Saturday, February 15, 2014

In My Own Little World

So, I, like wrote this yesterday. On Valentine's Day.  Because my mom said I was spending too much time looking at a Kindle. So, I wrote a post on paper. Enjoy :D

I'm telling you.  It's taking over the world.  Writer's Tush.  Plaguing all the writers everywhere.  Do you think a beanbag chair will help keep my bottom at the nice manageable shape that is it now?  Or is it time to start writing lying on my stomach?  If I start to do that, it's a battle between carpal tunnel and Writer's Tush (It goes by the name Writer's Butt, but I'm so used to NOT using the word butt--I know, that sounds weird--that I just have to go with Tush).


Oh, the glories of the *trials* in my life.

I might change the name of my blog.  Not the URL of it--it'll still be, because that's what it'll still be.  But I might make the title of this post ("In My Own Little World") the title of my blog.  What say?  

Although I really, really like my logo currently so I might just not do it at all.

Ugh.  Indecision.

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