Friday, November 22, 2013


guys, I am 


I canNOT believe that I am officially over with school for a whole week!  Oh my gargoyles, this seems like a dream.

*gives white skirt extra twirl*

*gives glasses a lucky tap*

*gives freezing body a really satisfying shiver*

And *ka-CHOW*

The best part is, it's going to rain today and tomorrow.  So I'll have a chance to get my vacation-y mood in order before setting down into a really hard grind for vacation.  Because believe it or not, I probably need--heaven's sake, what am I saying?  I do need--to complete all of the following stuff: (and here I am making one of my famous lists)

1) Write, write, write, write!  Believe it or not, I finally managed to apply the writing skills I've learned in nine years to my free writing--making an outline!  Teachers have been telling me to do an outline for years and years and years and years and FINALLY I succumbed because I really believe in this revitalized idea of Snow in July.  The best thing is, I wrote the outline literally in 2 days (the day before yesterday, and yesterday).  It's typical Roman numeral form, and I think I have a really good chance of making it through the manuscript through the week if I work really hard.

2) Tennis.  I've said before, I like tennis, but I'm not a maniac who wants to become the next Maria Sharapova (There's nothing wrong in wanting to be the next Maria Sharapova, but that's not just my personality).

However, my dad signed my brother and me up for a local tennis tournament exactly a week from today.  We will both be playing singles and doubles with each other--not the first time we've done so.  The times we've done so we've always bickered because my brother wanted it a lot and I was just a plain old lackadaisical imp who didn't care.  We were also a lot worse then.  Maybe this time will be better...but I don't know.  

The problem is, since the season let out, I've only been playing once a week, and that was because my dad forced me to.  SO, I'm planning on playing every day in the next week.  That'll take a long time, and take away some time from the things I want to do as well, but you know what, it's a tournament, and I'm not going to let my lack of motivation get me knocked out of the first round.

My Disadvantages: I haven't been playing much.  I'm not naturally athletic, so I have to work harder.  I'm not in shape--and I'll be playing a stinking full MATCH--3 sets.  
My Advantages:  I'm in the 14-and-under division, and I'm 14.  I've been playing junior varsity high school tennis.  I've been playing tennis for a while now.  Hopefully it'll only take me five days to get me to my old playing level.

3) Movies.  Guys, let me tell you something.  I did not like the first Hunger Games movie.  I got nauseated, and I'm average with motion sickness.  They left out a lot of the detail.  But you know what?  I want to see Catching Fire (kind of).  I heard they involved a lot of the detail, and apparently the director was pretty good.  SO, I want to see it.  That, and maybe Frozen, which looks pretty hilarious (I mean, talking snowmen?  Come on).  And later, the second installment of The Hobbit.  So expect some movie reviews, if I go see them.

Oh, and I watched Epic.  It was a cute, family-friendly movie, but it wasn't a classic, like Toy Story and Finding Nemo were.  It had a ton of good messages and plenty of good action, but it was the type of cutesy movie that has no substance to it.  And the concept didn't really get to me.  But I liked it, sort of, and I'd definitely give it, if not a double thumbs-up, at least one thumbs up.

4) Books.  What else is new?  I go searching on (she has her Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday posts) to find new middle grade fiction books.  I've written a ton of books down, but snap libraries that don't have the books I want!  *grrr*  At least I discovered a good series--the Mother-Daughter book club--that's not too predictable, not too cheesy, and full of really awesome fun :)

5) Um, food.  It's Thanksgiving break, for heaven's sake!  I'm planning on busting my gut while I'm working hard at tennis.  Ham, turkey, salad (with lots and lots of Ranch), potato, rolls, pie,'s going to be a good week, food-wise, for me.

I also might go to Starbucks with the girl gang of my youth group so *crosses fingers and hopes it'll happen*

6) Blog.  Yay!
7) TV.  Still hung up over Disney Channel.
8) Music!  
9) Shopping!  Maybe I'll join my mom on Black Friday hunting for a new mattress (I know, weird thing to be shopping for on Black Friday, but apparently there's going to be a really good deal on mattresses, so my dad wanted us to get one).  And I also think my mom might want to go get some makeup, so I'm probably going to go with her, even though I'm not allowed to wear it on a daily basis.
10) Operation Christmas Child!  On Saturday, my mom and someone else and I are going to help pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I was going to do it with my school last year, but our session got canceled because they had enough volunteers--too many, in fact.  I'm excited!

That's my week.  What's yours going to be like?


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