Saturday, December 7, 2013

Random Rants About Selfies

I've been stalking a bunch of people's Instagram accounts.

Mostly people I don't know.  I don't, like, stalk stalk, where I trace the person's IP address from their computer and phone number (I'm not smart enough to know how to do all that).  I just look at other people's photos.

Well, guys, I've been seeing a lot of selfies.

Mostly I've been going on a lot of Disney stars' Instagrams, and wow, selfies galore.  I've seen a lot of people with a LOT of selfies.

I'm not going to rant about how selfies are sinful, and stuff like that, but I've composed some facts about selfies and why I believe we take them:

Why We Take Selfies and Post Them On Instagram~
1) We are egotistical and like looking at our faces and like the fact that other people look at our faces, too.
2) We are insecure and need to post our faces on Instagram to convince ourselves that we're pretty.
3) We are bored and happen to have our smartphones with us.

I've also noticed that the people who have public accounts tend to have a lot of selfies and pictures of themselves (there's a difference, you know!).  People with public accounts also use a lot of hashtags to up the number of followers.  I like hashtags in moderation.

(Man, this is kind of sad.  I'm on Instagram so much that I notice these trends.  One of these days, I'm definitely going to declare an Instagram fast for a week or so.  What say, folks?)

I guess there's a good reason why my dad won't let me post full-faced selfies on Instagram--just revealing too much.  But there's also another great thing that comes from me posting half-selfies--I don't post as many of them.  If you scroll down my Instagram posts list, you'll mostly see food, food, Converse, a couple half-selfies, and more food (I've already posted two photos of the McDonalds Pralines'n'Cream McFlurry).  

Pralines & Cream McFlurry
I got ^ this from  

And everybody loves a good food picture, right?

My point is, if I'd been allowed to post full-length selfies, I probably would have posted a lot more of my face.  Now, I'm like, what's the point?  Selfies?  No point.  You might as well be saying, I'm beautiful, gorgeous, please Like this picture of my face.

(Oh, and another trend--when people post particularly attractive pictures of themselves on Instagram, they usually put, in the caption, a scrap of beautiful song lyrics, or a cliche inspirational quote like "If you have lemons, make orange juice")

Oh, and then there's Facebook.  A whole social media site dedicated to making a book about your face.

(Lol...I crack myself up sometimes.  That's my best line^)

I'm not trying to say selfies are bad.  You need to have an occasional selfie once in a while, right?  It's just the thinking behind selfies that gets me.  You're beautiful.  And you don't need a stinking selfie to prove it.


So, I'm composing a list of rules for myself if I make that Rcubed Instagram account:

1)  I want it to be public, so I'm NOT going to post selfies.  If I don't post selfies on here, I don't post selfies there.

2)  I will be posting about everything you see on this blog--books I'm reading, music I'm listening to, movies I'm seeing.  And I'll probably post there more often than I post on this blog, and a lot sooner after I have a unique experience, too.

3) I'm NOT going to follow my own account, or any of my friends' accounts, just for safety reasons.  And I'm not going to follow the Rcubed account.

4) You will definitely most likely see a lot of food posts.  A lot a lot a lototototototot of food posts. 

5) Not too many hashtags.  I dislike it when people put so many hashtags it overflows into a second comment.

6) It will be a safe, clean, awesome account that I hope many will follow, but I'm NOT going to target a specific number of followers like others do--I'll just gain as I go.

If you think I should add anything else, contact me using my Contact Form, or comment below.

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