Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I was at my doctor's office today when I got bored of The Hound of Baskervilles, which we're starting to read, and began doodling on the back of my Night Unit Exam study guide.

I started doodling logos, and then I thought, Why not doodle for Snow in July?

Before I knew it, I had changed the name of the main character, made her a little more likable, replaced a quiet character with a louder one, and altered the names of two characters slightly.

After I finished my homework, I started drawing out a new plan for a really revamped Snow in July.  I've been stuck at a point in the second draft of Snow in July (wow, that sounds official) for quite some time now.  I just haven't had the discipline to write it.  It's been so...boring.

I had this feeling that my characters weren't memorable enough, my plot wasn't complicated enough.  So, I'm rewriting it.

I'm trashing the other drafts.  Not trashing, exactly, but I'm writing up a whole new plan that will kind of transform the other drafts from something dull to something a little more entertaining.  And with my list of ideas, I've got a whole new thing going on.  It's still based around the same idea, snow in July, but more complicated.  And a little more, I guess, realistic.  

So trash that last synopsis of Snow in July.  Forget Alixandrea Elizabeth Wagner and her disgruntled yet super-conservative mannerisms.  

Welcome to the world of....

Well, I'm not going to reveal the name of the main character just yet.  Once plans are finalized, I'll announce it :)


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