Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Want S'More!

YAY GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!! *kachow*

My favorite football team just won. 

Okay, back to business.

I think I'll make a list today.  

1.  Tennis season ended...  My JV team ended in 2nd in League. (*blurp*)  Oh well, next year.

I think technically we're supposed to do sixth period tennis now, but we've just been hanging out in the computer lab next to my coach's classroom, talking and doing schoolwork.  It's nice to have a break and to get home when the sun's still high in the sky :D  

2.  I'm counting down the days.  Seriously, I reallyreallyreallyreally don't like to go to school five days a week, and so I've been counting the weeks until I have a FREE day (it's only one day off).  I get Veteran's Day off!! (*whoopwhoop*)  Three day weekend, here I come!  After that Veteran's Day week, there's one more week and then (*dundundundun*) THANKSGIVING BREAK!  And it lasts a whole week!

*Excuse me*  I'm a first-timer in the value of real vacation.  Homeschooling is a joke compared to going to school every blinking day.

3.  End of first quarter!  This is super boring, but my first quarter ended on Friday.  We're a fourth of the way through the school year--went by so fast...

4.  Look at the title.  ("I Want S'more")  You might not be getting the pun right now, but I promise you, you will soon.

See, my youth group leaders are super cool (believe it or not, one of them is a GEOMETRY TEACHER! *hallelujah!*) and they came up with the idea of a beach bonfire.  So yesterday, we had a beach bonfire.

We only have five kids in our yg, so the plan kind of backfired when two of them couldn't make it.  But the good thing was, our younger siblings came :)  And it was a blast, anyway.

I took a lot of pictures:

Smoothed it all out, then made some handprints and footprints :)

Our fire wasn't exactly a "bonfire"--more like a "campfire"--but that just made it all the more awesomer.

I ate two hot dogs--one with ketchup and the other with honey mustard.  Did you know people who live in New York only eat hot dogs with mustard, not ketchup?  Insane, isn't it? (No, I don't live in New York.)

We made an awesome friend: a one-legged seagull named Bob! (*made that name up on the spot*)

Nice view of the beach :)

In the water.  It was crystal clear, but the S2 (however magical it is) couldn't quite capture the clearness of the water.

We roasted hot doggos...See my earlier post on Glory Road (it was WAAAAY early in my blogging career).

Then I started the fad of roasting anything we could get our hands on.  My youth group leader (the one who's a math teacher) had brought baked Lays, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, and Goldfish, too.  They found a way to successfully pin a poor Goldfish onto the deformed clotheshanger and I roasted it (never fear...I'm crazy but I'm not crazy enough to eat it).

We found that the flying ash was excellent for writing on the stone firepit...

The beeeeeeeaaaaauuuuuttttttiiiiiiifffffffuuuuuuuullllll banana boat.  My yg leader split the banana in half and filled it with peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, and marshmallows, wrapped it in foil, and placed it in the pit near the fire (she did this sacrificially...she HATES bananas).  We "baked" them and they turned out to be magnificent gooey contraptions that I'd like to eat again--maybe with a different fruit (I don't like bananas, despite the fact that they're the same color as Minions).

I also ate about ten thousand s'mores, or variations of s'mores.  I burned my first marshmallow (it was super ugly and warty).  I had one or two s'mores with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (amazink), one s'more with a Hershey's, one marshmallow raw, one marshmallow roasted, one marshmallow that I stuffed with Reese's PB Cups and one goldfish and sandwiched between two graham crackers (BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE), and one s'more without the marshmallow (I roasted the PB cup and squashed it between graham cracker).  I might've had one or two more.  Oh, plus the banana boat.  And the two hot dogs.  And a couple handfuls of Goldfish.

I told myself that I'd go on a diet just to make up for that, but today I had a cheeseburger, and some, um, really amazing fries that were topped with Spread and onions and cheese, and, um, that "diet" thing kind of backfired on me...

I can still taste the fries and cheeseburger on my teeth (*maybe that's tmi*)

5.  I've been READING!! (*does happy dance in imagination*)

I've been rereading some of the Anne series (still my fave ;)--Anne of Ingleside I took to school as SSR (Silent Sustained Reading) this week, and I lounged around and read Anne of Windy Poplars this morning (taking advantage of Falling Back).  I also dug around the piles of books that have been accumulating in my room and found a probably long-overdue Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, from our local library (*oops*).  

I like Percy Jackson, kind of.  For me, Rick Riordan's writing kind of seems disjointed--I mean, Percy is an engaging narrator.  It appeals to me, and the storyline is pretty brilliant.  But I'm just--not--that--interested in Greek mythology and there are way too many characters (Let me reel off all the ones that I know: Percy, Grover, Mrs. Dodds, Chiron, Annabeth, Daedalus, Chris Rodriguez, Ares, Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Medusa/Aunty Em, Tyson, Clarisse, Trevor and Connor, Minotaur, Gabe, Sally Jackson, Rachel, Artemis, Zoe, Luke, Kronos, Nico-and-his-sister-whose-name-I-forget-but-it-starts-with-S, Atlas, the Furies, Hades, Silena Beauregarde, Kellie, Thalia, Charles Beckendorf, I'm sure you get the idea by now).  The books don't draw me in like the Anne or Harry Potter series, or even the Hunger Games series.  And I even like the Percy Jackson font, kind of--the complicated stuff  in the series just gives me a headache.

I think part of it is that the Greek mythology world was already established before Rick Riordan.  Then he came along and added to it/twisted it.  The Hunger Games and Harry Potter were made up.  All in all, Riordan's writing just confuses me.

And Heroes of Olympus--like Percy Jackson, with more characters, and in Harry Potter book size.  The Heroes of Olympus plot intrigues me more than the Percy Jackson plot, but in House of Hades Rick Riordan added a new twist that just frustrates me because it's illustration of how the world thinks (if you've read the HoO series, it's about Nico diAngelo).  And of course, now everyone knows that Nico's probably going to die...

That's my rant on Percy Jackson.  

Oh, and do you guys know The Mysterious Benedict Society?  My brother checked out Trenton Lee Stewart's new book, the one on Nicholas Benedict, the benevolent benefactor... (hehehehe)  I read the end (*typical*).  I like The Mysterious Benedict Society, but they're too polite (at least, Reynie, Kate, and Sticky are).  Constance is my favorite because she's 1) hilarious, and 2) human.  At least there wasn't some weird twist of how Reynie was a cyborg or something.

6.  My writing.  Snow in July.  *groangroangroan*  In June, it seemed like my book was the brilliantest idea on the face of the earth.

It seems like the boringest idea on the face of the earth now.  I know it isn't.  But tbh, my writing seems super drab and really boring.  

I'm still going to write.  It's just that it's coming on very slowly.  

Chefs of Steel is going on better.  I think I like writing about cooking better than I write about adolescent rebellion and what comes of it.  *frown*

7.  WE FELL BACK!  I loooooooove falling back.  Daylight Savings Time is a good idea, except for the fact that you lose an hour of sleep to accomplish it.  I think the good part of Daylight Savings Time is that you, like, gain an hour of sleep in the fall.  Last night--yes!  Yes!  YesSSSSSS!  Wake up early, go to bed late.  I love falling back!!

8.  I wanna watch a movie.

Have you noticed there haven't been very many movie reviews in the past two months or so?  (*school*)  At this point, I want to watch something light and uplifting--like Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs 2, which got good critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.  

I'm behind in my movies.  I want to see Captain Phillips; Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs 2 (the first one stunk though); Ender's Game; and probably a bunch of other movies that I'd love to see but forgot because they're long gone.

I NEED TO SEE A MOVIE!  Maybe on Veteran's Day.


*Question of the Day* Why do foreigners (like Germans, Austrians, Frenchmen, etc.) have British accents in movies?  Isn't that kind of weird?  You have a bunch of people who are portraying people from different countries, and all of them have British accents.  Funny.  Like in Sound of Music.  Maybe the question should be more like, Do Austrians have British accents when they speak English?

Hopefully that doesn't sound like a racist question.  

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