Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Snack Shack, Pitch Perfect, and 1 Girl Nation's Van

Well, heddo eberyduddy!

After a couple of days of blogger's block, I am proud to say that I have many new advances to report on the Rcubed frontier.

First on the agenda...The Ironic Parallelism of Real Life Choir & Pitch Perfect
Let me just say that I'm a weird person.  And this weird person sings in the most random places, including school.  Including walking to class, sorting out Spanish material while everybody else is yakking away, and completing the *ahem* evolutionary timeline.  Oh...and did I mention I also sing in the stall?

I was singing "Roar" by Katy Perry in the stall when I came out (and envisioning myself totally besting the girl who sang it last night on American Idol).  This girl was standing by the sinks, and all of a sudden she asks, "Were you the one singing?"

I couldn't help but be struck by the incredible parallelism of my experience with Pitch Perfect.  (Beca and I aren't exactly alike, though).

I said, "Yeah."

"You should totally sign up for choir!  We have signup sheets by the choir room at lunch and at break," she said.

My first thought was, Where's the choir room?  
My second thought was, This is SO like Pitch Perfect.
My third thought was, That's what people have been telling me!  Because my singing areas include the tennis courts (where I do a little hop-skip-and-jump routine to my singing), the lunch table (I'm not a big talker when I'm surrounded by brighter personalities, but I DO sing), and other various public places.

While all this was going through my mind, somehow my mouth managed to mangle the words "Oh, yeah, I was thinking about it."  I'm not the person to go for if you want to talk to strangers.

 I'm not quite sure if I can fit it in my schedule next year...because I want to do newspaper and all honors/AP classes.  And then I actually want to have time to write...

We'll see.

Second on the agenda: I HAVE A JOB!!!!!

Kind of.  See, my brother plays Little League, and it's always been a distant dream of mine to work at the Snack Shack there.  And as of today, after my mom--yes, I'm still a baby--e-mailed the person in charge, I HAVE A JOB THERE.  I think I'll be getting paid.  

So it will be a PAYING JOB.  

Oh my gargoyles, I'm kind of freaking out right now.  (Plus side of being a "mature, responsible" teenager).

Oh, did I ever mention that one of the people there couldn't spell doughnut right?  It was in one of my younger days when I thought that everybody actually cared about spelling.  They spelled doughnut dougnut.

We actually called the person out and asked them if they could correct it.  They did, but only after we told them that there was an h in doughnut.

I vow to all my loyal customers that I will spell "doughnut" right.  And not the cheap version where you omit the "gh."  The full, gen-u-ine Krispy-Kreme-eight-letter word.  Doughnut.

I haven't really talked much about them here (wait, have I?).  Their songs sound a little too similar, if you ask me, and right now I'm digging deep into my soul and listening to the likes of Skillet and Plumb--BUT I am still an avid supporter of them and right now I want to promote their Kickstarter Campaign!

If you don't want to watch the video on the link, basically they're saying that they need a van that WON'T BREAK DOWN (unlike walls, hahahahahahahalol..geddit...breaking down the walls...) ANYWAY they're raising $30,000 for their van, and they need it within the next twenty-nine days.  As of this instant, they're only at $235, which, although it's a nice lump sum, is nowhere near $30,000.

SO...I order you...GO AND PLEDGE AT LEAST ONE DOLLAR.  Every bit counts, and I want their ministry to continue through use of the van.  GO.  I don't care if you don't listen to them...pledge ten dollars and then buy the record.  

Oh, and also...if you just happen to have $5,000 lying around...look at the pledge rewards, and consider asking them to come and play at your daughter's birthday party or something!  I also suggest looking at the rewards and dreaming about singing backup on their new album or help write their songs, because if you donate enough money, you can receive the opportunity to do that.

I don't want to blow half of my college fund on something like this, but if you're a superrich guy or something...maybe being a backup singer is your calling.

Who knows?  Maybe the next Justin Bieber will be recognized!

Just saying..leave your options open and help them!!

(Oh, and I think I'm going to do the $10 one.  Where you get the autographed picture.  And when they're famous and I'm wrinkled and gray, I'll tell my grandkids..."Look!  I own a piece of 1 Girl Nation's van!")


During my "blogger's block" (which wasn't any big deal, just...weird), I wandered around doing various things. 

Since I've been listening to Plumb more, I drew her Need You Now album cover.  I'm not the best artist...but it's a passable depiction, I believe.

I meant to make the lettering all cool, but then realized that I kinda failed at that.

I've been steadily gaining on Snow in July (I REALLY NEED A NEW TITLE), TRAPPED, and I completed two Lily Potter posts.  I also managed to write the first several pages of a new possible project, and I'm getting excited.  

I'm also planning on asking my dad for a Twitter. 
I should really do a post on the A Charmed Life trilogy by Jenny B. Jones, because those books are HILARIOUS.  
So, I'm busy.

Rcubed :D

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