Thursday, March 13, 2014

Advancing My Writing

I'm not proud to say that I'm a proud person.

That pride has only held me back from being a person that I could be.

But recently this sin has been brought to my attention.  I repented and received God's grace.

And, as a result, I'm determined to learn the most that I can.

Concerning my writing, I have a hazy outline of what I want to do with my writing career for the next years.

In an e-mail to my parents about the matter, I outlined the following (copy & pasted from the e-mail):

After entering two contests and not even placing in the smaller one (that had about ten entries), I decided that I wanted to get more "immersed" in the writing world.

I don't think I can get by on the seat of my pants and just blogging, because honestly without any criticism and learning, I'm not going to get anywhere.  And reading Go Teen Writers can only take me so far.

I want to learn exactly why I didn't place in those two contests, and I wanted to address you [my parents] with a "proposal" of sorts in order to accomplish this:

1) In the Go Teen Writers book, they advise joining a critique group.  I am going to try to find an online one.  If not, I'm planning on shooting Stephanie Morrill (one of the two people who run Go Teen Writers) an e-mail concerning it.  I'm hoping to get connected to some of the other writers in the group.

2) Freelance editing.  Many people offer freelance editing, and the Go Teen Writers site offered a list of good freelance editors.  Hiring an editor costs money, but I will absolutely pay for it because I want to do this myself.  And I want to learn how to make my writing better.

3) Tessa Emily Hall, author of Purple Moon, has a website (click here) in which she will critique and help with writing.  For a limited time, the price is only $15, and I think it would be beneficial. 

4) In the future, if possible, I would love to attend writers' conferences.  Basically, they're places where authors, editors, and agents congregate.  

5) Go Teen Writers also has a Yahoo group, but I'll need a Yahoo ID in order to join it.  I promise I won't do anything dumb on it.

6) Tessa Emily Hall advised things in this post.

7) Writing workshops.  I think there are classes and things going around, but I want to look into it more.  

This is probably going to cost a lot of money, but I want to pay for anything at all myself.  

I still need to do more research, but this is a hazy outline of what I want to do.

Other things I would like to do include

  1. Letting others read my work, including Snow in July/Polar Opposite.  I'm on the fourth-ish draft, and I have about 32000 words down on paper--and I'm not even halfway through the story.  If you would like to read a sample of SJ and send me feedback, I'd LOVE to have you do so!  Just e-mail me through the contact form on the sidebar, or send it to  **Also keep in mind that the sample of writing I give to you will be in the beginning of the story.  My MC, Kasie, is rather disrespectful and stereotypically "Valley girl" and I wrote the scene with that persona in mind.  Also, I targeted the book with a more secular audience in mind--so there are no overtly Christian references, although I tried to incorporate morals.
  2. I am entering the Go Teen Writers 1,000-word contest.  I will update you on what happens.

If there is anything else that you would like to do for me (in terms of feedback), just send me a message.

Also, as for feedback--any grammar tips are welcome, but mostly I would just like a general idea of what you thought of my writing and the storyline.  Add anything you think may be helpful.

Also note that I write for middle-grade readers (6th-8th graders) and sometimes young adult (9th+).  So if you're a well-seasoned fifty-three-year-old humanoid, some of what I write might seem petty and childish to you.  Please keep the target audience in mind as you read :)

Thanks!  And go out and be awesome today :)


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