Friday, November 15, 2013

Go Burgers!

Heaven's sake, I have a lot of homework.

Since Thanksgiving break is the week after next, I think the teachers are piling on projects to make up for the lost week.  At least, it seems that way.  I have an essay and a Night Unit exam and daily math quizzes (proofs, no less), plus an oral presentation, an extra-credit highlighting assignment that takes a ton of time, plus this assignment that's almost a competition (Chapman Holocaust Project; Google it).  Oh, and an entrepreneur project.  An entrepreneur project.  We had to think of a business idea and expand on it (i.e., 4-page information packet, visual, and 3-minute oral presentation).  The whole process is draining.  Before, I thought I'd like to run a restaurant.  Now, I don't want to.  

Help me...

Man, Thanksgiving break is going to seem all the sweeter after all that.

This week was pretty kool.  For starters, we didn't have school on Monday (*score*).  And then we had a field trip on Tuesday, which meant we got to miss school (*double score*).  Consequently?  Wednesday and Thursday I felt like a complete bozo because it was so hard getting back into the school routine.  How have people gone to school every blinkin' day for all their lives?  Homeschooling was so much fun.

Oh my gargoyles.

Today was called "Food Day" (Yes, in high school, we have a whole day dedicated to food).  Basically, Food Day is a day where participating clubs order food from some other place (burgers, Ruby's shakes, Chick-fil-A, churros, Costco pizza, candy, doughnuts, Panda Express, EVEN an Italian ice guy).  You buy a certain number of tickets from the Activities Office, and you use the tickets to buy the food from the different tables.  

It's probably the koolest day ever.  I love food--I live to eat--and it's honestly amazing.  What I got out of it was a really good burger, a really thick milkshake with whipped cream, and an almost-tardy.  I'll tell you the whole story.

There are only three Activities windows for a student body of about 1700 students.  You could buy tickets before school, at break, and at lunch.

Needless to say, the line before school was pretty long.

At break was even longer, but my English teacher had advised to buy my tickets at break.  Consequently, I spent my entire break time standing in line.  Standing in line.  That's pure ten minutes of standing in line.  

Then there's the seven-minute passing period.  When that bell rang, I told myself, I am NOT leaving.  I am NOT leaving.  It took all my willpower to do so, because I'm not really one to live dangerously.  My idea of "dangerous" is taking my phone out during class.  

Then the three-minute warning bell rang.  More willpower.  More and more people were moving out of line.  I am NOT leaving.  

Then more people left the line.  It was clear it was almost time for the bell to ring.  I bounced up and down, as if that would make the line go any faster.

I bought twenty-five tickets--fifteen for my friend, who agreed to take my backpack and go to our Spanish class, and ten for myself.  I could tell the lady at the window was kind of annoyed, because we were kind of cheating, but I got my tickets and began sprinting toward my Spanish class as fast as I could.

I had to sprint across the quad, up stairs, and down a decent amount of hallway before I raced into my classroom ten seconds after the bell rang.

Now, I can laugh at myself.  I almost bumped into several people; I'm sure they were thinking, What on earth?  Little freshman girl running as fast as she can across the quad.  

My Spanish teacher was kool with it (actually, I don't think he noticed).  I wasn't marked tardy.  And I got my burger before they were all taken.

Was it all worth it?  Probably not.  Actually, no.  Being tardy for class and maybekindasorta"cheating" just to get some burger and milkshakes before they ran out?  No.  Definitely not.  I actually feel kind of bad about it now.  I'm human.  I do dumb things like that.

Next Food Day?  To avoid all that, I'm getting to school early and buying those blinkin' tickets so I don't have to go through that ordeal.  

Honestly, the things I do when I'm desperate...

What's more insane and ironic, I had another burger for dinner from the same place.

I could have just eaten my regular lunch and had the burger for dinner.  I didn't need to have two in one day.

*bonks self on the head*

Oh my gargoyles.


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