Friday, March 28, 2014

Life And Its Upheavals

Welcome, again, to Rcubed's random world, where citizens never know what will happen or what will disappear or what will change.

Today's post is dedicated solely to the fact that I am rearranging my blog life right now.

#1:  I deleted Lily Potter's Journal.  I just didn't have the time or drive to finish it; plus, my writing voice was all off since I haven't read Harry Potter in a while.  HOWEVER, there is good news.  But hold on.  Wait.  

#2: I am stepping back from Entertaining Reads, the joint blog Elise and I ran together.  Elise will still post on it, but I will no longer be a part of that, unfortunately.  What with the Sunday Serial, Polar Opposite, and everything else, I do not think I can manage.

#3: I am recreating this blog, and creating ANOTHER blog  (yes, another one).  Why?

I was given some advice to narrow down the topics on this blog.  In case you didn't know, I post about:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Food 
  • Jesus
  • Life
  • Sports (occasionally)
  • Everything I'm thinking at the moment
  • Writing
That's a lot of stuff, and I was advised to cut some of the topics down, since I might run the risk of losing followers. (For example, if I had just posted a Jam of the Week and somebody went on my blog and didn't follow me because A, they didn't like music, and B, they thought I posted about music all the time.)

But I couldn't cut any of my beloved topics down.  SO, upon MORE advice, I have decided to create another blog.  

THIS blog (Random Rants by Rcubed) will be for 
  • Life
  • Jesus
  • Everything I'm thinking at the moment
  • Writing (I am going to keep the Sunday Serial and post Lily Potter and other writings on this blog)
The OTHER blog that I'm creating (Rcubed's Reads and Reviews) will be for

  • Music (my Jam of the Week will be posted there)
  • Movies (all my reviews will be transferred there)
  • Books (all my reviews will be transferred there, and I hope to regularly participate in Marvelous Middle Grade Monday fun)
Rcubed's Reads and Reviews will be much more organized, much more scheduled than Random Rants by Rcubed.  
  • Marvelous Middle Grade Monday will be posted on Mondays.
  • Movie reviews will be posted whenever I watch something (I like this part because I can beg my parents to drag me to The Muppets and call it "research for my writing career").
  • Other book reviews (for example, YA book reviews) will be posted on Thursdays. 
  • Jam of the Weeks will be posted on Fridays now.  
  • I'll also include articles about sports and such on there, but only occasionally and very businesslike-ly.  
This blog will be definitely more formal than Random Rants by Rcubed.

Also, because it's going to take some time to transfer everything onto Reads and Reviews, I'm going to make the blog soon, but it'll be private.  Then, on Sunday, April 6th, I'll release the contents into the public, and everything'll be game.  So I have about a week to do everything.

Can i do all this?

I sure hope so.  

This blog will be pretty scrambled up too, so if something strange happens I'm very sorry, but I am NOT a techy person.  I barely know how to post a picture on Instagram.  Hopefully nothing bad will happen.

And hopefully in a week, you'll be rid of this strange, weird, businesslike Rcubed, and you'll get the fun and enthusiastic one I'm sure you prefer.

Also, I probably will not post as much.  I'm posting every single day right now, and I honestly don't think I should do that because that's just...well...too much for both the reader and the writer.  So don't expect posts every single day on this blog :(  

That's all for today!  Go out and BE STINKING AWESOME!


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