Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dedicated to My Little Sister :D

I have this really bad habit of procrastinating, especially for presents.

It's my little sister's birthday this week, but we celebrated it today.

I forgot to make her a card (a day in the life of Rcubed), so instead I'm going to take the time to write a whole post about her.

My little sister is becoming a big girl :)  I can't believe it.  She turned the age I was when she was born, but it seems like just yesterday that she turned two, three, four, etc.  She seems so young, but so old...I can't believe it.  It's bittersweet.

She has a really, really big, really, really bright smile; she's incredibly cute and bright and outgoing--everything that I wasn't when I was her age.  (It took me a while to come out of my shell.  Like...a really long time).  I can still remember when she was obsessed with Dora; then Doc McStuffins; then now it's quickly becoming Lego Friends.  I learned all of the theme songs because of her.  She's a good soccer player; she played on the local All Star team; she's a much more dedicated piano player than I was.  I can tell she's going to go further than I've ever pushed the boundary--I decided to stop pushing the boundary at Level Seven.  She's going to go beyond Level Ten--at least, I hope she does.  

She's loving and caring.  She makes dozens and dozens of brilliant cards for each and every one of my family members; she's made me earrings, and given me jewelry.

I don't appreciate or love her enough.

I am not a very good older sister.  I give my sister, as my mom once said, "The bare minimum."  I lost the earrings, and I misplaced the ring she gave me just the other day.   I've kept every single one of the cards and papers she's given me, but it's more of a hoarding instinct than out of love for her.

 I love you, Cakes.  (Remember that old nickname?)  You're a better younger sister than I am an older one, and I'll try to play with you more.

<3, Rcubed

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