Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hiatus from Sunday Serials

Hi guys--

I just wanted to take a short break from Sunday Serials.  I am so sorry to those of you who have been waiting for it, but I'm not disciplined enough to do it and what I'm working on at the same time.  However, I might just start doing a new Sunday Serial altogether--I'm working on a superhero-type story right now, and even though we just did the Kuehl Kids, I have a really awesome feeling that this story is going to be much better than the Kuehl Kids.  I have to admit, the Kuehl Kids wasn't really up to par.  I made it up from week to week, and that was when I was still homeschooled and had the time.  

Snow in July is going excruciatingly slowly.  I'm rewriting it still, but I haven't had the discipline to do that, either.  So right now it's kind of at a balk in the middle, but  I think I'm at the waterfall point in the story.  You know how waterfalls are level and calm until you dip into action and adventure?  I'm at the waterfall point in my story.  In other words, I'm at a really calm point right now in the story, but it's very quickly approaching the best part of the story: the adventure.  

Writing adventure is so much fun.  As a writer, you can envision it happening as you're writing.  The problem is communicating what you're envisioning with your readers.  That's the hard part.  So right now, I'm fringing onto adventure.  I'm trying to drop some foreshadowing hints as to what's going to happen.  

Oh, and Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile, by Shannon Messenger, came out!  I am really excited.  My dad preordered it from Amazon, and I read it in two days.  

Shannon Messenger is a good writer.  I can imagine the elvin world she's creating--a world where beings have abilities that humans have always wanted to have, a world where there's such thing as unicorns, a world with vegetables that taste like sausage and nuts that taste like caramel (I'm serious!).  

But the world I'm creating?  I'm not sure that it's so memorable.  Sure, there are a couple of interesting characters.  A girl that seems like a complete bozo but actually turns out to be pretty cool, I think (I modeled her after me.  She also says gargoyles!).  A middle-aged lady with ombre highlighted hair who reads Twilight and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  A not-so-handsome gullible lifeguard.  Oh yeah, and a grocery store owner who builds pyramids made of Gatorade and tomato paste.  

The problem is, I feel like I'm good at describing people.  But I'm not exactly the greatest at applying those character traits to the people without making them feel very starched and stretched.  Do you know what I mean?  

And my protagonist?  She's probably the most boring person you'll ever meet.  I'm serious.  All she ever does is whine about how her parents know nothing, and how she's not like her ex-best-friend, so hopefully I'll make her more interesting by the end of the story.  I'm not sure how I'm going to do that, though.

It's just one of those things I'll have to figure out along the way.

I also toyed with the idea of trashing Snow in July altogether.  Then I trashed the idea of trashing Snow in July.  I've already amped up the hype.  I've told my family about it.  I've told my friends.  I've told you people.  I can't just give up now.  

Oh, and whenever you feel like you can't go on when you're writing?  Change the font, especially when you're using GoogleDocs.  I don't know about you, but changing the font really really really really really helps me.  When I wrote my first draft (wow, that sounds so professional.  First draft?), I used a font called EB Garamond, which is kind of like the Harry Potter font (which I adore).  Then I switched to another font--I think it was called Lusitania.  But using Lusitania kind of made it slow, so recently I switched to another font called Arapey, which is much better.  Arapey is so bouncy, and when you italicize it it actually looks italicized.

This is really weird, but one of my pet peeves is when a font doesn't truly italicize.  Like, sometimes, italicizing a font means that all the letters simply slant.  Like using this font:

This is Verdana.

But I love fonts that do something like this:

This is Georgia.

Do you get what I mean?

I'm really weird.  Random.  But I'm telling you--fonts make the world go round.  Sometimes I hate books just because their font is bad.

You might be thinking, Oh, but the content of the book is what matters, not the font.  Okay, I can read books with bad fonts.  I've loved books with bad fonts.  But that makes my experience less enjoyable.  And sometimes I read bad books with good fonts and I tolerate the bad book because of the font (of course, I eventually peter out).  It's just one of my little quirks.

I hope authors get a say in what font their book is printed in.

What I've been up to...

I'm going to make a list, because I've been up to a lot.  When you're in high school--homeschooled or regular school--you're probably up to a lot.  So here's what I've been doing:

-I asked to get my hair highlighted a while ago.  So, for my birthday, my mom took me to get it highlighted and cut.  My hair is naturally a darker color, so I got a bunch of light-colored highlights and I LOVE it.  I was nervous at first--a girl's hair is her treasure, especially a fourteen-year-old girl's hair--because 1) the dye is permanent, and 2) what if I hated the result?  But thank goodness!  There are enough highlights in it without it becoming overpowering, but there are enough so that people notice it.  Hallelujah!

-My birthday was one and a half weeks ago.  It was a very interesting birthday.  For starters, I had to go to school, which stunk, but I have to admit, I enjoyed the attention I received.  The girls on my tennis team said happy birthday to me, and my day started off great.

Unfortunately, it turned a little sour at the end.  I had a tennis match that day, and I lost all three sets I played.  I've lost one set.  But never three.  I admit it, I cried (a little bit).  But you know what, that's part of learning, and my team still won.  I also handed out See's Candy lollipops at the end, which sweetened it up a little bit.  It was overall a very interesting birthday...

-I read Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile, by Shannon Messenger, like I stated earlier.  Loved it!  Oh my goodness, it was pretty amazing.  I think the first book was a little bit better, because Exile was slightly confusing (see my earlier post where I ranted about Shannon Messenger's first book, Keeper of the Lost Cities), but then, Exile had more action.  I also wonder who Sophie's going to end up with--Dex, Fitz, or Keefe?  I think we all know deep down in our hearts that Fitz is the guy for her--but who's the boy in the blue bramble jersey?  Keefe also grew on me.  He's hi-lar-i-ous.  Oh, and guess what?  I mean, if Edaline's sibling is one of Dex's parents, then that makes Dex Sophie's cousin.  Which rules Dex out as a future husband for Sophie.

I personally think Fitz is a little bit like Lena in Shelby Bach's The Ever Afters series--kind of a ruley guy.  He doesn't seem to have much of a personality.  The guy needs to loosen up.  I also think Jolie is still alive.  Poor Brant.  Shannon Messenger has a ton to clear up in the third and last book.

Speaking of the Ever Afters series--what if ADELAIDE gets a Tale?  Shelby Bach's been hinting at a romance between Chase and Rory...and the kids who comment have been begging for some jealousy going on (I'm not a big fan of the whole jealousy factor, tbh) what if Adelaide gets a Tale?  I can't wait until the rest of these books come out...

Sorry, I'm kind of fangirling right now.  (You might be thinking, kind of? right now)

-GRACE UNPLUGGED!  It's a new Christian movie starring AJ Michalka, James Denton, and Jamie Grace ( read it right!  The Christian pop singer!).  I might go see it next weekend (we were planning to this weekend, but couldn't fit it into our schedule).  It's rated PG, and it's meant for people, like, my age, I think.

-Ohmygargoyles, am I ready for Monday?  It's been a super restful weekend.  Probably one of the most restful since school started.  Club Rush is this week--I'll probably join a couple of clubs.  I want to check out the Christian club and the creative writing club.  Along with saying the announcements...whoop-de-doo...

*You might notice that I've removed the Twoggits section of the blog.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been working right **grrrrhhhh computer stuff stinks** so I'll have to figure out some sort of way to give you guys daily updates.*

Your ditzy, gargoylesy pal,

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