Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Welp, welp, welp.

I'm not sure why--maybe it was yesterday's set of circuits that did me in--but I'm tired.  And sleepy.  And sore.  And droopy-eyelidded.  


I'm currently relaxing in my red sweatshirt, a pair of leggings, and socks.  With my glasses on.  And all I can think is,

I can't wait for vacation.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to get one for a couple more months.  Which is why God invented the weekend.  *yesssss*

I had last Monday off, and this upcoming Monday off thanks to some presidents' birthdays.  


And I just watched a really funny episode of "Good Luck Charlie."  

I'm not quite sure what to put down here.  For once in my life, I'm at a loss for words, probably because I'm kind of drained.  When you have three blogs (two of them for writing), numerous aspirations, schoolwork, a constant hunger for a new storyworld to dive into, and Instagram (I could omit that, though) it's an interesting job.  It's like I have a full-time job--living life.  *cheesy smile*

No, but seriously.  I just released Part Two of Skylar O'Keefe to the admittedly small EntRead world.  (Quote: "It's very dramatic"-my brother)  I need to post on Pix & Portraits. I keep getting *ping* story ideas piling into my head, and it's just like CAN YOU PLEASE STOP IT I'M TRYING TO FINISH A BOOK HERE.  Good thing is, I managed to suck it up and start working on Snow in July again.  

Then I'm trying to keep up with Mighty Med, but for some reason the series isn't recording--probably because the release times are sporadic.  And I gave up on American Idol.   I had planned on watching the show now that Jennifer Lopez is back in the judging chair, but there's other things I like to watch/read/write/do.  (I'll probably rebound for Group Week, though.  That's too much drama to miss.) 

 Then there's TRAPPED--my Sunday Serial for this blog--and there's Skylar O'Keefe, and I'm trying to decide if I want to write another story of her.  I'm getting ideas for her story, too, and I kind of want to write more about her and Mirey and Klefter and Clif and Sarah.  Then I have this blog to keep up with and EntReads to plan with Elise.  

Then I've been reading and rereading Stephanie Morrill's books--oh, that reminds me.  I have SSR (Sustained Silent Reading) in Health tomorrow, which means I have to bring a book.  Then there's a singing competition at my school that I might want to go to, and I have a bio test and math quiz tomorrow (for some reason, those are ALWAYS coupled together).  Back to Stephanie Morrill--her novella about Abbie Ross releases on Friday, and I want to spend time reading that because I want to know about Abbie.

At school!  We're reading Lord of the Flies and in math we're learning about proportions, which are admittedly not my strongest suit (but I'm managing, thanks to the easiness of Common Core).  

Oh, and guess what?

After tomorrow's bio test, we're going to officially start the unit on EVOLUTION.

*cue the scary music*


Yes *speaks in a whisper*  The forbidden subject.

I'm a Creationist, in case you can't tell.  A Christian.  I believe that an almighty supernatural God created something out of nothing in a way that science will never be able to explain.  No matter how much Darwin tries to rationalize things.  Hence the hashtag.


But, well, in public school what can you expect?  I'm not going to make a big deal of things at school--be one of the people who fail the class because they're standing up for God.  Standing up for Christ is fine; it just can achieved in better ways than flunking bio.  For example, the recent creationist/evolutionary debate, starring the ever-famed, ever-fab Bill Nye the Science Guy (on evolution's side) against Ken Ham (president of the Creation Museum).  I don't think it resolved anything, but it's good coverage for Christians.

And besides, how can I ever do stuff like debating against evolutionists if I don't understand evolution itself?  My parents have thoroughly educated me on creation for six-seven years.

Time to apply everything I've learned.


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