Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Voldemort Has OCD

Hey there, y'all!  

Just wanted to drop a line (or several) about the happenings in my life right now. (And I'll get to the title in just a minute).

Job Update

So...do you recall me telling you about the Little League Snack Shack job a couple posts back?  Well...I HAVE THE JOB.

I start tomorrow.

From 3:30-6:30 I will (quoting from e-mail attachment, which wouldn't let me copy and paste):

  • Make iced tea
  • Make coffee
  • Turn on the churro and slushie machines
  • Restock candy
  • Wipe down slushie machine
  • Clean dishes
And do about twenty thousand other things.  I will also be helping hungry spectators and players get the satisfaction that they need by making them slushies and nachos, along with heating up hot dogs and pretzels.  That part should be fun.

But here's the part that is more fun:
I get twenty-five dollars!  In cash!

*does happy dance around room*

Woot woot.  So yeah.  I'm an employed person now.  (Better watch out...haha jk)

Entertaining Reads

If you hop over to EntReads, you'll notice Elise and I (finally) posted something after ten days of break.  We released our stories "Bops and Rocks of Haley Gregg" along with "Hello My Name Is...with Skylar O'Keefe" on Valentine's Day (if you haven't already, check those out!).

Elise and I are e-mailing back and forth, brainstorming new ideas for NEW stories!  I have my story idea--typed up on my ColorNote app right before English class--and Elise is still expanding on hers a little bit.  But we are definitely doing another round of stories, so I advise you to stay tuned to our blogs!  It'll be a couple of weeks before we get everything down on paper, but, like we did before, we'll be releasing tidbits of other stories and such before them.  

Okay, fine.  I'll give you one word that should give you an idea as to what my story will be about: tennis.

Oh yeah!

Wheee My Writing

I think there are some writers who get a couple of solid inspirations and write magnificent books with them.  

I think there are others who get hit over the head with inspirations EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  

I think I'm one of those authors.

Just think about it:
I'm balancing 
-Snow in July
-a new story idea, which I bid Luck & Talent
-Lily Potter's Journal (really need to work on that some more)
-another new story idea, which I bid Maybe In a Millenium
-another story idea, which I bid Becca Bradley, Bad Guy Buster
-This blog
-My new story, about tennis, for Entertaining Reads
-My Charmed Life (book by Jenny B. Jones) post
-RebelutionBlog posts that currently exist only in my head
-Other story ideas that exist only in my head
-My The Last Present (book by Wendy Mass) post, which currently exists only in my head (yet again)
-Application for school newspaper (for next year)

I'm probably never going to finish everything.

But want to root me on as I attempt to write everything?

I'm going to put up a page with this list on it.  Every time I finish something, I'm going to place a "STATUS: COMPLETED" sign on it.

Snow in July is probably going to take a LOT more time.  TRAPPED will finish soon (I can envision the ending, and I just finished writing Part Fifteen).  My posts will take relatively short.

But follow me on this insanely rollicking writing journey.

Voldemort Has OCD (and Bipolar Disorder, and Antisocial Disorder)

Health class is quite a bit more interesting than my Careers one.

Health is structured and it's actually kind of fun.  

Recently we learned about bipolar disorder, antisocial disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (and a couple of other disorders).  But I'm only highlighting bipolar, antisocial, and OCD for this reason:


I'm serious.  Go read the Harry Potter books.  He has it.  I'm even going to provide CONCRETE EVIDENCE--the seven-pack box of books is sitting right next to me as I write.  I'm going to take a book out and quote something that supports my case.

I'll start off with Antisocial Disorder.

According to Mr. G and the Health book I use in class, antisocial disorder is defined as "when a person does whatever they need to do to feel happy.  Even if they need to kill somebody to feel happy--in which case they don't feel pity, remorse, regret, guilt, or empathy."

That's where all the great serial killers come from.  Antisocial disorder.  There was a guy who killed people and ate them just because he felt happy whenever he exerted his power over his poor victims.

(I could provide more examples, but I want this blog to be filled with happy thoughts, so I'm not going to.)

Quote from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J.K. Rowling, pages 741-742:

"It's your one last chance," said Harry, "it's all you've got left....I've seen what you'll be otherwise....Be a man...try...Try for some remorse."

"You dare--?" said Voldemort again.

No remorse for killing Lily, James, Bertha, Cedric, Grindelwald--Voldemort has antisocial disorder.

Next up to bat is Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar disorder, quite simply, is having a giant, extreme mood swing within a set period of time.  It can be described as a pendulum--one side is depression, and the pendulum slowly swings over to manic, where the person just goes crazy with--I don't know what to call it.  Happiness?  Insane, freaky, unreal joy? 

Going back to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows again, pages 726 and 737.

On page 726, Rowling states quite clearly, 

"You see?" screeched Voldemort over the tumult.  "Harry Potter is dead by my hand, and no man alive can threaten me now!  Watch!  Crucio!"

Voldemort is clearly in his triumphant mood.  He's clearly manic.  Why else would a grown man with a bump for a nose screech like that?  However, on page 737, 

"...and then she toppled, and the watching crowd roared, and Voldemort screamed."

Yeah.  He screams.  Tom Riddle screams.  He's in agony.  Within a space of--what?  Five minutes?  He screams!


Granted, Molly Weasley had just killed Bellatrix--but any grown man who screams because a person he felt no affection for dies has to be mentally deranged.  And this is the person who has a bump for a nose, red eyes, and a family who lived in a shack.  

Also, genetic mutations can lead to imbalance of chemicals in the brain, which can lead to the bipolar disorder.  Pureblood or not, wizards can still have genetic issues, and I'll bet you anything Marvolo Gaunt had some problems that caused Voldemort to have imbalanced chemicals in his brain, which led to bipolar...you never know.  Wizards are awfully ignorant about such things.  I mean, how do airplanes stay up?  Really, Mr. Weasley?  THEY FLAP THEIR WINGS.



Lastly, Voldemort has obsessive-compulsive disorder.

OCD is actually quite common--we're all a little OCD in some form, size, or shape--and consists of obsessions (repeated, unwanted thoughts) which lead to compulsions (urgent, irresistible actions).  For example, a person with OCD might always arrange objects on their desk into ninety-degree angles or never leave any stray marks on their worksheets.  Or they might be obsessed with washing their hands seventeen times in order to rid themselves of the filthiness of the earth.  It really depends on the person's personality.

There are several different types of people with OCD, and many people have combinations of both.  Types of OCD include
  • Checkers (people who check everything.  Back when my imagination ran long and free, I used to check my closet to see if there were robbers or kidnappers hiding in it.  Every.  Night.  Until it got too tiring.)
  • Hoarders (people who just keep, keep, keep, keep stuff just in case they might need it.  I also fall under this category).
  • Germaphobes (people who are deathly afraid of germs.  Not me.  I don't really care as long as your hands look clean).
  • Counters (people who count everything.  DEFINITELY not me.  I hate anything to do with math).
  • Tappers (people who tap).
  • Sinners/doubters.  We're all sinners, but in the context of OCD, sinners/doubters are the people who think about doing something bad (like pushing a person into an incoming bus) and go "oh my gargoyles, did I just think that?  Am I going to do that?  BODY, DON'T DO THAT.  Did I just do that?  UGH I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON."  I'm a sinner/doubter too.  Part of that whole imagination thing going on.
Evidently Voldemort is not a sinner/doubter because, I mean, a murderer of his caliber doesn't just fantasize about murdering something--he does it.

But after reviewing my brain of Voldemort facts, I conclude that Voldemort is a checker and a hoarder. Both forms of OCD.

For this part, I'm not going to use quotes because they're just too mainstream (and also, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is downstairs, and if I go downstairs I might run into my mom, who might ask me what I'm doing, and then I'll have to admit that I'm blogging instead of doing Spanish).  

Voldemort is a checker.

Fact:  Voldemort traveled to Albania on a WHIM just to find the Ravenclaw diadem, JUST TO MAKE IT INTO A HORCRUX.  

My word.  I mean, Voldemort can fly, but seriously?  Go all the way to Albania--which is a country, as in, BIG ENOUGH TO HOUSE A TON OF PEOPLE--to find some freaky legendary crown that might not even exist?  And even then it's not enough--he has to murder someone to make the horcrux!  Ugh! (Actually, that shouldn't be too hard...for him...)

 Voldemort confuses me sometimes!  Isn't it just easier to kick back, eat Every Flavor Beans, and think about taking over the world instead of actually doing it?  And saving lives in the process?

Voldemort is a hoarder.

Fact: Voldemort, as a young kid, took a mouth organ from some kid at his orphanage.

Granted, he lived in an English orphanage (and we all know the reputation of English orphanages in books).  But to be honest?  A mouth organ?  Now we know Voldemort definitely wasn't a germaphobe, because most of us would have been freaked out by the fact that our mouth touched a dude's possibly infected saliva.  And think about it--the dude was a Muggle.  Voldemort didn't know enough to detach himself from Muggle society, but he must've known he was different.  He probably didn't even want to play the mouth organ himself.  

What's the point of taking a mouth organ if he didn't play it?

Hoarded.  Exactly.


Now that I've finished my ridiculous spiel about how Voldemort is OCD, bipolar, and antisocial, let me just tell you that I do not believe he had any of those.  I was just trying to be funny (probably failed at that) and to educate you about those particular three disorders.  I also do not believe that people who are bipolar, OCD, and/or antisocial are exactly like Voldemort (so don't take that last section the wrong way).  People with severe bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and/or antisocial disorder need help, guys, especially if they're contemplating suicide or something because of it.  So I encourage you to take an interest in the people around you.  Who knows?  You could save a life.

Go out and be awesome.

P.S.  Yes I was rushing the last part, because I really do need to do Spanish.

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