

Everyone started watching the match again, except I kindasortaknew that even if I did win this one, we would lose in games.  But I tried to play my hardest.

One thing that annoys me is when the other team cheers for their girl when I hit it out or into the net.  Technically, they're only supposed to cheer if their player hits a winner or an extremely good shot.  The girl I was playing did not hit winners.  

I tried not to let it rattle me, but it didn't.  It might have altered my playing a little bit, but I try not to get rattled.

I lost, 4-6.

But I was semisortahappy with how I played.

And now it's all in the past.

Kind of.  I still look back and get mad because their players did not seem to be honest.  They seemed to call balls out that were in, and somehow their ways didn't seem ethical.  My coach and their coach even got into a little tiff about line calling.

Oh, and (in the little ironies of life), who turned out to be my substitute teacher for Careers the next day?  Their coach.  I didn't realize it until my coach told me.  I wonder if the other coach recognized me...

Yesterday we played a non-league match against a team that was supposed to be pretty good (they were OK, but they weren't fab).  Our lineup switched around because many of our players had injuries, so I ended up playing number one doubles.  We did fine--the first time we won 7-5, and the second time we won 6-1.  Then we were substituted out because my partner's shoulder was hurting (she apparently had four injuries--both her ankles, her shoulder, and her back were injured).  We won the match 16-2.  

Because my mom had church small group, we ended up going to Taco Bell.

Taco Bell logo 2012.png

(Using my Spanish mad skills, I interprete the slogan as "Live More")  

Before, I didn't like Taco Bell.  Now, I like it.  Not as much as Chick-fil-A or In-n-Out, but I definitely like it.  I had three tacos--one Cool Ranch Doritos one, one Nacho Cheese Doritos one, and a regular soft taco one.  

Then we went to McDonalds for dessert--and that was where I experienced the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my entire life:

In case you're wondering what you're looking at, you're looking at McDonalds' new Pralines and Cream McFlurry.

*ringing bells*

Best.  Thing.  I've.  Ever.  Had.  In.  My.  Entire.  Life.  

A praline is a type of candy rolled around in brown sugar.  Caramel is made of brown sugar, cream, and butter.  See the reason why I love it?  Brown sugar > caramel > <3 <3 <3


I can't stop raving about it.  It didn't help that there was a ribbon of caramel all around it.  In fact, I want to get another one ASAP, even though I probably shouldn't.  And I'm going to get a Pralines McFlurry every time I go to McDonalds.  And no, I won't ever get tired of it.

My McFlurry wasn't very flurry (in other words, it wasn't blended very well), so there was a bunch of caramel and pralines at the top and so it was pure heaven for a couple of minutes, and then when I got to the bottom there was vanilla ice cream and so I had to resort to scraping the plastic top for caramel.  


Oh, and I forgot: I had my first Bible club meeting on Thursday!

The leader seemed very--I mean very--sincere.  She played a Keith Green song and kind of shared about the meaning behind the club's name and then gave a little input on a couple Bible verses.  It was a very quiet time; nobody really talked.  It was pretty awkward, but hopefully it'll loosen up as we go along.  

I wasn't really imagining a Bible study, I guess, just a kind of Christian atmosphere at school where we talked about the Bible, but you know what, it was refreshing just the same.  I also joined Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which I feel like will be more like I was imagining.  It starts next Tuesday so *wink* I'll let you know how that goes.

Btw, I got a 90/100 on my English essay.  It's a very low A, and lower than I've ever really gotten before on an essay, but I'm content.  It's my first essay in high school so *yay!* I'm good.  It can only really go uphill from here.

I'm really into Owl City's "Gold" right now, and Phillip Phillips' "Gone, Gone, Gone," even though both songs are kind of out (I don't start liking songs until after they're out, with the exception of Katy Perry's "Roar," which is still in its prime).  I also like Kelly Clarkson's "Catch My Breath."  And Family Force 5's wacky song "Wobble" (I love Family Force 5's zaniness, but some people think my music is weird) is really...interesting :P.  And backing up my "Roar" endorsement, I like the song (it's actually got a pretty OK message--not completely great but still pretty good) but I don't necessarily like Katy Perry (I also heard she kinda stopped being weird).  And if you want a spin on the song, listen to Royal Tailor's or Anthem Lights' covers of it (Anthem Lights released it as a single, Royal Tailor's cover is on YouTube).

Toodles, Rcubed ;)

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