Thursday, March 27, 2014

Zee Official Change (And Some Other Stuff)

Hello, dear readers!

I've been regulating and scheduling blog posts so much lately that I decided to throw in a "life" one to twist things up a bit.

On The Agenda for this post:

~New Name for my WIP~
~Zee Ridonculousness of Commercial Dieting~
~Zee Good Advice~
~Zee New Blog Layout~
~Zee Marvelous Middle Grade Monday~

(Sorry, I'm feeling French today)

New Name:

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that my WIP is (was) named Snow in July.  While it's a decent name in itself and sums up what my manuscript is about, Tessa Emily Hall (who orchestrates the WriteNow program I'm currently part of) had the opinion that my other name for it--Polar Opposite--is better.  SO...I am changing the name from Snow in July to Polar Opposite.  I will henceforth refer to my main WIP as Polar Opposite or PO (not BO, PO).  It might be kind of confusing at first--just a heads up :(

The Ridonculousness of Commercial Dieting

Let me just say, Bolt was an OK movie.  That was back when animation companies actually came up with original *sarcastic gasp* ideas for their movies.  Hence, the word ridonculous.  

(How come pigeons are always the comic reliefs?)

(By the way, I'd rather eat pigeons than escargo.  Birds over snails?  Yaaahhhhhh...)

On Tuesday, my Health teacher (the ever-famed Mr. G) talked about commercial dieting.

He put up a bunch of ads for those get-thin-quick dieting procedures, and we laughed at them together.  It was incredibly fun, to laugh at the ridonculousness of commercial dieting, and the ridonculousness of American society.  It was especially ridonculous because all of it was true.  We ARE lazy, fat people who pin blame on others and who want to "melt our fat away" by--what else?--doing nothing.

Some awesome inventions were:

The Fat Burner: (literally)  All you had to do was sit in the living room, watch TV, and let the device do its work.  According to the "thermagraphics" of the chart, this nifty invention heats up the areas of your stomach, "effectively burning" your fat away.  

I can't even...Seriously...This

The Shakeweight: Apparently, when I was in fifth grade, this was a popular invention.  You just move it around for six minutes a day, and you get lean arms!  (OHMYGARGOYLES THAT IS A BREAKTHROUGH)

The funny part of it was the fact that everything they put on the ads are generic.  For example, clinically proven...(in what clinic?  A high school cafeteria clinic?  Your mother's stepaunt's kitchen?  What makes a clinic?)  Or recommended dieting program?  Who recommends it?  The makers of the pill?  Al Capone?  Bill Gates?  What does recommended mean, if the manufacturers make it?  If you think about it, what IS life?

I think they need to pin regulations on those type of things.

Also, if you're feeling bored, Google "quick dieting programs," click on the ads, and laugh at the ridonculity of humankind.

Zee Good Advice

I'm getting very good advice from Tessa Emily Hall, a 20-year-old YA Christian author, and founder of the WriteNow critiquing site.  For $20 a month, Tessa Emily Hall critiques 950 words of your writing and provides added services, and I've already gleaned a lot from the program.  For example, the name--Polar Opposite--and also personalized training in writing.  One of my main downfalls is being verbose and putting too many adverbs and adjectives--telling, not showing--and she's helping me with that.  Plus, it's cool to have correspondence with an author :D

She's also been telling me to build an audience, so I've been trying to shop around, following other blogs, getting my name out there and also reading other bloggers' writing.  She also inspired the new format for my blog, which leads us to...

Zee New Blog Layout

According to Tessa (it feels funny calling her Ms. Hall), my blog with the starry background was kind of loud and distracting.  So I picked a background from and added it.  It's kind of a vintage-y background, but I found one that was playful and mellow at the same time.  As you can see, the background's a tad too small, but I think the overall effect is nice, and the simpler layout makes it a little more sleek.  I think I'm going to keep it this way.

Zee Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

Shannon Messenger, author of The Keeper of the Lost Cities trilogy, always holds Marvelous Middle Grade Monday on her website.  She takes links from people who write middle grade book reviews and posts them on her website.  Since I had planned on posting my book review of I Support Sean Rosen on Monday, I thought, Why not participate in MMGM?

And I did!  And the reception was good, and this upcoming Monday I'm posting a book review of The Wednesday Wars, by Gary Schmidt.  If you have a book you'd like me to review, send me an e-mail at  Or if you'd like to participate in MMGM yourself, check out Shannon's instructions here.  

That's it for today!  Go out and be awesome!



  1. so sad! I LOVED the name Snow in July! :(

    1. It's still an open option, but for now the title is *Polar Opposite* :( Glad you liked it, though!