Monday, January 13, 2014

I Randomly Rant About Korean Dramas, Books, and More Stuff

Well, well, well.

What have we got here?

How do I kick off this post? 

First, let me say that my family is going to Korea this summer.

It's going to be a big trip.  International.  All the traveling I've ever done is in the U.S., and I've never been out of the country before.  NEVER.

This year, that's going to change.

We're going to Korea!

Even though Korea is still months away, my mom has been trying to "educate" us on Korean traditions.  We're very American.  Very.  Especially my siblings and me. 

My mom has her work cut out.

We're very biasedly American, too.  That's part of it.  We think that America is the greatest country in the world, and that everything that's American is boss, and yeah yeah yeah.  It is the best country in the world, but that shouldn't stop us from learning about other cultures.  Like Korea.

One of the main things that we kids need to work on is the food.

The classic Korean food is kimchi--bright orange spicy pickled cabbage.

I don't know about you, but for me, I see that orange is the natural color of food, my mental alarms start to blare:  SPICYWARNINGSPICYWARNINGSPICYWARNINGSPICYWARNINGSPICYWARNINGSPICY

I'm trying to reset those mental alarms to think SPICYOKAYSPICYOKAYSPICYOKAY, and since I'm an "mature openminded young adolescent," my mental training is going okay, but still: it's kind of weird to eat kimchi fried rice for dinner.  Usually when my mom wants a taste of Korean food, she makes two batches of fried rice: kimchi and regular plain old beef.  Now we have to eat the kimchi fried rice.

*shrugs*  Oh well, I'll get used to it.

It's not eating the actual rice so much that hurts; it's my pride that gets battered.  For so many years, I would absolutely refuse to eat spicy Korean food, and I was proud of my refusal.  Now, when I actually spoon it down, and find that it actually tastes OK-plus-a-little-kick, I have to literally eat my words.  (Pun not intended).

*sighs*  That's the price I have to pay.

One of the plus sides of "Korean training" is watching the Korean soap operas with my parents. 

No matter what language, TV is TV.  And besides, most of the K-dramas have subtitles.

I've been hooked for the past couple of days on this one show called Boys Over Flowers.  It aired maybe a couple months ago, but my dad was searching through our Roku and found it.  My mom's cousin had recommended it, so we started watching.


Boys Over Flowers is basically about this girl named JanDi who gets admitted to this school for supersupersupersupersuper rich kids.  Like, really rich kids.  There are gourmet chefs who make meals for the kids, the kids don't even go to school three-fourths of the time, and there's a gorgeousness-filled swimming pool.

(Unreality check)

The school is ruled by a group of four supposedly attractive rich poster boys, all of whom are mean for sport.  They're headed by this one super-mean guy, JoonPyo.

JanDi, who's dubbed herself "Justice Girl", hates the way the guys are treating everybody else, so she stands up to them.  Guess what happens?

*Spoiler Alert*

Basically, she gets into a giant war with JoonPyo (the super-mean guy), where he spreads mean rumors about her.  Her retaliation plan?  She yells at him and KICKS HIM IN THE FACE!  (My parents and I began cracking up at this point.)

You can be sure that nobody's ever done that to him before, and what's messed up is, HE STARTS LIKING HER.  She doesn't like him back, because she likes one of his friends, but the friend likes somebody else.  But then she comes to her senses and starts dating JoonPyo, but THEN *cue the freaky music* he gets into a car crash and forgets about her and starts liking this other girl!  What's worse, JoonPyo's friend comes to her and tells her that he likes her, but she likes JoonPyo now!

Then, of course, JoonPyo remembers everything.  They get back together and live happily ever after.  Or something like that.

Korean dramas are basically a waste of my time, but the first episodes had me laughing.  SO.  HARD.  Then I watched the twenty-fifth episode, and they lived happily ever after.

Literally, all I have to do is watch the beginning and then the end, and I wouldn't have missed anything significant.

*sighs again*

I always laugh at the mushy parts, like where he proposes to her on the beach with a bunch of giant diamonds.  (What's ironic is she's wearing a doctor's coat when he does it).  Needless to say, I'm not cut out for romance writing.  I just can't wrap my head around the falling for a guy part.  Breakups and crying and all that "gooshy" stuff--like Cassidy in the Mother-Daughter Book Club series would say--are all very well, but the drama I can live without.  That's what happens when you emotionally attach yourself to a person and then can't yank off without some hurt.

*shrugs again*

I think I'm going to wait for that for a long, long time.

So, if you want to watch something like Korean dramas, A Walk to Remember, or any chick flick like that?  Don't see it with me.  To lighten the sappy, romantic moment, I always laugh and predict what's about to come next.  (Annoyingly, I'm right sometimes). 

I prefer stuff like The Avengers.

Just sayin'.


I think I'm going to watch another K-drama with my mom.  It's called the Heirs.  (What's funny is that the writer of Boys Over Flowers wrote the Heirs, so they're similar storylines)


I made a weekly agenda for myself, in terms of writing.

I want to print out SJ and get cranking on that.  I have to write the new outline for it, since it didn't exactly follow my rough draft one.

As for Creative Week and my giant plans, I bonked out when it came to the interviews and stuff because I felt like my characters were rather redundant.  (It's kind of hard to explain).  However, I did make a couple maps of my story setting, and they were really interesting to make and plan.  Since I'm a visual person, that's definitely going to help me for writing my new story.  Definitely.

Oh, yes.  And I have to make a note to myself: I need to write a one-liner, synopsis, and back-cover rundown of my story.  That's going to be fun--I LOVE writing catchy little phrase thingamabobbers for stories and things.  YAAAAAAYYY. 

I also need to blog on EntReads.  I've been neglecting that site fearfully, and honestly, it needs some spiffing up.  Elise and I are at loose ends with Maudley Manor, and--to make up for the neglect and disuse--I'm currently writing a new story!  It's about a girl who's starring on a teenage Christian TV show.  Her name's Skylar, and I think you'll like her xD

As for TRAPPED...that's going really well.  According to my brothers, it's not as good as the Kuehl Kids, but I like Emily/Echo and her posse.  I had originally written out through Part Nine, I believe, but I deleted some of it after I realized that the story wasn't really going anywhere interesting.  (I mean, the Phantom of the Adobe Houses ride?  Booor-ing).  SO, I decided to make the story go in a separate direction, and I added a little twist to it that I'm hoping will blend smoothly into everything.

I'm also regularly keeping track of the Go Teen Writers blog.  I LOVE their website so is and will be a really awesome help to me.

Another project of mine that I hope to work on is a post or two for the Rebelution blog.  It's a site run by Alex and Brett Harris (twin sons of Gregg Harris and brothers of Joshua Harris), and apparently teenagers with posts about personal experience or devotionals can submit them to be published on the website!  So hopefully I'll get to work on those.  Those aren't a high priority right now, but when I get a chance to work on them, I will.

LILY POTTER!  This is probably on the very very bottom of my list, but since my brothers are begging me to restart it, I might just dig into the world of magic and more once again.  First, though, I'll need to refresh my memory of everything.  I'll probably reread at least parts of Harry Potter series before I do anything.

READING READING READING.  This week, I found myself stuck at home with no new books to read.  So I began rereading Beverly Cleary and renewed my love for the world of Ramona Quimby.  I'm probably going to go hunt down Beverly Cleary books written for older kids. 

Today we made a library run and I picked up some new books.  Hopefully they'll turn out to be great, or, at the very least, OK.  I'm also going to start a hard-core search for The Fault in our Stars, an amazingly popular YA novel by John Green, but I'll probably just have to buy it on my Kindle.  (No problem, thanks to the Amazon gift card I received for Christmas!). 

My brother and I also started reading a new series by Jill Williamson called the Mission League.  It follows this guy who's joined a Christian spy league that hunts down cults.  I got fidgety when it started talking about spiritual warfare against demons (I have a fear of demons, which doesn't make sense because I have Jesus), but I think I should woman up and face my fear.  It's an engaging series.

And, lastly, my dad wants me to read a book called Damsel in Distress by Martha Peace.  It's a Christian book and, from the back cover, talks about:

"Covering issues from gossip and slander to PMS and legalism, Martha Peace...offers biblical insight on problems women face..." 

Looking forward to it.  It's a book tailored to fit my needs as a girl, so it should be very relatable :)

This post is getting REALLY long, but as for the school section of my life, I have a couple of things to say:

  • I have Martin Luther King Jr. day off (yay!)
  • There's a Battle of the Sexes at my school, and the girls got to the school first.  *woo-hoo*  Pinked out!
  • Announcements are still going strong >>>  I CAN'T FORGET TOMORROW!
  • I have to start studying for finals.  I'm hopefully going to muster up the courage to make study guides...

Should I go to my old school's winter formal?



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