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Oh my gargoyles!  Lookitttttt!!!!

Before you read this post, click here!!!!!!

No, this is not a random person masquerading as Rcubed and putting a random website on the link.  To give you a little tidbit of what you might expect from the link, I'll post one HUGE HUGE HUGE picture:


Got it?  Okay, GO CLICK THE LINK!!

Have you read it?

If you answered yes, then good.  If you answered no, bad you.

For those of you who don't know, I am kindasortamaybe obsessed with Shelby Bach's series the Ever After School.  (For my full review, click here!!!!!!!!)

If you didn't read the EAS review and have no inkling of what on earth it is, prepare to be majorly confused in the following post.

Okay, anyway, I'm obsessed with the EAS series.  You might even say I'm a stalker, because I haunt the website almost every day for new updates (That's an excellent example of how I spend my time).  And yesterday, I was totally rewarded!


Okay, in my opinion, it doesn't look as brilliant or colorful as the first two do.  But ohmygargoyles, I want to read Of Sorcery and Snow SO badly!

It comes out on June 24 *blehck*

I'm probably going to enter for an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) giveaway (if my parents let me).

Does my writing seem disjointed to you in this post?  Sometimes my mind runs at a thousand mph, and people sometimes can't keep up.

But if you haven't gleaned it already, I'm super pumped for the new book, and I have plenty of predictions for it.  I think some of them will come true, too.

1) Adelaide is going to ask Chase to the Ball in Chapter Four, but Chase wants to go with Rory, and Rory doesn't know WHAT she thinks about Chase anymore.

2) Lena goes with Kyle.

3) Rory's Tale will either be "East of the Moon, West of the Wind" (is that the fairytale that her mom likes?) or "The Snow Queen."

4) It's pretty much given that Rory is going to end up with Chase at the conclusion of the series.

5) Rapunzel is the BEST!

6) That's it.  I think I have more, but I forgot.

Anyway, you guys--STAY TUNED!


P.S.  I might go see the movie Ender's Game this week!  *squeals with joy*

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