Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fun Facts

Yello, folks.  I'm here with a new thing: Friday Fun Facts!

(A.K.A. Fcubed or F3)

I'll list 5 facts about random stuff.  I can't guarantee that I'll remember every Friday, but I will TRY, because I want to do this!

1) Fact: I am currently on the fence about going to my old school's winter formal.

It's not a go-with-a-boy type of formal.  It's just a really fun, Christian experience from my old school.  

But I'm nervous that if I do go, everything will be awkward.  Like, awkward awkward.  They will all have their new inside jokes and stories from this year, and I'll just be like.."Hi...I'm the little nerdy girl that came here from fifth grade to eighth grade..."  And besides, there will be plenty of new people there, and it's like I'm plunging myself back into a world I once knew but now don't. 

I told a couple of my old-school friends that I wasn't going, and they were like, WHY?  IT'LL BE FUN!

So now I'm back on the fence.

2) Fact: My Kindle is right now at 5%.

3) Fact: I was quoted in my school newspaper, and then that article carried over to the local free one.  I'm in the newspaper, guys!  

4) Fact: I have Spanish homework but not math homework.  Ugh, I have Spanish homework every day.  And it's not even an honors class!  It's kind of a twisted high school version of reverse psychology.  We were told that each honors class would require 45 minutes of homework every day.  Haha, but no.  I barely have any bio homework, English homework is infrequent and even when it is, it takes me literally five-ten minutes to do.  Math is the only thing that's consistent enough to be downright annoying, but then--it's MATH.  Repetition--however much we hate it--is necessary.  Careers--the only other one of my classes that's not honors--is a almost a joke.  We watch movies.

But Spanish...UGHUGHUGHUGHUGH!  Seriously!  No matter what, we always have homework!  Even on weekends!


*Heaves huge sigh*


5) Fact: There is now a caramel flan frappuccino at Starbucks.

I've never had flan before, but it sounds amazing!  I want to try the frap!

This has been the first post of Friday Fun Facts.  Log on next time to hear Rcubed talk about...stuff.

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