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The Ultimate Concert Experience


Recently, I had the opportunity to go to a concert on the Roadshow 2014 tour.  

The Roadshow is a (CCM) tour sponsored by Grand Canyon University, and supported by the local radio stations.  

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Like the poster says, Skillet and Third Day were the headlining bands, but the artists I was really excited for were Royal Tailor, Andy Mineo, and Jamie Grace.  

I have to say, nobody truly disappointed at the concert.  

Concerts are always more fun than listening to the song on Spotify at home.  Even if you don't really like the band--we aren't huge fans of Third Day or Skillet--concerts provide the perfect opportunity to really, truly get into it.

The whole shebang kicked off with the hard rock band We As Human.  They probably delivered the least--I'm not a hard rock kind of person, though I can probably tolerate it better than the rest of my family.  So we just sat through the screaming and lights.  You can't really boogie to hard rock.

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Next was the Neverclaim.  They're more of a worship band, and they were awesome!  It was a great worship time--that sounds weird for a concert, but the truth is, music is made to glorify God.  And even though the songs are awesome and everything, all the artists' true motive was to glorify God through the music.  And that meant being unashamed in every story they shared.  That meant praising God like it was church during everything--but I didn't care.  It was amazing to be there with other Christians, and to worship God through everything--rap, rock, pop.  

Neverclaim's time was a great worship time.

After Neverclaim...ROYAL TAILOR!!!!!!

I was freaking out because I absolutely love Royal Tailor.  And it was pretty cool.  Being in the same arena as all of was crazy!  They started off with "Ready Set Go," merged into a little bit of "Remain" (they should have continued through the whole song), went to "Make a Move," and ended with "Making Me New."  

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My favorite performance of the night was ANDY MINEO.

My word, it was amazing!  He's a really good rapper--a great stage performer--and he had the crowd rocking right there with him.  IT sounded exactly like the recording, but you had the whole concert experience with it.  

I knew all the songs he rapped, so I was right there, attempting to rap along and clapping so hard my palms hurt.  

I can't even explain it.  He rapped long and hard, rolled around on his skateboard, everything.  He UNO-UNO-SEISed, got the crowd pumped on THE SAINTS, rapped out SUPERHUMAN, and ended with YOU WILL, one of my favorites.  I got some pictures too!

It's rather blurry, but that's definitely him.

We expected Jamie Grace to be after him, but instead it was Soulfire Revolution.

Image from the Internet popup thing that happens when you Google Soulfire Revolution.

They were good, too.  Their style's kind of like Neverclaim.

Afterward, Third Day, one of the headliners, came on the scene.  I personally like the lead singer's voice--it's interestingly deep and smooth--but we aren't huge fans of Third Day, as aforesaid.  Still, I enjoyed their show.  The singer was literally pitch-perfect, and the overall extravaganza was really satisfying.  The songs are much better when they're performed live.

Image from the Internet popup thing that happens when you Google Third Day

After Third Day was JAMIE GRACE!  We're big fans of Jamie Grace, so when she finally came onstage, we were excited.

Her performance was rather short, but good just the same.  She has a uniqueness to her voice and personality, plus she's a good performer.  Along with singing "Beautiful Day," "You Lead," and "Hold Me," she rapped...(And she was an excellent rapper, too!)  She didn't fit into the guidelines her recordings set--she varied her songs a little bit, so it was like listening to an acoustic remix of her songs, if that makes sense.

And her new album's coming out on January 28th!!!  ONLY 10 DAYS!

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After Jamie Grace was the final band, Skillet.  John Cooper has SO much energy onstage, it's insane.  And they barely took breaks between songs.  His wife--Korey Cooper--rocked it on the drums AND singing backup.  It was insanely cool.


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We left partway through their performance, because, like I said, my family's not into heavy metal--and there's only so much of it you can take at 11 at night.  I could've stayed and rocked out, but we left.  On the way out, we passed by a bunch of people waiting to meet Andy Mineo, and there were so many people who looked like him that I was doing a double take every five seconds.

A random photo:

Guys, it was AMAZING.  I loved the concert so, so much, and I encourage you if you haven't: Go to a CCM concert.  It will literally change your musical life--guaranteed.

I think our obsession for rap all began when we saw Trip Lee live.  We didn't know any of his songs, but he pumped us up so much that we've all been fans of the 1-1-6 since then.


Oh, and if you need something to give to me for my birthday...which is in September...get me an Andy Mineo T-shirt!

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