Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rcubed Random Rants: Thanksgiving Edition!


Thanksgiving.  *sigh*  Food, fun, family, friends.  And best of all, giving thanks.  That's "Thanksgiving."

And so, I'm going to make one of my world-famous lists and thank God for all the things He's given me this year, both small and large.

1.  Dude, guys, food, what else?  I'm thankful for something as taken-for-granted as food.  I'm thankful I have a nose and tongue to taste the food.  I'm thankful that I even have food at all.  I'm thankful that there are all kinds of foods we can eat.  I'm thankful that I'm alive so I can eat food.

2.  God.  Okay, this is really taken for granted too, because I've been raised in a Christian home, but I am thankful for God, Jesus, the Bible, everything.  He gives peace like no other, He's our Rock, our Foundation.  Thank you God, the Giver of everything!

3.  Onion dip.  Onion dip is boss.  Onion dip is amazing.  Onion dip is, like, the thing.  Go onion dip!  Thank you for onion dip!

4.  The Redskins.  Okay, we had a tough season.  We aren't going to make the playoffs.  Our defense stinks.  But I'm thankful for RG3's return, our offense did pretty good this year, and I'm looking forward to a hopefully brighter future.  Thank you for the Redskins!

5.  Smooth transition into high school.  I truly am grateful.  I've had a couple rocky days, but honestly, school is going pretty well.  I'm doing great in all my classes, I have people to hang out with, and I'm not a complete social outcast.  All in all, thank you all you people who have been making my high school experience a great one these first couple months.

6.  Guys, I finally learned the Cup Song!  I know it's really very old, that it's off the Billboard Charts now, but I learned how to do it yesterday (shoutout to my friends Ella and Audrey who taught me how).  And I'm hooked.  It'll wear off eventually, but I'm really proud of myself!  Thank you for those red plastic cups and tunes to tap them to!

7.  Caramel.  Need anything else be said?  Thank you, God, for caramel!

8.  A really amazing tennis season.  I have the best tennis team anybody could ever ask for, really.  There aren't any cliques and we all can at least, tolerate each other.  We finished in second, and although we were shooting for first, we did excellently and I'm really proud of our end result.  Thank you for an awesome first high school tennis season!  

9.  My computer.  If I didn't have my computer, I wouldn't be able to write these thoughts down, all my stories and whacked-out poems (speaking of which, I haven't posted any very recently.  I'll have to get to that).  I wouldn't be able to pursue something I really enjoy doing.  Thank you, Jesus, for my computer!

10.  My family.  Have I ever told you that I have the best family ever?  I'm serious.  Sometimes I think I have honestly the greatest group of relatives.  From my dad's corny jokes to my mom's obsession with moving furniture around the house to my brothers' obsession with Fantasy Football to my little sister's passion about fairy stories written by people who couldn't come up with a better pseudonym than "Daisy Meadows," I have a really epic family (couldn't come up with a better adjective).  Thank you for my famly!

11.  Wikipedia.  Thank you for a shady source of information that does provide information so I can spout off random facts about different people and movies, all the while not being entirely sure if they're true or not.  And thank you that the people who write Wikipedia give all the spoilers to books and movies and such! (Consequently, I know what happens in Frozen now).  Thank you for Wikipedia!  Oh, and according to Wikipedia, "Daisy Meadows" is actually *several authors* writing under one pseudonym.  See?  Wiki can be helpful!

12. Books.  What else?  Thank you for providing a non-electronic source of entertainment that plunges me into the depths of other people's worlds!  Thank you, God, for books!

13.  Contact lenses.  God, thank you for providing an excellent way to see without having to rub pieces of glass continually.  My life has been made so much easier with contacts.  Thank you for contact lenses!

14.  I have so much more to be thankful for, but God, in conclusion, THANK YOU for all the people who read this blog.  Even though I don't get a million visitors a day, and even though I'm not famous (not by far), thank you for all the people who take their time to read my somewhat repetitive, redundant words.  And thank you for the two followers on my blog that I don't even know.  And thanks, you guys, for reading it and racking up my pageviews :)



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