Monday, January 20, 2014



Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

While the strains of "Hero" by Skillet ring in my ears, I will attempt to recount how awesome it is that MLKJ changed our nation.  By his words and nonviolent marches, he helped stamp out the majority of racism and apartheid in our nation.

In the sixties, Martin Luther King Jr. led African Americans in nonviolent protests to repair many of the moral issues our country had nurtured over the years.  His press for peaceful actions led to ultimate government eradication of injustice towards blacks, and wove our country together in the process.

It's amazing how one man can do so much.  How did he do it?  How did he land on the Google homepage, get written into history books, and be forever implanted into the minds of every American?

He spoke up.  He did not compromise his beliefs and refused to back down.  He knew the risks, weighed the consequences, and although his resolve eventually cost him his life, his legacy lives on decades after he was killed.  Thanks to his leadership, African Americans live equally with Caucasians.  Thanks to him, America is a country of united diversity, which sets it apart from other nations.  We're not white or Asian or black or Indian...we're American.  

How did he accomplish all this?

He refused to submit when everybody told him to accept it and move on.  He trusted God--and really, it wasn't Martin Luther King Jr. who did all of this.  It was God.  God used MLJK as part of His plan.  

God uses all of us believers as part of His plan.  OK, so not everybody's going to land on Google for making a difference.  But we all make differences whether we believe it or not.  King's differences just so happened to be recognized by the national public, and although we probably won't be there--we're all used by God to glorify Him, in more ways than one.

Martin Luther King Jr. inspires me to make a difference.  Speak up against bullying.  Help little old ladies across the street.  Even something as simple as picking up something somebody's dropped can move a heart.  Watching my siblings...doing the dishes...helping a classmate with their homework...all of these acts of kindness can make a difference.  While they probably won't make as big a splash as MLKJ's acts, they do make a splash, and they reach further into a heart than anybody could ever believe or imagine.  

God uses these things to draw more people to Himself.  

So I encourage you...

Go make a difference in somebody's life today.  Whether it be giving somebody a hug or praying for that person who's giving you issues, show the love of God wherever you go no matter the reception, no matter the opposition.  Do what you know is right.  Trust in God.  Be a witness for Him.

Just as Martin Luther King Jr. was.

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