Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eye Infections, Football Helmets, Watermelon Bread, and The Joys of Tessellations

Today was a very interesting day.

The story started yesterday.  In Spanish class, I noticed that pressing on my right eyelid hurt.  When I got home, I took out my contacts.

This morning, I woke up.  After hoping all night that my eye problem would disappear, it didn't.  Instead, it got worse.  

I woke up with all this crusty gunk on my lower eyelid and tears coming out of my eyes.  My top eyelid was all puffed up and red, and it hurt more than ever.

Turns out, guys, I have an eye infection.  I went to the doctor today.  She told me it was allergies, but, um, I don't think so.  If you saw the different between my right and my left, you'd agree that it wasn't just allergies.

I was prescribed antibiotic eyedrops, just in case, and now I have the pleasure of dropping a little liquid in my eye three times a day.  Oh, and I have to rock my nerd glasses for a couple more days :( :( :*(  I think my eyes needed a rest, anyway.

Today, I also brought a football helmet to school.  Why? you might ask.

Well, it was actually because of a class.  See, my Careers teacher assigned us an "entrepreneur project," and basically, we had to make up a business, a packet with all our info, and a visual aid.  

We called ourselves the "Cream Queens."  We're a party place--we serve dessert, rent rooms for parties, and (guess what?) provide entertainment.  Part of our gimmick is we dress up in different themes according to party (pirate, fairy, princess, or football).  

Hence the helmet.

Thank goodness I have a pretty kool tennis coach who has his own classroom and enough cabinets to store a whole football team's helmets.  I hid mine in his classroom after first period.  The problem was, I had to lug the helmet into school, hang out with it in first period, lug it to my teacher's classroom, take it out at lunch, plop it onto our lunch table, and carry it to my class.  It might not seem like a lot to you, but believe me--when there are 1,699 other students in the school, you get some really weird looks.  About ten people asked me what on earth I was doing carrying a football helmet.

Didn't help that I was wearing, like, black glasses.  Typical nerdy look.


Story of the football helmet.

Where I live, we have a lot of cutie Asian shops and stuff, including bakeries.  Yesterday my parents went out for Japanese fondue (it's not the chocolate kind; that's what I learned yesterday), and came back with a couple of pastries from a bakery that was apparently next door.

And they brought this back for me:

Watermelon bread!  Isn't it cute?!  It's shaped like a watermelon :)  

I thought it might be flavored like a watermelon, but it was just a regular spongey sweet bread with a ring of cream and some chocolate-chips.  It actually wasn't very good, but I still can't get over the cuteness of the whole thing :)  After all, presentation is half the battle.

Story of watermelon bread.

My math teacher assigned a tessellation drawing.  It was kind of confusing, because I had to cut out a tile from notecard using reflection and/or rotation.  It took the third tile to get it right, but the end result was totally worth it!  ^^This is kind of an arrow-zigzaggy thing that I made up on the spot.  

Story of my tessellation.

Oh, and I have a QUOTE OF THE DAY for you guys.  I'm proud of myself because I made it up.

"If you don't have a point to what you're writing then what's the point of writing?"

My point in this article was...well, just to tell you about my day and the ironies and downfalls and upfalls of life (upfalls?  Where did that come from?).  But I'm writing another thing, for bio, and it's not going so well because, um, I'm just writing about it.  It's basically just a fact sheet. 

So basically, the question I should ask myself is, what is the point to what I'm writing here?  And if I don't have a point, what's the point in writing?


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