Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jam of the Week #5

Thanks to my friend Elise, we have a new logo for Jam of the Week!

1.  "Beautiful Love" by Shine Bright Baby
This song is really bouncy, catchy, and bold.  I really like listening to it--it gives the same feeling that "Beautiful Day" by Jamie Grace evokes.  And it reminds us how beautiful God's love is :)

2.  "Turn Up Your Light" by V. Rose (feat. KJ-52)
V. Rose is one of the few girls running in the Christian rap circles.  She delivers in this song--and it makes me want to buck out and breakdance, especially during KJ-52's rap.  Turn up your light!

3.  "Keep The Party Alive" by Family Force 5
Obviously, I'm in a pop mood right now.  This song really does keep the party alive--Family Force 5 style--and it has some great rhymes and rhythms.  I'm serious, just listen to it.

Keep jamming :) 

Note: This is the last time "Jam of the Week" is on Random Rants by Rcubed.  Next week, it'll be on Rcubed's Reads and Reviews (releasing April 6th, 2014).

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