Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Feel Like Blogging So I Will

I'm tired, but I feel like blogging, so I will.

I don't know what I'm going to write yet.  Maybe just that we finished our tennis season today officially, and my JV team was in second place.  And we had an "honoring the seniors" night, which was fun but really, really long.  Like, really long.  

We have ten seniors on our varsity team, and basically all the juniors/freshman on the team wrote about how they appreciated the different seniors, addressing them specifically.  They sent their little blurbs to the coach, who read them off in front of the parents, JV team, etc., and after, person who wrote the blurb hugged the particular senior they'd written about.

Well, one of the girls on the varsity team and who'd written the blurbs wasn't there, so guess who stood in her place?

Yours truly ;)

Yeah, so basically all I did was nod my head and pretend that I wrote the stuff the coach was reading off and hug the senior :)  It was fun, and it's going to make a really great inside joke.  

Some of them were really funny; one particular girl's written portions just cracked us all up.  

And I have to go, so bye :)


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