Thursday, December 5, 2013


Hey, guys.

Wut up?

I have nothing to do right now.

Hold on, I actually do have things to do--for example, finishing the Great Family Vacation journal, and folding my laundry, and stuff.

But I want to do something FUN (not that doodling in a scrapbook isn't FUN; it just doesn't seem FUN).

Maybe I should wash the dishes.  It's my chore *smacks head*

Oh well.  I'll make this a quickie post.

But let me just say that I have a case of the I-WANT-TO-BE-ON-DISNEY-CHANNEL-REALLY-BADLY blues.

Like, I know why.  It's so I get 213k followers on Instagram and be famous and whatever, and I've always wanted to be famous.  Not the best reason ever--definitely not--but true, and I do want to be on Disney Channel.

WHY?!!  You might ask again (even though you know why already).  I think it might be fun as well.  You act with a bunch of people, make a studio audience fake-laugh, and skip school (not so fun when you come back and have a pile of work waiting).  I'm thinking of taking a Beginning Theater class at my school, but the problem IS, I already have enough electives.

MAYBE I should take a separate acting class--so I can fill up the time I'm taking right now to procrastinate *strokes chin thoughtfully*


My case of blues is so bad that I even have bookmarked on my laptop.  Whenever I get bored, I look on it (Recent Update: Horrible Bosses 2, starring I-don't-want-to-know-who).  

And you might be going--HOLD ON, RCUBED, WHAT ABOUT YOUR WRITING??

See, I've got it all figured out.  If I break through into the acting world, I'd act until the end of high school.  THEN I'd concentrate on my writing throughout college and after!  BAM!  WHAT!  In a movie my biology class is watching (it's called Lorenzo's Oil and is really sad), one of the kid actors in it became a WRITER after being a child actor (Wikiwikiwikipedia)!  And on, all the actors are asked, "What do you want to do when you grow up?"

Bam.  What.  Like Liv in Liv and Maddie might say.

Do you guys think that will work out??

Okay, let me say one thing.  I know that my I-WANT-TO-BE-ON-DISNEY-CHANNEL-REALLY-REALLY-BADLY blues aren't so much about Disney Channel as about doing something and becoming famous.  It's more like the I-WANT-TO-BECOME-FAMOUS-REALLY-REALLY-BADLY blues.  

And really, I know in my heart that that's the underlining of everything I do (this blog, my writing, everything).  Even if I might not look like it, I am an attention-eater-upper.  The main reason why people I know don't like me is because I'm a wacked-out personality that will do a lot of things for attention (not anything...I'm NOT planning on going Miley Cyrus, thank you very much).  Nobody will suspect it's for attention, but much of everything I do is.

Which is probably WHY I shouldn't become a Disney Channel star.  The people that want to be Disney Channel stars and be famous are usually the people who are the worst choice for being famous (like me).  Look at Bethany Hamilton--humble, ordinary girl, great witness for God--then suddenly *bing!* famous after being attacked by a shark.  Perfect candidate for famousity.


That's out.

Not to say that people on Disney Channel are, like, attention-ravagers.  Nope, they aren't (although they tend to have too many selfies on their Instagrams).  No offense to all the perfectly nice people out there who act on Disney Channel.

So after all that?

Should I still try to act, or not?

I want to try it, at the very least.  I want to take acting class, while my tennis is on off-season.  I want to "expand my horizons."


*random insertion there^^^^*

And I don't want to do things just for fame or 1.2m followers on Instagram, I want to be able to give God the glory for everything I do.  And that's what matters most.

OH!  And I think that, as well as writing, I want to check out graphic design too.  I like designing logos and things (look at the picture at the top of the blog) and if writing doesn't work out, I'd DEFINITELY like to do that!\

Sorry for the all-over-the-place post.

See you later,

P.S.  It feels a lot better now that THAT'S all straightened out.

P.P.S.  Oh, and *WHAT IF* I started a Christian YouTube show?!?!?!  Wouldn't that totally ROCK?!  Problem is--I'm blocked from YouTube *strokes chin thoughtfully again*

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