Thursday, April 17, 2014

Upcoming Plans


I wanted to write a post outlining my plans for upcoming posts :D

Since I'm on spring break right now, I'm doing a lot of stuff, and I have a lot to say, SO next week will probably be dedicated to all of my spring break exploits.  It'll post in a 6-part series entitled SPRING BREAK ADVENTURES, so HERE GOES...

  1. Monday~My PICTURE POST!  I've been taking a lot of pictures for you guys, and since the resolution on my Samsung Galaxy S2 is pretty good, I think you'll enjoy them :)
  2. Tuesday~Rundown of Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday's adventures.  (I promise, we've got some good stories for ya ;)
  3. Wednesday~My VIDEO BLOG...(dundundun).  The topic?  How I completed (or tried to complete) my Spring Break Bucket List!
  4. Thursday~Rundown of Wednesday/Thursday's adventures!
  5. Friday~Rundown of Friday/Saturday's adventures!
  6. Saturday~Reflections On Spring Break And Other Random Stuff
We've got a packed week next week, so hold tight to your seats...this is going to be one gargoyles of a ride!


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