Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OK, I'm Done

OK guys, I'm done with the whole be-a-Disney-star thing and all that.

It would still be kool, but it's not a life goal for me anymore.  I'm over it.  I'm going to write.  

There are three stories I'm currently working on:

Snow in July
Another story called The Attack of the Bonitas Ninjas
and TRAPPED, the Sunday Serial here

along with the Maudley Manor Sunday Serial on EntReads.  Speaking of which, head over to to check the two new posts added--Elise's "interview" story and another survey-type thing, except with a lot more professionalism :)

My long hours of poking around on the Internet have finally paid off!  Upon request, my dad downloaded a couple of books on my Kindle.  They're Christian books:

The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet, by Stephanie Morrill
The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet, by the same author
Purple Moon, by Tessa Emily Hall


GO TEEN WRITERS, which is a book on how to publish your book *squeal of joy*

They're all Christian books, like I stated before.  The Ellie Sweet books are about this girl who publishes a book based on what she experiences in high school.  I've only read The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet, because I'd researched it thoroughly on the Internet and decided I could skip the fire book.  I didn't want to plow my way through a book that would most likely bore me (besides, I already knew mostly what happened, thanks to a couple of sample chapters AND a lot of spoilers on GoodReads).  And besides, I have a thing for reading the last books first (you know what they say in the Bible...the last shall be first, and the first last).  


I also read Purple Moon, although it got to the point where I just riffled through it (If you can "riffle through" things on a Kindle).  Purple Moon is about this girl who has some problems, and she makes some bad choices, and it gets to the point where it's like you're trying to book-telepathize to her that GET ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW, LIKE, RIGHT NOW!  It was interesting to see her journey--she really did have some problems--but the book didn't feel as real to me as the Ellie Sweet books.  

Probably this is because I relate to Ellie Sweet more.  Ellie's a talented, unique writer (*ding!*  and my lightbulb goes off) who happens to have very strong morals (*ding!*  another lightbulb goes off) and who's almost kind of missionary-dating (Um...not ding...hopefully I'll never missionary date) and THEN finally gets with the guy who suits her more (and who also happens to have a Southern accent, but right now I'm wondering if those are supposed to be attractive.  Are they?).  **If that sounds super boring right now, maybe you should skip down to the part where I talk about what music I'm listening to right now.** The Ellie Sweet books don't really have any mention of God...but if you jump into the second book expecting that the character is a Christian, then you come to realize that while it's not vocalized in the book, Ellie Sweet does represent a great Christian, although for some reason I can't recall the name JESUS in any of the books.  *rubs chin thoughtfully* Hmmm...

And Purple Moon.  Like I said, it's about a girl who has some problems.  To give you a rundown, her mom's in rehab, she's staying with a bunch of snotty relatives, and there is some partying. She gives her life to God after a couple of disastrous events force her to realize that running just isn't the way to do things.  It's a good book--gritty, but good.  It felt a little bit predictable (but then, how else would the author have gotten to a great conclusion?), but I enjoyed seeing what would come next in the book.  

I think one good thing about the Kindle is the fact that it's harder to skip the content.  You actually have to think to get to the place where you want.  So, for Purple Moon, I didn't skip.  *Yaaaaaaaaay*

(The image was from Amazon.)

The books ^^ are Young Adult.  I don't recommend Purple Moon to anybody under the age of fourteen; thirteen, maybe, if you can handle it, but that's stretching it.  The Ellie Sweet books are a little bit better, but they're still definitely in the YA genre; thirteen at the least.  There's still some nitty-gritty stuff in Ellie Sweet.

Enough with the books.  Sometimes you have to stop looking and start listening.  And that's where "Snow in California," "Last Christmas," and Ariana Grande kick in.

Ariana Grande is a Nickelodeon star from Victorious, where she portrayed Cat (known for her famous red hair).  Later, in a spinoff from both Victorious and the ever-famous iCarly, Grande starred with Jennette McCurdy in the popular series Sam & Cat.  She's been advancing into the more grown-up world with her debut album release, Yours Truly, along with top songs including "The Way" and "Honeymoon Avenue."  They're all basically love songs, which means that a lot of it is just redundant (I mean, it's like we haven't heard all that already), and some of the songs have profanity in them (like "Popular Song").  But her two latest releases, "Snow in California" and "Last Christmas" show off her pretty, somewhat vulnerable, somewhat wistful voice.  If she doesn't have Whitney Houston's octaves, she has a dreamy, smoky voice (if voices could, like, smoke).  "Snow in California" hits a chord because of Snow in July, and "Last Christmas" is a great spin on a classic.  
(Image from Wikipedia)

Did I also mention that I learned the Cup Song two Wednesdays ago?  I think I did.  Anyway, I added the Cup Song to my playlist.  I know it by heart (although I'm told that the "two bottles of whiskey on the way" isn't exactly the best lyric).  And I was going to watch Pitch Perfect, except the stinking thing was checked out of the library!  So instead, my mom got A Walk to Remember and Julie & Julia.

Leading us to my next topic: movies.  I want to watch Frozen, but we haven't had any time to go see it!  And then there's the whole issue of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which comes out next Friday.  I really wanted to see the midnight showing, but *just gargoyles, everyday school!* the midnight showing's on Thursday, which MEANS that I have school the next day, which MEANS I can't go.  Oh well.  Maybe next year I'll beg my parents.  Bonus: a week and a half more, and then two full weeks of Christmas break!

Bringing us back to A Walk to Remember, it was...sweet.  And sappy.  And really hilarious.  I can't remember if I already ranted about it, but I'm just going to say it again: The thing was funny.  It wasn't supposed to be happy, funny, or hilarious.  But the way that the movie wasn't seamless in the plot orientation (gee, when did I start using such big words?) just struck me as really funny.  Like, the classic popular I-don't-care-about-anything-at-all bad boy starts liking the Baptist minister's daughter (she wears big overalls and long flowy dresses, let me just say that) after he sees her in this play.  

Then he brings her a pink sweater, and then they get together.  Then they go to her telescope (which happens to be in a cemetery, a depressing example of foreshadowing) and then he tells her he named a STAR after her! *gasp*  And THEN she tells him that she has leukemia, and that she's stopped responding to treatments...and it all escalates (or goes downhill) from there.  And THEN after they dance on a balcony, he PROPOSES to her!  (Okay, that part was sweet, even though they were barely out of high school).  And then, after a summer of marriage, she passes away, and he gets accepted to medical school!  And favorite part of sappiness...he says at the end to her father, "I'm sorry she didn't get a miracle."  Then the father, looking a little bit dazed at a sudden newfound revelation, says, "Oh, she did.  YOU were the miracle!"

Oh my gargoyles, Oh.  My.  Gargoyles.

It's not that I didn't like the movie.  I did.  It almost made me cry (the tears were there, they just didn't spill out too far).  The acting was really good.  Shane West was really, really excellent, and Mandy Moore is an amazing singer as well as pretty.  The...storyline...just...had...some...flaws.  I understand, that's what people like.  I can stand to read it in a book, where I can imagine things out in a not-so-sappy way.  But in a movie, when the moment is supposed to be significant, and I'm not feeling it, it gets really funny.

I overheard my mom telling my dad that I was going to marry a sappy guy, since I clearly wasn't too sappy myself (I think she was kind of disappointed in the way I reacted to the movie). I'm sappy in books, but not in movies, btw, and nobody ever sees it because you can't exactly read a book with another person.  Last time I tried to do that, my brother said that I had bad breath.  

I sure hope I don't marry a sappy guy.  There's nothing wrong with sappy guys.  I just want to marry a guy who knows a lot about sports, because then I can argue with him about, you know, sporty stuff.  Stuff like how the Angels, and the Redskins need to shape up.  I think it would be really funny if I married a guy who liked the Cowboys.  Ironic much?

My dad said that I should side with my husband (if I ever have one) on the whole matter of sports.  Can I be a submissive wife and still like the Redskins instead of the Cowboys?

Riddell Dallas Cowboys Pocket Pro Micro Helmet - Silver
Riddell Washington Redskins Pocket Pro Micro Helmet - Burgundy

(images from

You might want to tell me to go get a reality check right now, because last time you checked I'm only fourteen and still a V. Y. P. (Very Young Person) and that right now, my priorities shouldn't be about worrying if liking the Redskins is an issue of wife submissiveness (Okay, go back and reread the sentence).  

Oh, but the best is yet to come.

Shifting ENTIRELY away from the whole matter of sports, husbands, and sappiness, but converging onto the whole matter of Greek mythology, writing English papers, and bad puns, I have a paper due a couple days after the end of Christmas break.  (Great, now I get to agonize over it all throughout vacation).  And guess what?  It's a persuasive essay in which I (Rcubed) have to persuade somebody (a reader) why my Greek god/goddess would be FANTABULOUS for a reality TV show!

(Wow, this is getting to be a long post.  I'd better wrap it up soon)

Guess who I chose?  Hephaestus. 

It was the random chance thing where you are chosen in random order to sign up for your god.  I was about fifth in signing up.  I had originally planned to use Artemis, but my feeble hopes were quenched when the second person promptly signed up to write about her.  (One of my best lines was, Forget Katniss Everdeen!  It's Artemis all the way!)  And you're right.  That wasn't a very good line.

Then me...I looked at the list.  I think Zeus and Poseidon and Aphrodite were still on the list; you're probably wondering why I didn't choose THEM.  Well, that would have been too easy.  I mean, come on, Aphrodite's obvious traits are that she's beautiful and *probably* charming.  Zeus throws thunderbolts; Poseidon controls the sea.  They're too powerful.

Me, I chose to take on the underdog.  Hephaestus.  I think the whole "fire" part was the reason why I picked him.  I also learned several interesting facts:

  • He is the only god to be ugly.  Legend has it that Hera, his mother, was so disgusted by his ugliness that she threw him down to Earth.  Hera is the often-disgruntled, often-jealous goddess of marriage, which explains why the divorce rate is so high right now (JK).  Hera isn't real, thank goodness.  I'd shudder to live in a world where Hera were truly the goddess of marriage.
  • He's not the god of just any old fire; he's the god of blacksmith's fire.  He's lame, but that doesn't mean he can't fight.  He makes amazing things--Zeus' thunderbolts, Athena's weapons, even Pandora, the "first woman of the ancient world."
  • Opposites attract.  In one version, Hephaestus was married to Aphrodite.  

There was another, probably ulterior reason why I chose Hephaestus.

"Fire" makes for some really good bad puns.

Can't you just imagine it?  Ryan Seacrest shouting, "Let's fire it up for Hephaestus!"  Or a JLo from American Idol saying, "Whew!  It's hot in here!" after Hephaestus croons his jaw-dropping rendition of "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys.  Or somebody could say, "Man, you are on fire today!"  Or, what my brother made up on the spot--"Hephaestus is the hottest thing in town!" 

Heaven's sake, I love it.  And my teacher said we could use cliches and punny stuff, like, you know, puns.  Bam!  What!  My area of expertise--cheesy advertisement writing with puns.  

And it's here that I rest my case....wait...guys!  Somebody get the water!

I smell smoke!

And where there's SMOKE, there's




  1. BUT WHY HAVEN'T I READ THIS POST BEFORE. MY SIDES HURT. From the part about the movie onward I was just laughing.

    1. Haha, thanks! I'm not terribly funny in real life, so it's awesome that you think I am :-)