Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sunday Serial #4 SYNOPSES

Heddo, everybody!

See the poll on the right side of the blog?  I thought that since TRAPPED is almost over, I'd get a head start on the next Sunday Serial.

So, as mentioned in my prior post, here are the synopses for each of the separate Sunday Serial ideas:

The Party Snoopers

James Harshell and Kerri Benedict are the Party Snoopers, Incorporated--they plan the party (because criminals can never resist a good birthday bash), capture the crook (because the party is just a trap, after all), and collect the dough (what's hard work without a little reward?).  Join them as they tackle on their biggest case yet, involving a wedding, a couple of mischievous ring-bearers, and...rock stars?  **Told in alternating first-person perspectives

Hi, I Parodize

At school, Bridgite Dyer is the weirdo who hangs out at the library and sings too much.  At Conwell High School's Parody Club, she's the "it" girl--the one who has the talent, voice, and the personality to make it on the acclaimed show America's Next Top Parodizer.  But what happens when the show is canceled?  How will Bridgite pursue her dream?  **Told in third person

Drawn by Delylah

Anything Delylah Meyers hears, she can draw.  
That's right, hears.  Delylah is blind after a freak accident, but has the ability to interpret sounds as curlicues and figurines.  When the art teacher Mrs. Leane discovers Delylah's talent, she's determined to make Delylah into a star artist.  But what happens when Delylah's sight is...restored?  **Told in first person narrative

Music, Magic & More

Hancell Burton knew he never belonged in the real world.  So when he's kidnapped and brought into a world of harmony, melody, and music notes, he completely buys it.  Until he discovers that his regular best friend Jennings Bradbury was transported to Melodica as well--and that when a true human enters the land, Melodica's musical future--formerly predictable--is now left up in the air.  **Told in first person narrative

I'm altering the poll's closure--last votes can be cast on Sunday.  Vote for your favorite now!


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