Sunday, March 9, 2014

TRAPPED Sunday Serial Part 14

Part Fourteen

“Knew it was only a matter of time.” Amber's voice is bouncy and upbeat as we approach where she sits, tied to a chair. “Hey, Echo.”
“I would punch you right now,” I tell her, “but then you wouldn't be useful to us.”
She laughs easily, but I see the coldness in her blue eyes. “What are you talking about?”
“Don't play dumb with me.” I pace around the chair. “You're trying to kidnap us all for your little colony and take our money. I don't know why you're doing what you're doing, or why you involved Kenneth and me--”
“Oh, is it Kenneth now?” Any friendliness, ditziness, driftiness, etc., that was in Amber's voice before has now disappeared. “Last time, I thought you called him Mr. Bored.”
I grit my teeth. “Have it your way. Why did you involve Mr. Bored and me?”
She shrugs as best as she can through her bonds. “Wouldn't you like to know?”
That evil girl.
“Yes, I actually would like to know.” I take deep breaths, trying to collect myself and wondering why Mrs. Kennedy isn't swooping in to rescue me. “Why, Amber? You're going to be stuck here for eternity if you don't tell us.”
She sneers at me, her lip curling up. “Why would I tell you? I have plenty of contacts, and they're going to figure out where I am sooner or later.”
That's when I see it.
Her phone.
Her precious twenty-pound phone, the one with everything on it. Slid into her pocket.
Working its way through her bonds by mechanically squirming.
“Nice tactic.” I slide the phone out of her pocket.
Wham! I crumple, the phone clattering to the ground. “Ow! Oh my gosh, why did you do that? Owww...” I feel like crumpling to the ground, she nailed me so hard.
Amber just laughs. “Does it hurt?”
The phone is now trying to hobble away. This brings new meaning to “I can't find my phone.”
Mrs. Kennedy snags it for me neatly and hands it over to me. “Here you go.”
“Finally.” I'll be finally getting answers to all of my questions. I turn on the phone, eager to--
“Access denied.” A computerized voice blares out of the speaker underneath it the moment after I stab the touch screen.
Amber tries to suppress a grin. “And wouldn't you like to know how to open it?”
“Yes, I would, actually.” I jab my finger at the phone over and over again, and the voice repeats itself over and over again, until it finally flashes across the screen: SELF-DESTRUCTION SEQUENCE INITIATED.
“What?!” Amber, Mrs. Kennedy, and I all shriek.
“Oh my goodness!” Mrs. Kennedy rushes over and takes it. “Amber, what does it do?”
“What else would it do?” Amber's face is pale and scared. “It self-destructs! An explosion!”
We all stare at each other for one long moment as the countdown to the self-destruction begins blazing across the phone.
“How big of an explosion is it?” Mrs. Kennedy manages to eke out, her voice much calmer than her face looks.
Amber's eyes are wide in her face, and the meaning is all too clear.
I'm going to die?
“Cut me out of these,” Amber yelps, straining against her bonds.
Mrs. Kennedy crosses her arms, but a wave of uncertainty flows across her face.
“Just throw this somewhere.” I start to pick the thing up, but Amber shakes her head. “It's no use. I used a lot of explosive. I never thought anyone would be crazy enough to initiate the self-destruct.” She shoots me a dirty look.
Guilt compresses into a brick and drops into my stomach. I'm responsible for three deaths, including my own.
This is not how I wanted my life to end.
Mrs. Kennedy pulls a long knife out of her black jacket and starts hacking away at the phone, desperate to cut loose some wires.
“It's not working.” I could swear Amber has a little smile playing around her lips.
Suspicion creeps up my brain like a spider.
“Mrs. Kennedy--”
Wild-eyed with desperation, Mrs. Kennedy starts to saw Amber's bonds off. “Girls, huddle,” she orders. “Throw that thing somewhere else, Echo.”
“Mrs. Kennedy, I think--”
Just as the last rope falls away, Amber's face erupts into a full-fledged smile. She takes a shiny metal sphere from her pocket as Mrs. Kennedy and I freeze. “You guys are so easy to fool.”
“Oh my word,” Mrs. Kennedy breathes as Amber kicks the silenced phone away. “What just happened?”
You just got faked out.” Amber smiles, revealing all of her teeth. “By a phony bomb. But you know what this is?” She holds up the sphere.
A timer blinks on the side of it.

This is a real one. A grenade. And it's going to explode...” She checks her watch. “Approximately two minutes from now.”

~~~Note: If you are looking for Jam of the Week #2, I made an executive decision to move it to TUESDAYS from now on, since Sunday Serials are on Sunday :D

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