Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HAPPY DECEMBER! *does celebration dance all over the world*



I think December is, like, my favorite month because it's supposed to get cold and rain and stuff.  It's getting colder right now and becoming overcast and stuff--everything I like--and I think one of these days, I'm going to cozy right on up, grab a good book, and just read, with a warm mug of hot chocolate in my hands.  The problem is, if that's going to happen, it needs to be exactly right.  For me, the elements of an ultimately perfect rainy day include:

-Rain (duh).  And it can't be one of those drizzly thingamabobbers that doesn't feel like rain at all.  None of that foolish it's-raining-but-it's-sunny type of weather.  REAL, TRUE rain.  Almost sleeting, with big puddles of water everywhere and that pitter-patter sound on the windowpanes.  And coldness.

-Good food.  If I had it my way, I'd have onion dip and chips and spinach-artichoke dip and crackers and cookies (I love cookies) and thick hot chocolate dolloped with fresh whipped cream that doesn't taste like PlayDough.  And mayonnaise and peanut butter on everything.  Something hot.

-A good book.  Maybe something like Pies & Prejudice by Heather Vogel Frederick, which I've literally been pining for for weeks.  It's part of the Mother-Daughter book club series I've blogged about.  It's kind of for people 12-13-14ish.  And it can't have been read before.  I'd have to have not read it, and so on the rainy day, I'd have a whole new adventure to embark on.

-NOTHING TO DO.  No school, no homework, NO NOTHING AT ALL WHATSOEVER NONNEGOTIABLE NOTHING!  I want to be in my own little world for just a day.  

whispers *just a day*

-A nice cozy spot with my sweatshirt on.  Or a nice fuzzy comforter that doesn't slide off when you prop your legs up.  Maybe on my bed?

^^Those are nonnegotiable.  Cannot be compromised.  If there is a factor missing, everything will be ruined.  If I have one piece of math homework that hasn't been completed, my entire time will have been ruined.  If my whipped cream tastes like PlayDough, ruined.  If my comforter slides off, ruined.

That's why everything is special.  I don't think I've ever had a day that perfect in my life.  It's on my bucket list: have an absolutely perfect day, which is pretty much impossible but I think can be achieved.  Where everything goes right, and goes beyond just RIGHT, goes AMAZINGLY FANTASTICALLY AWESOME.  

Okay, enough caps for me.  

Okay, enough ranting for me.

Okay, time to do homework.


That perfect day is not today.
It was pretty good, though.  

My day consisted of:

  • Remembering that I had announcements, which I completed after I messed up a couple of times.  But at least I completed it!
  • Getting a 96 on my essay.  My teacher said that it was a good essay--I just failed to begin every sentence with a different word.  I start sentences with the same word all the time on my blog and in my book writing, but in report writing I guess it's essential.  Okay, I'll get a 100 next time.
  • Eating Chips Ahoy! and an Oreo.  I love both of those cookies.  Who cares, Foster from Close to Famous, I think those cookies are pretty good.
  • I shared the Gospel with somebody today.  I could tell they weren't very interested, but still, it's a step forward :)  
  • Trying to not procrastinate and to, like, do my homework.  Which I'm failing at right now, and hello--good-bye, guys, I'm going to do my duty by math homework!

Grrr, hate math.


P.S.  Please take the time to vote on the polls on the right sidebar!  I have one asking if I should bring the Sunday Serial back (I'm currently writing one right now, and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it'll be pretty awesome), and another one wondering if you want me to make an official Rcubed Instagram account xD  Toodles, folks, and have an AWESOME rest of the day.

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