Monday, December 9, 2013

Picture Post

So, how did you guys like the first installment of TRAPPED?

If you're wondering why it's called TRAPPED, you'll find out why.  I think maybe you can guess.

If the first part seemed boring, I promise you, the action begins at the cliffhanger at the end of the second part. picture post!

Since I don't have time to write a full-length post today, I'm just going to post a bunch of random pictures that I have in my archives.  


I remember when I was obsessed with Brittany Hargest.

Absolutely Adore Apples to Apples (that's mad-skills Alliteration right there)

Ranking from greatest liking to least liking: Black Widow, Ironman, Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America

This picture is upside-down, but I found this in last year's art book.  My friend, who had previously owned the book, had scribbled ONE DIRECTION in it.

Barbecue chicken salad!

Had to copy this sucker for art class...I did OK

Good move.  Not the best, but good :)

My brother's teddy bear is wearing my glasses.

Cream cheese rangoons!

The day we found a dead owl on our roof...

My friend used to have this horse.

*cracks up*  Remember when ^ was all the rage?

And I end with a beautiful, wholesome image of a rose!  See you :)

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