Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I Survived...

An onslaught of math homework, circuits, being social, and a bio test.

It's Wednesday, guys, which means that I've 

1) Been at school for THREE DAYS already
2) Done at least ONE circuit (a workout involving pushups, running, squats, and all that good stuff)
3) Done THREE math homework assignments
4) Been looking forward to the next free day off

First, though, I want to share something.

My pastor preached an AMAZING sermon on Ephesians this past Sunday.  It was a really truly awesome sermon, and the part that hit home for me was a part about Internet usage.  The sermon wasn't really about the Internet, but that was part of it, and it really just helped me realize that

1) I spend way too much time on the Internet
2) The Internet can be an awful, evil place if you're wandering.
3) I should try not to go on the Internet unless I'm looking for something specific.

So really, it's helped me a lot.  I've been (slightly) cutting down on my procrastinating by not going on Wikipedia as much *blushes* and I only really go to specific sites now.  If you go to my Profile and see "Blogs I Follow," those are pretty much the reasons why I go on the Internet.  That, and research for school.  

The subject of the Internet brings us to the subject of Instagram.  

I was GOING to use my 200th post to announce my Instagram username, but really--I don't think I'm going to do that.  It doesn't matter as much to me anymore.  There's just this blog, and I blog to write thoughts down and to free them from the confinement of my brain.  So if you like this blog, keep coming back :)

As for Instagram, I'm trying not to go on it as much as I used to.  I put my Instagram app a couple of pages (what are those things called?) away from my main home screen, so it's not tempting me as soon as I turn on my phone.  

Thatplacement has been helping a lot.

I've also reserved the hours of 9-10 p.m. at night for hygiene and God.  (Cleansing the body as well as the mind).  But since I shower right after I come home from school (all sticky and sweaty from tennis), that hour is mainly for writing and tennis.

As for my writing's coming along nicely.  I finished reading the majority of the Go Teen Writers book I bought, and it's really incredibly helpful.  Amazing insight, and I'm a big fan of Stephanie Morrill's and Jill Williamson's corresponding website.

I'm brainstorming some new changes for Snow in July, and I've come to several conclusions:

  • My character needs to be slightly more dissatisfied with her life in the beginning...but not so dissatisfied that she's unlikable
  • I need to add another plot thread to make it more complex...but not so complicated that the reader can't make heads or tails of where I'm going with the story. (And I got a good idea of what that plot thread is going to be)
  • I need to rename one or two of my characters, because right now, I have a leaning toward G's and K's.  I can't have it be too confusing!
        • *In Mike Lupica's QB1 (about a teenage football player), there are two characters named Calvin and Casey.  Their personalities are also kind of similar.  I got SO confused!
  • I have to ADD another character, because, like I said, the plot is just way too boring.  I need to spice it up.

And those are just the main things I want to work on!  Then there's the microedit--I go through grammar, spelling, formatting, etc.  

I'm going to brainstorm a little bit more, then start going through my manuscript next week or so and retype an outline of things that happen.  I typed up a rough outline of what was going to happen at the beginning, but then I deviated from it a little bit, so the thing's not exactly accurate.  *Back to the grind*

Enough with the writing stuff!  What's been going on with my life?

I think that since I got a nice long break, I'm getting back into the swing of things with more enthusiasm.  Of course, on Sunday night, there were those moments where I was like, I think I forgot everything I ever learned, but I relearned it well enough to take a biology test today.  I think I did fine on it.

One thing that I was not enthusiastic about was the stinking circuits.

I think I've ranted about them before, but I need to rant about them again.  My thighs are literally sore from doing pushups, squats, and a bunch of those whatchamacallits that I just do not like.  When it comes to running, I am not my mother's daughter.  (My mom LOVES running.  Like, LOVE LOVES it.  She ran so much that she got plantar fasciitis!).  Me?  I push myself hard enough because that's just who I am, but I detest it.  Detest it, detest it.

I'm proud to say, though, that one time a couple years ago, I ran so hard that I threw up on the side of the road.  Don't worry; it wasn't a gross scene.  All I'd eaten were a bunch of tangerines, so basically all that came out were orange lumps.

(TMI?  I thought so :)

After you run through circuits, you feel good.  You feel healthy.  You feel like you're actually a decent athlete.

But during the last sprint?  When you've already done 32 pushups, side-bends, stepping-things, squats, etc.?  When you've already run down the same stretch of road 3 times?

You feel like the fattest human being that ever blessed the earth with existence.

And there are plenty of factors that play into that type of thinking:

  • Your heart is pounding so hard you think you're going to have a heart attack and DIE right there.
  • You're breathing so hard and so fast you think, I...NEED...AIR and I'M...BEING...ATTACKED...BY...ASTHMA (even though you've never had asthma in your life)
  • Your legs are killing you so badly that you want to look down and make sure that nobody's pounding your legs with sharp knives or clubs.  But of course you can't actually look down, because that would cost you an extra breath.
  •'re thinking that maybe it wasn't a good idea to eat that leftover Subway six-inch for lunch.  (Don't worry; I didn't reenact my upchucking past)
And after you've finished, after your breathing has slowed down from the speed of a wild buffalo stampede to the speed of a sprinting horse, you think, AAAAHHHH...I'm so glad that that's over...

And THEN you remember:

You have to do it all over again on Thursday.

Yes, that's what life is like for me.

In Careers, we had a lecture on How To Pick Your College.


Careers goes over a bunch of things that I already know what I want.  It goes over:
  • What you want to do when you grow up (Writer)
  • If you want to go to a four-year college, take one year off, or go to community college.  (Four-year college)
  • Which college you want to go to (Wheaton)
  • What the rest of your high school classes are going to look like (Honors, then AP if I can manage it)
That is basically it.  I always get kind of bored in it, because I think I know where my life is headed, but this lecture was interesting.  My teacher talked about frats/sororities (They aren't always the party life), to have a backup college (Biola, maybe?), the different paths you can take (two-year college, then transfer), etc., etc.  Tomorrow, the HS counselors are going to talk to us about our four-year high school plans.


OH!  And haha--I got the Smule Sing! karaoke app!  

It's kind of like a social media, except you sing.  I was obsessed with it for a week, but I haven't done a performance in a couple of days.

As for the other people on the app, let's just say that some are good and some are bad.  Done deal.

Life is back in the routine.  And for me, that's awesome.



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