Thursday, April 10, 2014

Organizing My Life & Blowing My Mind (Part Two)

Yesterday, I posted about how I organized the books and movies I wanted to read/see.

Today, I'm posting about my Writing, Chores, Exercise, and Diet.

Organizing My Writing Life:

Currently I have two WIPs.  My first WIP, a middle grade novel called Polar Opposites, has greater priority for me.  Basically, I outlined:

  • How many words I wanted to write per day (1,000)
  • The date I wanted to finish (May 10)
  • My goal word count (75,000 words, which is too much for an MG but I'll cut it down later)
  • How many words per week I have to write (4,500 words)
Of course, you have to consider how many words you've already written.  I'm at about 63,000 words, and (if you've done the math) I'm ahead in the word count.  But since I'm a pantser (a person who makes up stuff as they go), I might add new plot twists and things that take more words. 

When it comes to blogs, I plan ahead.  I write whatever comes to mind, but I post it at a later date.  I'm always trying to brainstorm new ideas for my blogs, and when I come up with one, I write it down and later flesh it out in the form of a blog post.  No matter if your next week is booked solid with posts, the beauty of a blog is that you're always posting.  Always.

Organizing My Chores Life:

I'm the oldest of four, and I'm only fourteen (so I'm not exactly looking for an apartment).  Since I go to public school, I don't have as many chores, but I still have things I want to get done.  So I told myself that I'd
  • Clean my desk on Fridays
  • Vacuum on Fridays
  • Do my laundry on Sundays
And do miscellaneous chores whenever I see fit.  Chores are those type of things that just come up whenever, and I have to try to remember to do them.

Organizing My Exercising Life:

I try to exercise every single day, whether it be pushups and situps or running and jump roping.  Since I'm trying to avoid Writer's Tush, and since I like food probably a little too much, I told myself I'd try to exercise a little bit every day.  Just a little bit.  

Organizing My Diet:

I usually find myself snacking during school days, and since the cafeteria sells cookies, I sometimes succumb to the temptation of a nice, soft cookie.  (Cookies are amazing.)  But since I eat some form of artificial sugar every day, I'm telling myself to cut it down to every other day.  (I know, big difference, right?)  I'm also cutting down on the Ranch dressing (which I eat with everything), and I'm probably going to start drinking more water and less milk, because milk has a ton of sugar too.  (And don't worry--I'm not going to get osteoporosis; I was drinking one and a half cups of milk with every meal.)

So...that's how I organized my life!  How did/are you going to organize yours?  Do you have any specific methods?


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