Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Food Fusion

Food is amazing. I like food itself.
Trying new types of food? Ummmm...
Because the American society has a leaning towards cheese, butter, and gobs of fat, that's what I eat. Basically I eat anything that looks good.
However, when it comes to Asian food, I'm a balker (big trouble because I'm going to Korea this summer). I have the physical ability to eat that kind of food, but I really prefer not to.
So when my dad took me to an Asian-Mexican fusion restaurant for our father-daughter date, I was all, Bulgogi with Spanish rice?
But as soon as we sat down and I looked at the menu, I knew what I wanted to get: this vv

The GALBI BURGER!!!! (For those of you who don't know, 'galbi' is a form of Korean barbecue, and it's my favorite out of all the types.)
My dad opted for the pork belly tacos, which, surprisingly, were a supreme concoction of aesthetic goodness.
And to top it all off, we ordered the 'Loaded Fries.'

They. Were. Amazing.
It might've just been the hunger pangs--I hadn't eaten since 12:30, and it was 9--but they were AWESOME! Think Chick-fil-a's cross-cut fries topped by spicy kimchi gogi (another type of KBBQ), green onions, and red onions. Not to mention the nacho cheese and jalapenos.
Guess I got my cheese, butter, and fat after all.
Afterward, my dad went to an Asian bakery for breakfast, while I opted for Yogurtland.

While we were eating, the table started rattling and the floor started shaking. It went on for so long that I thought that Brad Pitt, in the form of Gerry Lane, was going to have to dig out his zombie-battling equipment and singlehandedly save the earth from the apocalypse.
It was slightly freaky and kindasortamaybe kool, kind of like a roller coaster without seatbelts.
After it ended, my dad dug out his trusty iPhone 5 and started doing stuff on it. I figured he was sending a text to my grandparents, who were staying home with my siblings, but instead it turns out he was looking at Flixster, the movie app that I'm obsessed with. He was looking up showtimes for GOD'S NOT DEAD and THE MUPPETS MOST WANTED, both of which I want to see. (I may see DIVERGENT later, but I'm kind of wary of another YA futuristic story.)
We got to looking at the critic reviews for GOD'S NOT DEAD. 7 of the 9 reviews rated it as Rotten Tomatoes, but the taglines were hilarious.

God may not be dead, but I'd be willing to wager this movie at least gave him a faint wave of nausea.
Any just God would likely recoil from the ham-fisted and spurious defense put forth in this film.
The Almighty deserves better advocacy than he gets in this typically ham-fisted Christian campus melodrama.

And my personal favorite...It's not just bad filmmaking; it's bad Christianity.

I don't want to go into a whole rant here, but I found those extraordinarily funny because...well...they just were.  The taglines are super catchy too.  Although I didn't know "ham-fisted" was a term applied to Christians.

As we were going home, we got to talking about music, and cars.  And somehow we ended up blasting "Me Without You" (the Telemitry Remix version) by tobyMac.  It was exhilarating, giving me a small taste of what I'm going to do when I get a car :D

(I hope we weren't being public menaces.)

So, the moral of the story.  Asian-Mexican fusion food isn't bad.  In fact, I'd recommend it.  


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