Friday, April 18, 2014

What Is Style?

Unlike some people, I don't spend too much time agonizing over my personal appearance.

Sure, I take at least twenty minutes getting ready in the morning, but most of that is getting my iPhone to work on my stereo, throwing on clothes, putting in contacts, and checking Instagram (that's the kind of person I am).  Sometimes I try out new hairstyles, but a lot of the time I just use a ponytail.  It's easier.

Sometimes people tease me about it.  "You have no style," an extremely close family member will occasionally say to me, but I'm wondering:

What in this gargoylian planet is style?

According to the Google search of "definition of style," style is "a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed."

1.  Everyone has style.

I'm wondering: so what defines style?  Is style being...fashionable?  Keeping up with the trends?  Or is style having your own personal thing, your own little "look" you like to throw together?

According to the bold font, "having no style" would mean not having my own distinctive look.  However, I do have my own distinctive look--my T/sweatshirt, jeans, cross necklace, purple Converse, and, recently implemented, backwards baseball cap.  That's my style.  I have style.  

And even if everybody's wearing the same clothes--at my school it's the classic black crop top, flowery skater skirt, and black Converse--they all wear it differently, unconsciously or not.  
Everyone has style.
2.  Style is not necessarily fashionable.
Come on.  Sweatshirt and jeans aren't exactly fashionable.  Do you see Forever 21 models wearing sweatshirts and jeans in the ads?

Um, no.

But I wear sweatshirts and jeans, and that's my style.  It's not necessarily fashionable, but it's a type of style.  It's my style.

3.  It's okay to dabble in other people's styles.

Occasionally I wake up early and decide to wear my high-low off-white skirt with my pink-and-white striped crop top (with my black tank top underneath it).  It's usually on Fridays, when I feel free of school.  I don't have a whole array of crop tops, or a whole array of pink clothing (or of skirts).  But if it's in my wardrobe, then it's my style.  

And that's what makes us all unique.  The most dressed-up person might throw on a pair of yoga pants every now and then.  The tomboy can and will be persuaded to wear a dress once in a while.  Humans are by nature unpredictable creatures, and God made us each and every one unique that way.

We all have style, fashionable or not, and it's the cacophony of individual tastes that make us us.

Toodles :-D

What's your style?  What do you like to wear?  Feel free to comment below--but please make sure to keep your comments edifying to those around you :)

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