Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I have eleven votes on the poll asking if I should reinstate the Sunday Serial.  I'm kind of wondering how I got eleven votes, because last time I had a poll (a couple months ago) I got, like, 2 votes, and both of them were my brothers.

I'm wondering if my brothers played a tomfoolery of a joke on me (excuse the weird word), and just went to different computers in my house and voted.  But come to think of it, they couldn't have voted eleven times, because we have eleven computers.

So I'm crossing my fingers that people besides my family are reading this and checking up on it.  *crosses fingers*  Yay!

ANYWAY, I decided to post a sneak peek of the new Sunday Serial on  It's a Sunday Serial for this blog, but--let me play it straight--to get you over to Entertaining Reads, I posted the sneak peek on there.  It's my whole gimmick.  I get people to go over to EntReads by posting the sneak peek there, and when the whole thing comes out they'll come to my blog.  *evil laughter*  And, of course, if you want to go to another amazing blog, my friend Elise (the coowner of Entertaining Reads) regularly updates her personal one here.

*just remembered I have Careers homework*

*snap it*



Okay, bid thee to, and come here for the rest of it!


OHHHH, by the way--GO WATCH MIGHTY MED on Disney XD.  I COMMAND YOU TO!  And after you see Augie Isaac's "Dry Ice" performance in the episode "Frighty Med," I command you to go follow him on Instagram and Twitter and whatever.  His "Dry Ice" performance alone caused me to go follow him on Instagram.  It also caused me to rewind and watch that part, like, ten thousand times.  

That kid is a seriously great actor.  The best one on the show (although that's not saying much) but STILL!

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