Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Back to the Glamorous Grind

I'd almost forgotten what it's like to have math homework again.

So when my math teacher actually had the nerve--the nerve !!!!! (*stereotypical Valley girl gasp*)--to assign nineteen math problems as homework yesterday, I groaned and grumbled and groused and ate leftover Super Bowl onion dip and tried to finagle up something more productive to do than my math homework.  

But I had to face the hard, cold truth: I had nineteen problems of purely mathematical stuff to do.

So I did it.

Today, thank goodness--my math teacher didn't assign any because we're spending two days on a lesson.  Which means tomorrow we have something...But today, not so much.

So *yay*!  Time to write.

By the way, the Super Bowl was terrible.  I watched until half time--indulging my passion for Lipton Onion Dip all the while--and groaned with the rest of them as the Denver Broncos failed quite epically.  I don't really understand how they could have done so badly.  I mean, Peyton Manning throwing a couple of interceptions--a couple more than he should have--and the Seattle Seahawks basically stomping over them to grab a ton of touchdowns?  Not even a regular English ton, which is two thousand pounds.  It was a metric ton of touchdowns--2,200 pounds!  Or at least I think that's how much a metric ton is.

You get the idea.

We wanted it to be a good game.  

Well, guys, it wasn't such a great game.

I would even venture to say that it was a bad game.

It was so bad of a game, in fact, that I downloaded FLAPPY BIRDS, managed to get three birdies through the obstacles, and deleted it again.  I can't really afford to waste a bunch of time on a pointless game.

I was going to download The Fault in our Stars by John Green, but apparently something-that's-become-common-enough-in-YA-romance-novels occurs in it.  So I didn't (even though I like Augustus' cliche Instagrammed definition of love--something about a shout in the void, whatchamacallit, whaddidhesay, saywhaat).  

Instead, I got all three books in the The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt threesome (by Stephanie Morrill).  

I didn't connect to the story as well as I did with the Ellie Sweet duo--the main character's a slowly reforming party girl, and I'm...not...really...a...party...girl.  But I read most of the last book and some of the first and second books.

Maybe I was influenced by the Goodreads reviews, but I wasn't a huge fan of the Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt.  Probably because she had struggles that I've never had in the young fourteen years of my life.

Also, Skylar Hoyt is a "popular girl."  She hangs out with popular girls.  She dates all the guys that popular girls date.

Even though popular girls pose an intensely interesting psychological complex in books--in every book there's a beautiful-skinned egotistical little dollette--and having one for a main character is neat but, um, annoying.  There's just something about those types of books that make me feel like, OK, I've heard it already.  You hear something like this phrase a lot in Every Single Book: "What's under that flawless skin of yours?" and "Everybody knows that her beauty is only skin-deep" and stuff like that.  The popular girls are all the same.  And it's quickly losing interest for me.

I also intensely disdained Skylar's problems with her friends and her boyfriend(s).  Not the author's fault; if anything, it added to the story--I just needed to rant about it.  Her friends were shallow, petty, ickadoodle, and pretty immature.  (OH...EMM..GEEE, SHE'S DATING HIM?!  OH NO!  SHE DIDN'T DARE!  I'M NEVER SPEAKING TO HER IN THE ENTIRE EXISTENCE ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET EARTH!)

^^That's what it was like with Skylar's friends the ENTIRE.  STINKING.  TIME.

Skylar herself was kind of likable, but I couldn't really pin a personality on her.  Sometimes she's slightly funny.  She's colorful, in her clothes choices.  Doesn't really care about rules.  That type of thing.  She wasn't an...ideal protagonist.

And like one Goodreader said, her two love interests weren't the best choices...Connor?  He wasn't the warmest, fuzziest type of person.  Eli?  A total player, terrible boyfriend, and not a good guy.  I despised him.  

The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt was just plain old OK for me.  I didn't even read the whole series, so I might not be justified in saying this, but to me it felt like...any other gossipy, girl series.  The characters didn't feel as real.  And most of this is probably because I myself haven't gone through any of what Skylar went through.  

The only person I kind of liked was Abbie Ross.  Oh!  And the reason why I bought the books--Stephanie Morrill is coming out with a (free) novella about Abbie Ross.  And I wanted to know what happened in RSH before I read the novella, Throwing Stones.  So...yeah. 

One disdain that I have for Stephanie Morrill's characters is that they have such a tendency for PDA.  Even the Christian characters kiss a little more than I'm comfortable with.  In Purple Moon by Tessa Emily Hall, there was just one slight kiss.  In the Christy Miller series by Robin Gunn, the PDA was pretty limited too.  But Stephanie Morrill's books are less peppered with Christian references at the aforementioned, and with the PDA and all that, it's probably because I feel like the books are targeted at a more secular audience.   

Just my thoughts.  

Welp!  It's Tuesday!  

Oh...one more piece of information :)

I was invited, through school, to attend this one-day workshop called Breaking Down the Walls.  It's basically a program designed to help crumble the ever-popular (and ever-cliche) status quos.  (You know, from High School Musical?  Stick with the status quoooooo...If you want to be cool follow one simple rule...)  So basically it's about breaking down the walls between school cliques.  That type of thing.  

At first, I was slightly wary.  What's this supposed to mean?  Breaking down walls?  Also, it sounds pretty cheesy.  But after Googling it, and watching some of the video, I became kind of excited.  Click here if you want to find out more about it.

I'm doing it on Friday.

Yeah.  Nice week.  Oh, and I get Monday off!  And next Monday off too!


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