Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quick Musical Update

Since I had some extra time, I thought I'd update you on what music I've been listening to.

What does the Fox say?

(No, I'm not listening to that, even though I have it on my playlist.)

I've started getting more into Owl City (I can't figure out if it's a group or if it refers to Adam Young specifically), especially their new album, released last year- The Midsummer Station.  The Midsummer Station has a ton of really super catchy remix-y style songs, which is my type.  So I've been listening to "Gold," "Dreams And Disasters," and sometimes "Shooting Star."  I've also been listening to "To The Sky," which was on the playlist for the Guardians of Ga'Hoole movie, and "When Can I See You Again?" (which was played during the credits for Wreck-it Ralph).  From their album All Things Bright and Beautiful, I've been listening to "Alligator Sky," and from Ocean Eyes, "Fireflies" (which I know is a really old song).

Adam Young (the singer) from Owl City is a Christian, but their songs from The Midsummer Station tend to be low-key love songs that have similar messages to Britt Nicole's "Gold."  For more spiritual-ish songs, listen to "Galaxies" (from All Things Bright and Beautiful) or "Meteor Shower" (from Ocean Eyes).

I've also added "Burn" by Ellie Goulding (secular British pop star) to my playlist.  There's one "hell" in it, but it's a cool song (don't like the cover for it, but it isn't overly *ick*).  And "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities is good, too :)

From the CCM scene, ROYAL TAILOR has come out with a new album (self titled) !!!!!!!!(*Squealsquealsqueal*)  I've listened to a couple songs, and my favorites are "Original," "Got That Fire," "Remain," and "Ready Set Go."  "Jesus Love" features tobyMac, which is kind of the only reason why I added it to my playlist (I don't think the chorus really catches my ear).  I'll have to listen to the slower songs, but the ones I listed are more upbeat.  My favorite is "Ready Set Go"--it's great for gearing up for tennis matches :)

On the same day, Katy Perry came out with a new album, PRISM.  I just skimmed it--I was expecting her typical fare of secularickadstuff--but then one song caught my eye--"By the Grace of God."  I looked at the lyrics, and from what I could tell, it didn't seem twisted.  So after I came home from my tennis match (we lost, and with it, the championship for league), I added it to my playlist, along with "Unconditionally."  "By the Grace of God" seems to be about how she crashed and burned out, then got back up; "Unconditionally" is about loving somebody unconditionally, which is a good value in today's cheapened love industry.  

I don't know Katy Perry.  I don't know where she's been, where she is now, or where she will stand in the future.  But both "By the Grace of God" and "Unconditionally" have good messages as far as I can tell (the other songs--maybe you should be more wary.  Some of them...).

Those are my latest listenings :)  Cheers to the weekend!


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